The Faroe Islands and Norway Children’s Ministry


Great Start

Two different Christian school’s where the presence of God was strong and pupils were held spellbound even the second school where it was last lesson on Friday. The Sunday family service where it was the feedback that was most exciting. More than ever before shared and each had something different that God had challenged them about from the same message, that’s God. The weekend didn’t conclude until I left for the coach on Monday after several one on one ministry and prayer sessions with people needing help.

Fruit That Lasts

Norway Children's Ministry

En-route to the annual church camp I called in overnight with friends in Haugesund. I was reminded of my youngest ever interpreter. He was eleven years old and made the mistake of saying to me he would love to be my interpreter one day. A few hours later my interpreter announced he couldn’t be there that night and so much earlier than he expected the boy was interpreting. The meeting was around the camp fire and he stood there wearing an oversized track suit and black lines on both cheeks where he had whipped dirty hands and doing a great job. Today he is worship leader in a local church in town.

Different Children & Youth

The camp was brilliant, we had fifteen children and fifteen young teens for the weekend. The two age groups had separate meetings so it was a busy but so exciting because God was at work. Norwegian youngsters are very strong willed so you can at times have some battles with some. Last year we had some minor battles but this time they came in and sat exactly where I wanted them too even the new ones. They were completely quiet and still the whole time and when it came to responses at the end most came out every time. We had a group of about five young teens who migrated to the back row. They were no trouble but I watched them when I made appeals and they had a code between them and it was everyone or no one, sadly it worked out in the negative. But the rest of the group were up and out every time.

Excited Mothers

Mothers shared lots of feedback about how their youngsters were so excited they were going to them after the meetings and sharing what was happening in them. They did the same with words God gave for many of them and I felt they were exciting words too. Mothers shared things like this confirms earlier words over them or confirms what they see in their child. This was so special, so often parents have to come to me to ask what is happening with theirs in the meetings because they don’t tell parents anything. Two days after camp we had a call from a mother saying her sons had been telling their non-church friends at school about the camp and some have said they want to come next year. It will be great if they do come but even if not it is a big thing for those boy’s to be sharing like this with their friends.

A Deviation From The Norm For Norway

faroe islands ministryI had the honour of flying to the Faroe Islands and the fifty fifth country that I have ministered to children in, in forty six years of ministry. Faroe is a cluster of eighteen volcanic islands shaped roughly like an arrow head midway between Norway and Iceland in the North Atlantic Gulf Stream. A population of just under fifty thousand and almost as many sheep, all grass mountains, no trees and the main industry is fishing. Two special bonuses for me, my friends of many years from Norway, Otto and Ingunn Benjamison joined me as we hopped over islands by tunnel and ferry to the third island of Sandoy where we ministered. Second, Eivind the husband of the couple who invited us there who is also the father of five children. He attended camps in Bergen in my early visits and he was nine, ten years old then, now I was working with him, such a thrill and honour for me. We were in a lovely little fishing village where two churches were involved, one came across from the main island and stayed on a campsite for the weekend to be in the meetings.

The Spirit Was Moving

We had roughly fifteen children up to thirteen years and twenty older teens. The locals had soaked the whole thing in much prayer and God more than answered. The children particularly were so hungry, open and responsive, they soaked up every word so praying for them it was easy they just came straight through. When they came to repentance and dealing with habitual sin everyone literally experienced the presence of God touch them and with tongues I didn’t need to give extra help to anyone they all instantly came through. On Sunday in a very packed family service they were all singing in tongues during the worship, that doesn’t usually happen. God began giving prophetic words for children in the first meeting which was only introductory, that rarely happens when I am on a first ever visit to a church, usually its towards the end. Also in the family service four children together were the ministry team praying for everyone who responded. I wasn’t missing out on that and afterwards we all said that we literally felt the Holy Spirit flowing out through their hands as they laid them on us and prayed. The final thing in the service which I felt was very significant, the pastor called the four children onto the platform got down on his knees and had them pray for him.

