Ministry In Haiti’s Tent City & More


Haiti children's ministry- David AbbottMy trip to Haiti was shall we say somewhat different to what I am used too. A short, sharp, in – have as many meetings as possible –  and out again as the country is still not the safest place in the world for foreigners to be. They do now have a police force and the United Nations troops have almost gone. Ground officers in twos are armed with hand guns and others only go out in sixes with hard helmets and body armour with hand and machine guns. Haiti still has to be the poorest country I go to; Uganda is very poor but Kampala poor as it is, is like Times Square compared to Port-au-Prince. Many even main roads in the city have returned to their original dirt roads, rubbish piles up on city streets and eventually is burnt right there. There are no rules on the road, no road markings and no traffic lights its every man for himself doing whatever to get where ever he wants to go.

Amazing Ministry in Haiti

The ministry times were just like what has gone before in other countries so far (amazing) but was also a very sad when you look at the state of the country. We had two days in a Christian school with one hundred and twenty children sponsored from the USA to be there. Many responded for salvation but some others were quite a challenge too. When God began to move and He showed that they behaved that way because they had themselves been hurt and so their instinct now was to hurt others. We were able to begin to minister into their situations and leave the children and their teachers some goals to work towards.

Haiti ministry to children outside - David AbbottThe same nights we were in the host church at what they called days of children’s revival. Many children from the church came but this is the third world and so many adults related to the children and many who were not also attended. They were different to the school children and were beautifully quiet still and responsive so many responded each night for prayer for things to help them walk more closely to God.

4 Million in Tent City

The final day we were in a very special place, close to my heart. We were in a church the pastor we were working with planted right on the edge of tent city. This is a place where approximately 4,000,000 still displaced people from the earthquake six years ago are still living in the United Nation temporary relief tents. There are children there who have lost many relatives, some living with one or more parent, others with relatives and still more who have been taken in by caring families who have survived. Then the final group the saddest of all who are children who should still be dependent on adults in their lives to care for and protect them but they have no one so they are fending for themselves. Some were quite wild who came but there were two boys, who I guess where about ten to twelve years old and they really touched my heart. They were all over the place in the meeting doing all the wrong things but as we came towards the end and began to pray for the children they came out. When I finished praying they were standing one each side of me and gradually put their hand into one each of mine. From then on and this is the third world and the meeting went on a whole long time more, they stood dead still by me holding my hand and every time I looked at them they gave this huge smile. If I let, go of them for whatever reason as soon as my hand was free theirs was in it again. All they wanted was to know they were loved and accepted and have a friend and when they found it, it brought peace and calm into their troubled lives. Sadly, though this is the minute fraction of those who have such need in this one place, but I praise God that He gave me the privilege of helping even the few. So there it is, a sad situation but also a blessed one for some.

All of the above are reasons I have stayed the course with children’s ministry for over four decades.  Ministering among the poorest of the poor, who cannot repay with money, is what inspires me to continue.  I am repaid, however, with great rewards in heaven from the living God, who loves these little ones with the perfect, self-sacrificing love that comes only from Jesus Christ our Lord.  If you’d like to know more about our work, click the Contact tab.  Love to hear from you.

Much Love…


David Abbott ministry to Haiti - 25 hours away

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Children’s Missionary Work in Luxembourg & Jakarta


Luxembourg Report of Children’s Ministry

It was a fantastic time and carried on in the same blessing seen in Australia and the raising up of the army of God. There we had the swop over of children I have worked with who are now youth and the new children’s group coming up. The first meeting was with the youth and a mixture of ones I know and those new to the church since I was last there. Jordie, one of the spiritual stars and one who always has had a heart after God keenly following Him led the way. Immediately after I shared she shared a prophesy and then a short while later another. Others followed and every word fitted together as one expects when God is at work and the youth leader confirmed the word. But God hadn’t finished a girl came at the close and said she had, had a word on her heart the whole time and it wouldn’t go away and now it was still there. No one should miss out so we stopped the free time for her to share.

Young man receives Jesus as his Lord

Then Sunday in the family service probably the biggest crowd of children and youth I have seen in a while came to the front to pray for the adults who responded. Finally, in the afternoon ministering to the nine to twelve year olds, four boys responded for salvation. I hadn’t on this occasion intended to make an invitation, but during a time of question and answer one boy particularly kept asking about salvation, how to receive Jesus, and do you feel anything, etc. It was very clear to all that God was stirring his heart and he was ready to receive so the leader asked was he saying he wanted to receive for himself, to which he said yes. Three others joined him, all prayed sincerely from their hearts the sinner’s prayer and their faces told the results afterwards. The mother of two of the boys, one being the boy who asked all the questions, was in tears as she heard and saw what her boys did.

