Children’s Ministry In Japan

God Covers My Mistake

Due to a slight oversight on my part, I ended up landing in Japan going straight into Tokyo and to the Christian School I am involved in. I had a wonderful time ministering with no hint of tiredness or lack of concentration. But I did feel God’s anointing and a lot of children responded for prayer at the end.

Should It Happen To A Children’s Ministry

I have been involved for a number of years in a small church in the south that makes for a long day. It involves rising at four, catching three trains each way and getting back early evening. This time the pastor told me that every year they take the message God sends through me as the direction for the coming year.

Children’s And Youth Day

This year had a bonus, over thirty attended plus a few adults who were not related at all to the youngsters but came because they wanted to. All were so hungry you could literally feel them drawing the word out of you so the messages became longer than I planned in my notes as God added more as we went along. Then all ages responded together for prayer after the sessions.

May Camp

God Brought Them – Usually we have gone to a conference centre but because of cost it was decided to hold it in my host church. The result was to reach children and young teens from six different churches four of which we have not had contact with before. We didn’t advertise or send out invites it was friends inviting friends and God using the Japanese trait of trust and over forty attended.

They All Became One – Coming from so many different backgrounds to begin with some were like fish out of water but being willing to step out of their comfort zones they were soon all praising, worshipping and responding the same. I never saw them getting into their own clicks but a stranger looking in would not be able to tell that they were from different church backgrounds.

The Army Is Rising Up – We finished camp with a very different looking group than we started. During the course of all the meeting I think everyone had responded for prayer for something and some every time. The final meeting was awesome as almost everyone left their seats during a Godly silence making a commitment to God to walk in the things they had responded for during earlier sessions.

Children's Ministry David Abbott map 1

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Jakarta Indonesia Ministry for Jesus


Most of the ministry was in the slums of Jakarta, Indonesia with one weekend in Bandung.

The Blessing Invoiced

The night before the main meeting in Bandung my missionary friend Ricky and I had a bad night. Long spells awake, one time I woke with a traumatic dream. The devil was invoicing the blessing to come and it was indeed special. Sunday morning, Ricky had the adult service first where he felt a great anointing and big response for prayer. I followed with Sunday school where they topped and tailed the group adding two extra younger age’s one end and the young teens group the other for this occasion. The presence of God was electric, no one even stirred and a large number of children ended being filled and one ten year old boy as soon as he spoke in tongues the flood gates opened. The teachers who had joined me at the front were so excited.

Then The Bonus

The oldest two of the team of children (natural sisters) from the church in Japan ministering with me they also got filled and tongues with floods of tears. The end was not yet, Ando the other missionary friend himself a youth leader felt to give a low key invitation to the young teens to be prayed for. Everyone came at which point Ricky came in the door to see what was happening as we were way over time. He was immediately roped in and the three of us moved among them ministering as the Lord lead, many were prophesied over and some were really hit by the power of God.

Responding to God's Holy Spirit in prayer

Responding to God’s Holy Spirit in prayer

God’s Army Continues To Be Raised Up In The School

Listening intently to God's Word

Listening intently to God’s Word

We had three days ministering in the church school in the slums of Jakarta. We had two age groups for the whole of each morning covering the entire school in three days. The first day was mainly with new children who by the end of the morning most had responded for salvation. The next two days was moving the children on in God from last year and they were ready, they soaked up every word and eagerly came for prayer to receive or change. The young Japanese team were kept very busy both days ministering several times to each child as they came for different things. Ando and I moved in bringing prophetic words both for individuals and for whole classes.

Day two was special for three boys who God gave us words for, we were told afterwards by their teacher who is mother to one of them that they have no fathers and her son says he wants to be a preacher. Day three was a group Ando and I had seen last year that God especially has His hand on. When we walked into the room we could feel the presence of God so strong, there was a sort of aurora around the children and we began to see the start of them getting lost in God’s presence. Session two God said to me to lay down what I planned this was His time. He gave me a quick on the spot word to share and all the rest of the time was one on one ministry to the children by the young team, Ando and his sixty nine year old father and myself. We just moved, prayed and spoke as God led us and the children soaked it all up. Remember here this is a church run school in a very poor area where the children wouldn’t be able to go to school but can because they are sponsored. There are children from all kinds of backgrounds including muslim but we know that God has given us this school to train up and equip a great and mighty army who He will use.

150402 Jakarta ministry 3

It Shouldn’t Happen To A Missionary

To get to the school you go so far by road then leave the minibus and walk as the only way from there is on narrow paths weaving between the huts the people live in. One day there was a lot of rain early and the paths were flooded to above the ankles so the only answer was off with shoes, roll up trousers and wade our way there they said we looked like a line of duck waddling along.