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Our host’s eldest son aged eight said to his mother on Sunday “mum you try really hard to teach us about God and you do a good job but I never realised before that I could get so close to God in one weekend”. Later on skype he told a friend that when he first spoke in tongues he found himself swaying from side to side and felt a bit light headed but not faint, (drunk in the spirit). I felt right from the beginning that God was definitely raising up a great and mighty army there on that island. The boy above, Isaac is being raised up as one of the key figures for what God is doing and going to do. He has a very powerful anointing on him and strong call from God. Plus his closest friend, they are like joined at the hip when they are together, he is from the other island and spiritually they are like a twin brother’s. I believe that God has plans for them beyond just friendship and they will be a mighty powerful force for God together.

The icing on the cake, when we left for the ferry at 20.00 which was after dark some of the children walked themselves to us to say goodbye and give us hugs. (It is a very safe place to bring up children)

The Older Youth

They were more held back (not such simple childlike faith) but those who did respond God met. With this group it was the feedback later that showed how much God had really done. Youth saying how God had opened their eyes to things, revealed what their continued sin was doing to Jesus, showed them wrong directions they were going etc. Three came round late one night with a card letter and gift where they opened their hearts sharing how the weekend had impacted their lives, that act said it all!

Much love…


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From UK to India to Uganda


Children’s Ministry in India

Challenging But We Did It

Arriving we had a challenge to achieve the goals of the rejection/restoration seminars. My suitcase delay lost one day (two seminars) another day was lost later and then the school after giving the children attending the seminars permission to miss school for three days at the last minute announced exams on those days. Half the group had to be in school in the morning, the rest in the afternoon. (Typical situation in the third world you have to be ready for anything just go with the flow). Rearranging of the teaching was done, I need eight sessions but it had to be squeezed into five. Some parts had to be cut out and on the days they were in school only one session could be done in the morning then repeated in the afternoon. What the devil meant for evil God turned for good as an amazing time was had.

The Fruit Is There

Christian Children Ministry to India orphanagesAlmost forty children attended the seminars, I can have more attending now as I have a handful of trusted children who have been through the seminars at least twice who under my supervision now do the one on one ministry. It is so exciting seeing the healed ministering to the hurting and who better to do it as they know the thoughts, feelings and reactions because they have been there themselves. These seminars have become a big life changer since God told us to begin them. Many who have been through the seminars are totally unrecognizable now. One little boy, he is younger than we usually take on the course and new in the home. The moment I saw him I felt he should be a part. At the start he had a dull blank face by the end his face shone with a huge smile.

The Moving Communion service

Communion - giving of thanksWe always finish the seminars with breaking bread together as a celebration of what God has done. This year in my view was extra special and I got a double whammy with the school exams making me repeat three sessions. I felt they should make the communion as a point of contact they can bring the devil back too when he tries to give them the pain back. When under attack they can pray immediately, “Hey devil — on that day in that room I took the communion as a sign that I had been healed of the pains in my heart so get you behind me in the name of Jesus”. There was an awesome presence of God as two of those who have experienced a lot of freedom from pain served each one with the elements and then took them together.

Sunhil, (Smiller)

He was in the second set of seminars we did and I shared his testimony at the time. When he first came he never smiled, his face was dull and if you tried to hug him he kept his arms by his side and went stiff as a board, it was like hugging a tree trunk. After receiving his first lot of healing he had the biggest smile I have ever seen, it seemed to go from ear to ear and now several years later every time you look at him he bursts into that same smile. If you hug him now he doesn’t want to let you go. He is in his second year studying four subjects at university and maintaining his freedom from hurt and walk with God. He returns to the home every year while I am there to get more input and help me in the seminars.