David Abbott Children's Ministry with children and workers

Indonesia Report: The School

It continued on in Indonesia where I had three days ministering in my regular Christian school. It’s hidden away in the middle of a slum on the outskirts of Jakarta with only little foot paths winding between the little huts the people live in, to get to it. They give me the whole morning everyday with two teaching sessions split by a fifteen-minute break and a different age group each day. This is my third year with them and the children love it. They are so hungry – most are back sitting ready to start long before the break is up. Some just run out to use the toilet and are back in again.

Indonesia childrens ministry - David Abbott

Salvation is of the Lord for these young ones

Day one was the younger ones where some were new this year and many responded freely for salvation. Day two were ones I was having my second year with so they are a little way on in their walk with God and becoming more aware of Him and more responsive. They think more about what they are doing before they respond but by the time we pray most are on their feet to let go of whatever and move on in their walk with Him. Day three was fantastic, for these it’s their third year and they are amazing. They soak up the word and for them their school morning is longer so I get more time with them, but they don’t tire of hearing. When we came to the invitation for prayer they were all instantly on their feet almost on-mass. It was thrilling to see, it looked almost as if they all had strings attached to them and someone above pulled all the strings at the same time. They don’t move a muscle while they waited to be prayed for they stand dead still, eyes closed and never tried opening them. Their hands were together in front of them and some you can see they are praying for themselves while they waited. This year they had to wait longer as we had a smaller young people’s team from Japan because of the timing of the trip.

God moving in the Children’s Cell

Cell group for children seeking God - David Abbott missionary

The children’s cell group on the opposite side of the city to the school in a slum which is not as poor as the school one but still poor. Fifteen children gathered of which most had had afternoon school up to an hour before the meeting. Last year they were filled with the Holy Spirit and this they committed themselves to work at trusting God and doing what He says. Everyone was on their feet for prayer and God gave me prophetic words for three of them concerning the call of God on their lives. On this occasion God gave me specific details of their calling for them and each one was different. One the smallest in size (but not in age) called Billy was so touched by the Holy Spirit as I prayed for him that he was swaying under my hand totally lost in God.

We give God the glory

As always, God alone gets the glory for what He is doing among the children of the nations. Your intercession for me is so much appreciated, and your support. As I have often said, support of children’s missionary work is like giving to the poorest of the poor, as they have nothing to give. Our reward awaits us in heaven for all we do in His name here on earth.

Thanks and much love,

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Children’s Ministry in Australia

The Young Ministry Team (Renamed The Young Leadership Team)

They are now all 13 – 17 year olds and most have been with me from the very first conference when they were children receiving and worked with me since we first began a young team. They have proved themselves in their walk with God, their example to others, willingness to serve and youngsters of integrity and I am very proud of them.

God Pushed Them Out Of The Boat More

They prayed for people as the Lord leads them and I watched and every time they would put their hands on someone wait in silence or speak in tongues then pray. Adults said what comes out of their mouths is so of God they have no idea of the details of the need but pray those details. Sunday I always speak in the host church in the morning and another local church in the evening and use the team. This year I felt they were to preach at both not me. They all individually prepared mini messages and as God was in this everyone fitted together making one message then they prayed for those responding. God added more responsibility to their ministering which they rose too without batting an eyelid. In the morning they also prayed for all the parents and grandparents who are actively involved with their grandchildren. The evening they prayed for their pastor who was speaking at a conference the next week on the mainland and also the pastor and leaders of the church we were in.

The Children’s Conference Grows

We had over thirty children and teens at its height, the biggest number and a lot were new. They were off from the word go, most responded for salvation, assurance or new commitment. The pastor told me that of the salvation and assurance ones most came from strong Christian families so they had really searched their hearts saw their need and wanted out of it. Later eight or ten were filled and spoke in tongues and their faces were a picture. The final session God took over and I put aside my message as a whole load of children shared scriptures from God on the same theme. They were speaking about feelings of guilt from, past failures, sin and mistakes and God saying it’s okay I can set you free and you can walk with me. At the end a long line stood at the front for the young leaders to pray and share with.

Touched By An Angel!!!!!

The newest member of the young leadership team gave me a card at the end and words in the last line touched my heart. It said “Thank you for giving me more confidence and for believing in me”. God knows that, that kind of feedback is special.