Another day going to a children’ cell group we set off into the Jakarta traffic which is always bad but this day was horrific. After five hours of sitting in the bus on the high way we had only done what should have been three quarters of an hours distance. Now late so we called the cell to be told we still had an hour’s journey to go before we got to them so to abort and go home. Easier said than done as traffic was only slightly improved the other way. Back at our accommodation we found on the internet the source of our problem, the group One Direction had a concert in the city that night and we had hit their traffic, sadly not the traffic going to our meeting!!

Children’s Cell groups In The Slums

Teaching God's Word

Teaching God’s Word

The leaders asked me to lead them into the Holy Spirit and tongues as none of the children in these groups was spirit filled. The first one was the kind of children I love to minister too. We were in the dirtiest, smelliest slum I have ever been in in my three visits to Indonesia, far worse than where the school is. The children’s skins were black not the usual light brown because they are outside in the sun all the time. The meeting room was like a sauna, there was twenty five children a handful of adults plus the team. It was a tiny room with no windows, low ceilings, single door to enter and one small floor standing fan at the back and an outside temperature of thirty five centigrade. By the time we started we were streaming with sweat and by the end our cloths were literally stuck wet to our bodies. The children as they stood at the front being prayed for had rivers running down their faces. But it was so worth it all as loads responded for salvation, loads more were filled and some received both. Two slightly older boys were slow get tongues but then couldn’t stop. As I finished they were still going and back in their seats as the leader rounded off and closed they were still going. The next night’s cell group was a total contrast, a nice wide concreted road surface big room with ceramic tiled floor and air conditioning but the response and fruit was exactly the same. God doesn’t look at the outside but the heart and in both groups He found the same hungry open hearts.

150402 Jakarta map

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Teaming up for ministry in Jamaica


Had the honor of doing ministry with Pastor George Cooper, one of his sons along with his grandson (who is training for ministry). We flew into Montego Bay, Jamaica went along the coast to St Ann’s Bay then turned left up into the mountains to a place called White Hall.

David ministering to the children of Jamaica

David ministering to the children of Jamaica

Into The Lion’s Den!!

David & Andy ministering to young ones, hungry for God

David & Andy ministering to young ones, hungry for God

In Jamaica God sent me as part of a family team, a pastor friend of around twenty years from the USA, one of his sons and grandsons and this proved a vital move. The Island or certainly the mountain area we were was an enemy stronghold and he wasn’t giving up easily. We found leaders, teachers and generally a church which was discouraged, giving up the fight because the battle was too hard and just hanging in waiting for the end and their place in glory. We ministered together in two Christian schools and the host. Children being sensitive to atmospheres and feelings had picked up on the low morale and behaved accordingly. To begin with their behaviour and attitudes were bad and we had to reign them in, in order to get the word into them. With prayer, setting boundaries and consequences for crossing them we saw victory and changes in all areas.

The Victory That Came

David Abbott children's crusade ministry - Jamaica3The mission school where we spent most time, by day two we saw a complete change, children then responding because they had heard from God and really wanted to get their lives right. Two pupils became so hungry for God we saw desperation in their faces as we prayed for them and by the end God had clearly shown His call on their lives. The final meeting was awesome, as I spoke on heaven and hell the children were riveted, the presence of God was electric and the now few antics of the biggest rebel there were lost to the rest. Something good was clearly begun and we can only pray now that this will be watered and grow.

God’s Bonus

David Abbott children's crusade ministry - Jamaica4My friend’s twelve year old grandson Andy, clearly has the call of God on his life and is part of my ministry team in his granddad’s church. He was there for further training and not only had he prepared himself well for whatever God had for him to do but rose to every challenge for ministry and in his own life. He concluded his first mission trip by preaching his first message.

David Abbott children's crusade ministry - Jamaica5




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Children’s Weekend – New Gisborne, Victoria, Australia


There we had a children’s day one Saturday finishing on Sunday morning when I went out with the children. We had ten children some I knew well others not quite so. One Amy, she has a very sweet spirit a little shy girl but her face shines with Jesus and she has a clear call of God on her life. Shane from the moment he got saved has always had a close walk with God, last year he was filled and as his mother doesn’t have much English he reads the bible to her every night before he goes to bed. Eli, I have always known him as someone with a special relationship with God, always open and responsive, hears God very clearly and has a strong anointing and call on his life. Barsha an adopted girl with a lovely smile and really loves Jesus but admits she has a problem trusting people and therefore God too. Recognising and owning our problems is half way to being free so she will make it.