Good Examples To Follow

Sunhil is one of twelve young men who have grown up in the home and are some of the ongoing fruit of the seminars that we know of. In the past most have left and we don’t see or hear of them again but these having been freed from their pain are wanting to continue to get input. They all have strong walks with God, beautiful spirits and wonderful examples for the younger children to look up to and follow. I noticed many times that loads of the older boys in the home are attaching themselves to these young men when they are visiting. Natural God made mentoring relationships which is brilliant. Another wonderful thing about these young men is that they are all from the untouchable caste. This means they should never be educated or employed and only if anything get menial temporary labouring jobs, but most end up begging or in crime. These have all been educated, passed their high school finals and now studying college courses. One is doing very well studying a civil engineering course.


More Time, More Work, But Worth It All

This year we added an extra day to the children’s camp and then had one day of village outreach making eleven meetings in four days. At camp we had almost eighty, seven to thirteen year olds, one hundred with helpers and workers. Every session was a challenge for them but they rose to it and almost all responded every time so the young ministry team were kept very busy. The last but one meeting almost all were filled with the Holy Spirit and when it came to tongues I didn’t have to tell one child to stop speaking the local language. Normally you have to say that to a number but everyone instantly spoke in other tongues and very loudly too. The final meeting I had the thrill of baptizing twenty nine children in water.

Christian childrens ministry of Christ in Uganda

Village Outreach. Dividing We Multiply

Again I think the best, there were two hundred children in the meetings, (biggest number we’ve had). The first meeting was chaotic as sixty of were under seven (under age to be there). The younger ones were distracting the older as my ministry isn’t geared to them. Second session Janet (missionary and friend there) she and another took the under sevens out and taught them on their level. The result, both groups were awesomely spellbound the whole time and of my one hundred and sixty all responded for salvation. That is a normal response in rural third world countries that is why I believe so much in one on one ministry which the young ministry team there do so brilliantly.

Older Michael

Now twelve years old and a member of the young ministry team. Last year he asked to attend camp in spite of having had a year where he stopped going to church having fallen away from God. We were happy for him too but not to be part of the team just be in the meetings and lay his life before God. He submitted whole-heartedly to that and responded every meeting and by the end we invited him back on the team again. He learnt his lesson and this last year  has walked close to God and now is not only a valuable member of the ministry team but also is one of my interpreters along with my main one Emmanuel who is now aged fifteen.

Young Michael

Eight years old and youngest sibling of Emmanuel. Last year he was a little monkey and wanted to be baptized, his mother one of the church intercessors said she wanted him too but felt he was not ready, we all agreed with her. This year he was a different boy, his responses to God were real and he changed, he was one filled and his mother freed him to be baptized this time. He unlike his brother is very shy so we were very happy when he accepted our invitation to join the ministry team for the village outreach. Then even happier when to our amazement he, having been told he didn’t have too he was laying hands on children and praying for them.

Thanks for your support…

Much love,


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Ministry in London UK & Bolivia


Dear Ones…

This trip involved three countries and all can be summed up in the words, amazing, fantastic, God did it again.

Children’s Ministry in London

The annual New Life Church, Carroty Wood Camp

All agreed, this was the best year camp ever. It had the biggest number with three churches being represented but looking at them you would think they were from the same church. They were super attentive and responsive even Friday night when I wasn’t preaching until 19.45. They were in school all day, on a coach for two or more hours, arranged their tent interiors, ate, then the meeting. They were not tired or even struggling they were sitting on a hard floor totally attentive and then all responded at the end. (I was very short for their sakes). The same was true every meeting with some after prayer voluntarily going into the prayer room for further ministry and prayer. To crown it four children who had been working towards getting saved for some weeks received Him into their lives in the last meeting. Sunday night we were already getting reports from parents of changed lives.

Bolivia – (Arc) Boy’s orphanage

I have been going there for seven years now and this year like above they were super attentive. Every meeting there was complete freedom not one this time resisting in any way and the last one a very special beautiful spirit was among them. Because of their backgrounds of homelessness their responses are usually, a nucleus respond every time while others take time to seriously think through and make it by the end. This time not everyone came for prayer but they are on the way and will be followed up. After the final meeting many of them gave me a huge which is a big thing for them and more so the older ones so it means everything when they do it.