Children's Ministry in Australia - David Abbott

Hobart Conference Launched

Fifteen children and young teens gathered in my friend’s home for the first children conference there. They were open and very hungry eagerly responding every time to sort out their lives and set their hearts to follow him. One meeting the presence of God was strong during the worship, increased during the message and was electric when they were being prayed for so they didn’t need to say anything their faces shewed it all. Later everyone was filled and only one didn’t speak in tongues, then they were singing in tongues in the next session.

God Woke Me To Share Some Of His Plan

He gave me what He wanted for the conclusion of the final meeting, different to what I had but His plans are always best. He also said He wanted two boys, interestingly called Joshua & Caleb to pray for responders. God starting a young ministry team earlier than I would, but He is in charge.

“God Moves The Pieces Around The Board”, Achieving His Plan.

David Abbott Children's Ministry in AustraliaWhen I asked the boys they were nervous but willing, then unknown to me, Caleb said I have to go home before that meeting but please, please talk to my dad. Dad said “if God wants Caleb here then he has to be here, but his three siblings will come home”.

When he came to go he said “I don’t think I can face the problems if I take some home they can all stay” and the end is not yet.

Joey’s Testimony (Why God Wanted Him To Stay As Well)

Joey is Caleb’s younger brother and has always had a fear of crowds and would cling to his mum or dad if he was in one. The first day he didn’t want to attend at all but mum said she would stay with him. He was glued to her but she watched his responses and if he put his hand up she went out with him and stayed with him while he was prayed with etc. She was determined he was going to get what God had for him and God rewarded her that so at the end of the conference she was jumping, bouncing and dancing around the room with excitement. Joey was one who came through straight away into tongues, his face was radiant and he got more than the Holy Spirit. When his parents left they expected him to refuse to stay but in fact he said no I want to stay. During the meeting he was completely secure and happy without mum there and in that final meeting for the first time he was entering into worship and he was the first one out and on his knees before the cross and minutes before anyone else joined him. God gave me a word for him and he came immediately and stood on his own in front of the crowd to receive it. After the meeting finished he was playing, laughing and having fun with the other children not bothered so when mum came back, hence her elated reaction. Joey didn’t have counselling and prayer for his fear, God did it Himself. I am not decrying or putting down counselling and praying in such cases but far better when God does it himself without us.

God Brought Who He Wanted

The third conference continued like the other two. We had nineteen children from at least three different churches. The average age of the children was younger than the other conferences but the rapt attention and stillness was the same.

children ministry to the nations - David AbbottA five-year-old girl who got in by default but she held her own in everything just like the older ones so all I can say is that she was out for salvation and then again to be filled and there is no doubt she was speaking in tongues. But then when her father was young we were running the big week long camps under canvas and he was in those meetings well under age as his mother was one of the leaders.

Two were brought by their grandmother who I had met and prayed for quite a few years ago she told me when I went to her church to talk about my work and vision. Now when she heard about the conference was determined that her grandchildren were not missing out.

Another grandmother brought two of her grandchildren, they have a Christian father and unsaved mother and they are not used to going to meetings as their father to drag them to church if they went. They came with grandma and on the way home asked if they could come to the final meeting on Sunday so their dad took them. Afterwards they told their dad they wanted to go to that church every Sunday.

A twelve-year-old mentally disabled boy came and the only time he was quiet and still at all was during the teaching and when he came out for prayer which had to be the Holy Spirit quieting his heart.

Much Love…


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What God Has in Store for Children Internationally in 2016


This year of 2015 we faced a big challenge that God has brought us through and now I have a real excitement about something new coming in 2016.

To highlight a few places that I travel to internationally each year for Children’s Ministry ~


My first ten years of ministry there were sensational and today there are many children who I still have contact with who were in those camps and today are scattered to a number of nations in full time ministry. Since then has been a time of just jogging on an even level but this year I sense a new beginning. A taking off and going beyond those early years and I sense that God will do it in a different way.


I feel that the ministry in the slum school will deepen and ministries will be raised up in the children while the children’s cell groups in different slum areas will be equipped to go and be evangelists.


I feel is going to be a time of healing from the pain, loss and fear from the earthquake.


Japan as always been a slow small step by small step each year, 2015 a new thing for Japan began and this year I feel we will take off from there and see a big breakthrough.