David Abbott Childrens Crusade - Australia

We also had two children who have different attention deficit problems and others in between so we had quite a mixture. But every session everyone was perfectly still and quiet glued to every word and then almost all responded every session for prayer. The presence of God was electric in every meeting a repeat of Tasmania. One session, all but one had responded, after being prayed for I really felt that something special had happened during that ministry time. I had them close their eyes and raise their hands if they literally felt the Holy Spirit touch their hearts while they were being prayed for and every single one did, I was tingling all over by then.

Sunday was the crucial climax and commitment time, after teaching I drew a large empty cross on the screen and all who were wanting to make that commitment and promise when they were ready to come kneel in front of the cross. There verbally themselves to make their commitment and only get up when they felt a release. All but one responded and they were on their knees before God for ages (I began to wonder if they were ever going to get up). Eventually Eli took his head off the floor and I saw his eyes were transfixed on the cross for absolutely ages. I knew he was seeing something so after I had prayed for him I asked him what he saw. He said he saw an angel come and site on the top bar of the cross and he couldn’t take his eyes off of it.

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Tasmania, Island of Australia off the South West coast of Victoria

David Abbott - Tasmania 2015

Teenage Ministry Team in Tasmania

This is our annual children’s conference in Tamar Valley Christian Church. As usual it was a brilliant time with this year many commenting on feeling a very special presence of God the whole time. One of the exciting things was God continuing what He began last year.  Last year, Zac then aged eleven after receiving the teaching went home talked to his friend Naish then twelve who lived next door and prayed for him to become a Christian.

Two weeks later both boys were baptised in water by the pastor. Since then Naish even though from a non-Christian background has to attended church as often as he can. Now a year later Zac had his disciple at the conference and he was so hungry he was out for prayer every meeting. He stepped out bringing spot on scriptures and words from God then was filled with the Holy Spirit which made his face literally glow. He told me with great excitement that he had often heard others in the meetings speaking and singing in tongues and longed to do the same and now he could join them. The Bible says “go into all the world and make disciples”, Zac did just that and now Naish says that he is working on another friend to do the same as Zac did for him.

Both asked to be part of the young ministry team and Zac was able to start when we took the team to another church to minister after the conference, unfortunately Naish wasn’t able to be there then.

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Ministering To Children In The U.S.A


Departure From The Norm
The norm in the industrialized world, there is no point putting on midweek meetings as children are heavily committed to other things. Sheridan, Indiana for years has been the exception to that with many attending every night for five nights, except this time! Initially it would appear they had joined everywhere else until we looked more closely. Then we saw five children who had proved over years they had hearts after God, in every one of my meetings. Being committed to their own church services and parents who back them. Normally teaching includes evangelizing, building up the weak and something deeper. This time God said the whole time was just for them. They began the week having the call of God and issues in their lives to hinder them like the bible Gideon. They ended the week like him, changed and in the victorious. One boy who always responds but after others on Sunday morning didn’t wait for me to finish my invitation but walked from the back to the front alone being watched by everyone then adults followed him. A child shall lead them!

Sheridan Elementary (Primary) School Revival
Wooden Christian CrossThe USA has separation of church and State but God has His foot in the door. Every Wednesday after school the “Good News Club” meets, the school secretary announces the meeting over the public address system just before the final bell. Then fifty six children gather in a classroom every week, this represents ten percent of the student population. I ministered there this time and they soaked up every word and then eighteen came out to be prayed for, for assurance of salvation.

Christian School Excitement
I went to the States with messages prepared for here, then God said “No, change that”, then gave me time to prepare anew. After the first session a very excited teacher who had been in told me. He had just finished one series and starting a new one and what God had given me was on the same theme as he was about to do and perfectly prepared the way for him. God is the perfect administrator putting all the right pieces together!!

It Ended As It Began
The final ministry of all in Denver ended as we began with a small quality, hungry group. The worship was amazing with God confirming He is there in small gatherings by sending His presence powerfully. The challenges involved cost but that was no obstacle they went for it and we ended with a powerful time praying over them. Final, final was the honour of ministering to the youth group many of whom had been in my meetings when I first went there. The leader Jedd, the pastor’s son God gave me a word for him before I had ever met him in person, today praise God he is living that word.

Much love,


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Norway Ministry Report


Well God did it again, two events where it was more like being in the third world than Norway. In third world countries the children are quiet, still and attentive every meeting and all or everyone responds every time. This was Norway!! It is usually free expression, do your own thing and its subsequent challenges but children and young teens were like the third world. I believe that God is beginning to raise up a new generation of children there and they will stand for God and righteousness.