Bolivia, South America

Bolivia, South America at the foot of the Andes

Horror to a touch from God and a changed face

A new boy to the home since last year, unlike others has no father but a mother who hated him so he had been removed from her. She beat him often and one time set fire to him. He arrived there with bad molar with a big septic abbess underneath, it had been there so long his breath stank of rotting flesh. Dentist treatment is expensive seemingly his mother had made him so scared of going that no way would he let anyone take him. For months nothing would budge him getting several times as far as the door then panic and run. Finally he gave in and found relief. He was out for prayer most days but the final one he came through and afterwards his face was radiant and he was first to give me a huge hug.

Church – Bigger numbers and huge responses

First of four family services I had such a battle, I had what I felt was God’s word but I couldn’t get comfortable with it right up to the moment I stood to speak. As I opened my mouth God took over planned and unplanned came out and people were in tears at the front. The pastor was so thrilled he couldn’t stop talking about it.

Beautiful Bolivia

Beautiful Bolivia

Eliam blossoms

The boy who waited three years to be given a prophetic word by God two years later (last year) he stepped into the calling spoken in that word. He took over from the pastor’s son playing keyboard for worship. This year he confidentially leads praise and worship with his keyboard for the adult services. He plays solo anointed music on the keyboard while the pastor makes invitations. He is self-taught by God, never had a piano lesson in his life just like his mentor before him.

A personal note

The final Sunday morning service was also a baby dedication. It was for the daughter of one of the old boy’s from the orphanage. I felt highly honoured when I was told he waited until I was there because he wanted me to dedicate his child. I stood there holding that little girl in my arms with her big brown eyes looking up at me. I thought then I would rather be important in the lives of the poor who can give nothing because to this young man it meant everything that I would dedicate his daughter.

Much Love…


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Ministry in Mexico and Texas


God can make a way where there is no way.

Mexico is certainly a stronghold of the enemy, every year he throws up something different to try to stop me ministering there. This year started as I entered the States in Dallas, the immigration officer displayed a very anti God attitude. I was cross examined at length about my visit and told clearly that they don’t need people like me coming in they have plenty of their own. Also that I needed a special visa to do what I do which I checked out on the internet and it is untrue. The whole time his hand was dodging between two stamps finally he settled on one which deliberately was the wrong one. He said he was going to put me on record which he didn’t because he had nothing to report me on but by giving me the wrong stamp which didn’t tie in with my electronic visa he was making someone else do it for him. After three nights crossing back to the States on the two smaller bridges and having some hassle but let go we crossed the main big one and I was pulled off into an office. There was a long row of officers who could have seen me but God had the right man come free first to see me. He questioned me pulled me up on his computer and said the problems I had was because I had been stamped with the wrong stamp in Dallas, he sorted it and sent me away. The next day we were told by my interpreters niece who is an immigration officer that what the officer did for me at the boarder was a God given miracle. If ever they find any discrepancy on a visa whoever is at fault they never let that person walk away. They are kept in detention until a thorough search is done on that person, praise God He did it.

 Evil vs good

david abbott mexico

Most places the hunger in the children just like the children in Malaysia. All meetings were in very poor areas and one night we were told we were in the poorest area of Neuvo Laredo. Another we were told as we were leaving, a week ago the Zetta Cartel hit men were shooting teenagers dead on the streets. (As I said Mexico is always interesting). The meetings were mixed, seven were outreach, two family services and two where churches I visited last year. This year almost everyone there had attended last year so we moved onto Holy Spirit teaching. Most outreach meetings had forty to sixty children in and thirty to forty responded for salvation, some leaving with glowing faces. Some venues were tiny so they were squashed in like sardines in a tin but they gave immaculate attention to the teaching following every word.

A new evil raises its ugly head

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The exception to the above was on an out of town housing development. The children’s behaviour and attitudes were dreadful along with a strong defiance, I have never come across anything like it before in Mexico. We battled with that and my interpreter and I were aware that we were in a battle in the heavenlies too. Afterwards we found out why, the children of that development are heavily into a new type of Ouija board called Charlie, Charlie Challenge. It involves children calling up a Mexican demon who if it answers yes then it’s in the room and they can ask its guidance using yes no answer questions. I understand are causing havoc with behaviour in the schools. This game I understand is sweeping across Mexico and moving into the States.

Encouragement follows prophetic words

Most places God gave me prophetic words for several children each time and then He followed later with encouragement for me. A girl the pastor said had been given a very similar word not long ago. A boy, when the pastor closed the meeting shared how he was saved as a young man and the day after a lady gave him a word and now he is fulfilling that word. Now that evening his own son has just been given the exact same word that he had, had all those years ago. After one meeting a grandmother was bouncing around like a little rubber ball so excited that now four of her grandchildren had received prophetic words. She said last year I had, had words for two and now two more this year and one of them had words both years. Finally one night four received words and all were non-church families. Two of those sat on a row of not very well behaved children but they refused all efforts by the others to join in with them and sat glued to every word.

The Holy Spirit blessing

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATwo places were teaching on the Holy Spirit, the first one I am told that about thirty responded and only two or three left not speaking in tongues. One, a ten year old girl at the end her face was a radiant glow, she looked like an angel in glasses with tears running down her face. A little boy four years old was out to be filled, I had sent back some tiny’s who were disrupting the older ones but I felt the spirit say to me let him stay, my spirit said but I have to be fair I have sent others his age back but again the spirit said no he stays. So he did but I kept one eye on him all the time and the whole thirty to forty minutes we were praying for and instructing and he never moved a muscle. When we prayed he had his face held upwards, eyes tightly closed and a look of expectancy on his face so he received along with the others. He too was one of the grandchildren of the bouncing grandmother. The second place, a nine year old boy called Alvaro told my interpreter afterwards, “as David laid hands on me I felt this amazing joy go through him and I was speaking in tongues. Tears were flowing down my face but I was laughing. I thought how can this be, it must be the presence and power of God on me”.

Now we can see something of why the devil was so eager to stop these meetings going ahead, but as usual he lost, God won and many now have changed lives and in the midst of such danger, hopelessness and evil the hope of Christ for the future and a crown waiting in heaven.

Fort Worth, Texas Great Conclusion

Two meetings held on the grass outside of a women’s counselling centre with local African-American or mixed race children. Day one eighteen came responding like the Mexican children quiet, still soaking up every word. Then nine responded for salvation and a few others put their hands up but weren’t really ready so didn’t come out. The next day twenty three came and thirteen came out for prayer and among those were the ones who didn’t respond the day before. This day a number of the children didn’t come through to salvation and they knew it. I exhorted and prayed for them concerning low self-esteem because of what others say to them, about them or call them. I prayed again and they came through. A seven year old boy came to me later and said I know Jesus is in me now I can feel Him all over me.


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Ministry to the children of Malaysia


MINISTRY IN MALAYSIA  Ministry this year was all in suburbs around the capitol city of Kuala Lumpur. David Abbott Children's Ministry in Malaysia Country Down, God Moving Up 

The country, the crime rate up requiring tighter security for house holders. Those pushing towards full Islamic law etc, rising up opposing crosses on front of churches and bibles being destroyed. Against that background I experienced some of the most amazing meetings I think I have seen there.

One Hundred Ten To Twelve Year Olds 

You could hear a pin drop and then a huge crowd was at the front with almost all leaving speaking fluently in tongues. Quiet and still and the first to speak was one called the “monkey”, he can never sit still and into everything he shouldn’t. The pastor told this group if by next Saturday more had decided they wanted to be filled they could ask their teacher and join the 7-9 year group where I would be. The day after this meeting every child and teacher had asked to join the younger group next week. The first to ask to go down was a big boy who is solid muscle and no one in the class can stand against him, in his school he is a gang leader. All I can say is “to God you get the glory and I feel it such an honour”, how many older children volunteer to go in with a group of younger children especially as they have come out of that group themselves!!!