David Abbott Ministry To Children In Norway

The first day in the country was the busiest with four meetings, two in different Christian Schools and later in the week in another and all three the children were brilliantly behaved and almost all responded for prayer when it was given. I get a sense that God is again raising up schools to be spiritual birth and growth places. They were that back along but the enemy got in seeking to destroy and in a number succeeded. The ones that remain, now is their time and I believe they will go way beyond anything seen before. There are many testimonies now of wild children expelled from other schools now living, in their own words, ‘lives transformed by God’.

Two events have to have been some of the most amazing meetings since my first ones twenty eight years ago. I still can’t find the words to describe the amazing time God gave us. It began in the first meeting where we had the children/youth together and my interpreter friend said these are HUNGRY. After that we divided them, seven to ten years and 11 up with roughly fifteen in each and they were off. The younger group almost everyone responded every meeting but in the first a boy misunderstood the invitation for prayer and sat in tears because he thought he would not be able to follow Jesus because of it. That sorted he was glued to every word every session and in the last meeting with a radiant face spoke instantly in tongues. A group of youth were so hungry they sat voluntarily in on the children’s meetings then fifteen minutes later in their own. Another youth only sat in on the last children’s meeting, then responded with them and couldn’t stop speaking in tongues he was still talking away sitting back in his seat. The youth didn’t just soak up every word but seriously thought it through.  All but one responded in the first meeting saying they wanted God to have their whole lives not just their hearts. Then as we looked more deeply at what that step would involve and the cost just two responded. The others we could clearly see needed time to think this through so as not to make a rash decision they would not keep. One who did respond really battled before he got up but instantly he did God gave me a word for him and he sat down with a radiant face. The final youth meeting us leaders knew something special was going to happen. God laid it on my heart that during the invitation gentle worship music be played to help provide an atmosphere of the presence of God. That meeting they were not just attentive but awesomely attentive and at the end all but three were instantly on their feet and tears were flowing. I felt it such an awesome responsibility praying because this was a life changing moment for them. God challenged them that at camp He had drawn a line and could they, would they, dare they, cross it! And there they were. An amazing time with an electric atmosphere proceeded as we prayed for them and God gave me words for some individuals and then one for them collectively. They moved quietly back to their seats and my friend shared a word with them then they gradually drifted away and our heads were still swirling with what we had just experienced. A lady who sat in at the back said she knew the youths and the lives of those God gave words to and every word was speaking right into their situations, what a wonderful God. The camp ended but God hadn’t, an excited mother of a teenage girl rang saying her daughter told her that God had done something big in her but every time she tried to explain what she dissolved into tears. The mother of a boy also rang saying in the car on their way home he told her that he hadn’t responded in the final meeting, but as he sat in his seat (I couldn’t see him because of the children standing being prayed for) he said God met with him, he knew it was God because for no reason he began to cry but he felt an amazing great feeling inside. That night he was asking his mother questions about the Holy Spirit and ended up with him speaking in tongues. God still hadn’t finished with them yet.

My next event was cancelled at the very last minute and the children’s leader was so excited with what happened at camp she wanted to do something more. She organised a follow up meeting for the young teens Thursday evening. No one even tries that in Norway, they say few or none come because they have so much homework and out of school activities they won’t miss. Well everyone was there apart from some who didn’t live on the island and with radiant faces. The presence of God was in the meeting again, I got excited and a bit carried away so the meeting was long but they never noticed or said anything. Almost all responded for prayer again and God gave words for several more. They drifted slowly away (normally they run) and again not the end. As they ate I was told there is a girl in the meeting room who wants prayer. She didn’t know what for just felt this strong urge to be prayed for again (she had responded earlier). As I laid hands on her God showed me some things, we prayed into them and she left with, well I can only describe it as a transformed face.

The final weekend, a children’s conference with four sessions and what was predicted to be fifteen to twenty attending actually was thirty one. I would say they were attentive and hungry plus. Nothing like this had been done before so basic first steps teaching and by the end almost everyone was filled with the Holy Spirit and loudly speaking in tongues. Many of them experienced the presence of God as a physical feeling for the first time and their faces were a picture. God gave me words for seven of which three have very strong leadership callings. One of the three was the main leader’s ten year old son and I was glad I had no idea who he was until way after I had given him the word or I might have had difficulty giving it. Helpers left saying “we need to do this again often, I will help”, so the scene is set for those children. Sunday morning parents, grandparents alike said that children and young people had gone home full, excited and volunteering details about what they had experienced Saturday.

So there we are, thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for your huge and vital part in this trip. I couldn’t have done it without your help. Please pray for the next event at the end of October,  a weekend in Luxembourg.

Much Love and Thanks…


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