Children’s Pastors Promises Fulfilled

Before the above meeting God highlighted seven children to me who He had His call on. Kept back when others left the front God gave me one word for the seven and one for an individual. He was among the youngest, by far the smallest and younger of four siblings, God has for him a powerful ministry. Five years before when the pastor was called God told him He would raise up seven pastors under him who he would mentor. I didn’t notice the number God highlighted until pastor told me and he had counted them four times to be sure. Topping it, he told me the word God gave me for the seven was the exact same word God said over him five years ago. To top it he said all of the seven had come of age to come into this group when he took over so they have been with him for all of the five years.

Two Hundred And Fifty, Seven to Twelve Year Olds 

They were amazing, so hungry and I don’t count numbers but the children’s pastor’s wife told me that ninety five children were at the front to receive and the pastor said that practically everyone left speaking in tongues. I instructed and used those who had been filled the week before to do all the ministry with these new ones. They rose to the challenge beautifully and I was able to go around to each one as they ministered and check the one they prayed for was speaking in tongues and then encourage them that indeed it wasn’t me that God answered but it was their ministry and prayers that God was answering. We concluded with God giving me prophetic words for six more children.

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Children’s Ministry In Japan

God Covers My Mistake

Due to a slight oversight on my part, I ended up landing in Japan going straight into Tokyo and to the Christian School I am involved in. I had a wonderful time ministering with no hint of tiredness or lack of concentration. But I did feel God’s anointing and a lot of children responded for prayer at the end.

Should It Happen To A Children’s Ministry

I have been involved for a number of years in a small church in the south that makes for a long day. It involves rising at four, catching three trains each way and getting back early evening. This time the pastor told me that every year they take the message God sends through me as the direction for the coming year.

Children’s And Youth Day

This year had a bonus, over thirty attended plus a few adults who were not related at all to the youngsters but came because they wanted to. All were so hungry you could literally feel them drawing the word out of you so the messages became longer than I planned in my notes as God added more as we went along. Then all ages responded together for prayer after the sessions.

May Camp

God Brought Them – Usually we have gone to a conference centre but because of cost it was decided to hold it in my host church. The result was to reach children and young teens from six different churches four of which we have not had contact with before. We didn’t advertise or send out invites it was friends inviting friends and God using the Japanese trait of trust and over forty attended.

They All Became One – Coming from so many different backgrounds to begin with some were like fish out of water but being willing to step out of their comfort zones they were soon all praising, worshipping and responding the same. I never saw them getting into their own clicks but a stranger looking in would not be able to tell that they were from different church backgrounds.

The Army Is Rising Up – We finished camp with a very different looking group than we started. During the course of all the meeting I think everyone had responded for prayer for something and some every time. The final meeting was awesome as almost everyone left their seats during a Godly silence making a commitment to God to walk in the things they had responded for during earlier sessions.

Children's Ministry David Abbott map 1

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Jakarta Indonesia Ministry for Jesus


Most of the ministry was in the slums of Jakarta, Indonesia with one weekend in Bandung.

The Blessing Invoiced

The night before the main meeting in Bandung my missionary friend Ricky and I had a bad night. Long spells awake, one time I woke with a traumatic dream. The devil was invoicing the blessing to come and it was indeed special. Sunday morning, Ricky had the adult service first where he felt a great anointing and big response for prayer. I followed with Sunday school where they topped and tailed the group adding two extra younger age’s one end and the young teens group the other for this occasion. The presence of God was electric, no one even stirred and a large number of children ended being filled and one ten year old boy as soon as he spoke in tongues the flood gates opened. The teachers who had joined me at the front were so excited.

Then The Bonus

The oldest two of the team of children (natural sisters) from the church in Japan ministering with me they also got filled and tongues with floods of tears. The end was not yet, Ando the other missionary friend himself a youth leader felt to give a low key invitation to the young teens to be prayed for. Everyone came at which point Ricky came in the door to see what was happening as we were way over time. He was immediately roped in and the three of us moved among them ministering as the Lord lead, many were prophesied over and some were really hit by the power of God.

Responding to God's Holy Spirit in prayer

Responding to God’s Holy Spirit in prayer

God’s Army Continues To Be Raised Up In The School

Listening intently to God's Word

Listening intently to God’s Word

We had three days ministering in the church school in the slums of Jakarta. We had two age groups for the whole of each morning covering the entire school in three days. The first day was mainly with new children who by the end of the morning most had responded for salvation. The next two days was moving the children on in God from last year and they were ready, they soaked up every word and eagerly came for prayer to receive or change. The young Japanese team were kept very busy both days ministering several times to each child as they came for different things. Ando and I moved in bringing prophetic words both for individuals and for whole classes.

Day two was special for three boys who God gave us words for, we were told afterwards by their teacher who is mother to one of them that they have no fathers and her son says he wants to be a preacher. Day three was a group Ando and I had seen last year that God especially has His hand on. When we walked into the room we could feel the presence of God so strong, there was a sort of aurora around the children and we began to see the start of them getting lost in God’s presence. Session two God said to me to lay down what I planned this was His time. He gave me a quick on the spot word to share and all the rest of the time was one on one ministry to the children by the young team, Ando and his sixty nine year old father and myself. We just moved, prayed and spoke as God led us and the children soaked it all up. Remember here this is a church run school in a very poor area where the children wouldn’t be able to go to school but can because they are sponsored. There are children from all kinds of backgrounds including muslim but we know that God has given us this school to train up and equip a great and mighty army who He will use.

150402 Jakarta ministry 3

It Shouldn’t Happen To A Missionary

To get to the school you go so far by road then leave the minibus and walk as the only way from there is on narrow paths weaving between the huts the people live in. One day there was a lot of rain early and the paths were flooded to above the ankles so the only answer was off with shoes, roll up trousers and wade our way there they said we looked like a line of duck waddling along.

Another day going to a children’ cell group we set off into the Jakarta traffic which is always bad but this day was horrific. After five hours of sitting in the bus on the high way we had only done what should have been three quarters of an hours distance. Now late so we called the cell to be told we still had an hour’s journey to go before we got to them so to abort and go home. Easier said than done as traffic was only slightly improved the other way. Back at our accommodation we found on the internet the source of our problem, the group One Direction had a concert in the city that night and we had hit their traffic, sadly not the traffic going to our meeting!!

Children’s Cell groups In The Slums

Teaching God's Word

Teaching God’s Word

The leaders asked me to lead them into the Holy Spirit and tongues as none of the children in these groups was spirit filled. The first one was the kind of children I love to minister too. We were in the dirtiest, smelliest slum I have ever been in in my three visits to Indonesia, far worse than where the school is. The children’s skins were black not the usual light brown because they are outside in the sun all the time. The meeting room was like a sauna, there was twenty five children a handful of adults plus the team. It was a tiny room with no windows, low ceilings, single door to enter and one small floor standing fan at the back and an outside temperature of thirty five centigrade. By the time we started we were streaming with sweat and by the end our cloths were literally stuck wet to our bodies. The children as they stood at the front being prayed for had rivers running down their faces. But it was so worth it all as loads responded for salvation, loads more were filled and some received both. Two slightly older boys were slow get tongues but then couldn’t stop. As I finished they were still going and back in their seats as the leader rounded off and closed they were still going. The next night’s cell group was a total contrast, a nice wide concreted road surface big room with ceramic tiled floor and air conditioning but the response and fruit was exactly the same. God doesn’t look at the outside but the heart and in both groups He found the same hungry open hearts.

150402 Jakarta map

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