2015 continued with the boys in the Orphanage I minister in regularly  having to hold back and really think through whether they could let go fully to God. 2016 is a big step forward for the orphanage leaders as they have become willing to let the boy’s take a week off from school to have the meetings, up to now I have only been let go there during school holidays. I feel that the two things together signal a big breakthrough in the boy’s lives and they will cross the line and let go and let God have their whole lives.

EDITOR’S NOTE~  If you would like to learn more about supporting worldwide missionary efforts toward children, find out more about David Abbott’s ministry HERE>

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Ministry to Children in London, then on to the USA


Ministry to Children – Preaching the Gospel

It Began In London

With the annual summer camp follow- up which has been moved from December to now. Being the end of half term holiday we were able to have a whole day together on the Friday. A fantastic time was had by all where almost every child in the age group came. They were so hungry and open that they listened intently including a four-year-old and almost everyone was out every meeting for prayer. Two of the teenage girls who have come up through the camps came to help on the ministry team. A lot of fun was had too and everyone left rejoicing and feed back later from parents was encouraging. Saturday was their annual party to keep children from the evils of halloween, a lot of children came, had fun and I was able to give a short gospel type message. Sunday the message I was asked to give was “obeying parents” so the children and young teens were put together so they all got the message and the teens could pray for the children who, yes wanted to get this right.

Young Leadership Training

Children Ministry

Children Ministry

On to Indiana for a week of what turned out to be leadership training. In the past numbers have been large, on the one hand times have sadly changed but on the other God sent those He wanted. This was three families of siblings all with Christian back up at home and totaling seven, the biblical number. The message series God had given me beforehand was the raising up of Moses the leader. They responded just like those in London so as they store up and continue on these next year’s something mighty and powerful can come out of this little group. Andy and Ethan are part of the group, and as you know are already being training in ministry. Among other things as in the summer together they enthusiastically did the preaching and all the one on one ministry in the Sunday family service. The pastor commented to me later, Ethan doesn’t need to stand up and rant, rave and shout to get people to listen. When he preaches he has an air of authority and leadership with humility and so people just listen and he is only twelve years old. What ministry is to follow?

God’s Individual Caring

Every visit God seems to give us one very needy child who He wants to touch, they come every night after we meet them and their lives are turned around. This time it was eight year Wyatt who we met at the Good News Club. A boy who carried on his face the pain of his parents break up and subsequent moving out of the family home five days before. It was wonderful to see the other children band around him and take him under their wing. The first night he wanted prayer but couldn’t get to his feet so one of the boys brought me to him. He was up by himself every night for prayer after that and his face changed from pain to joy.

The Good News Club

I had the blessing of speaking at the Good News Club after classes in the local State elementary school. Fifty-two children came, this year is the first time they have outgrown the classroom they used to use and have had to move into the dining hall. Sixteen responded for salvation at the end including Wyatt.

ministry to children - children Bible stories missionary map

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Ministry to Children – Preaching the Gospel – not just Children Bible Stories


Roger Holloway

Roger Holloway

Children Ministry ~ It is an honor to serve God by publishing the Abbott Ministry blog of ministry to children around the world. David Abbott has over four decades of children ministry in the local church, orphanages, and street ministry on most every continent. People often wonder about giving their money for ministry to children, and I want you to consider David Abbott’s children ministry today. Beginning in 1989, I began to invite David Abbott to the local church I pastored in Indianapolis to do a Children’s Crusade, not just children Bible lessons, or children Bible stories, but real Children Ministry in our church. He gave of himself in such a powerful way, and he does that still today as a true missionary to the nations. To prove that point, take a look at his worldwide children ministry itinerary.

New to Children’s Ministry? Watch the video “Vital Qualities for Children’s Workers” >

Ministry to children — So, when I asked David about his ministry to children, here is his reply.

“Ministry to children has been my calling and my life since I was sixteen years old. I was called by God to this ministry when I was fifteen and a half and began when I was sixteen. I have been doing this for forty six years and in fifty five different countries and there is no other age group I would rather work with. Children are our hope for the future and without them moving in God there will not be a church tomorrow. They are part of the church today and our leaders of tomorrow.”

Keys to children’s ministry? I also asked him about why he uses the preaching of children Bible stories in his crusades, instead of puppets, clowns, and props.

Ministering to Children“Children Bible stories are an important way to teach as it achieves two vital goals, one it teaches them the word of God and two as you APPLY the bible story to their lives so it moves them into and on in the kingdom of God. Earlier this week I was teaching in a Christian school in Indiana and later when I read what the pupils wrote on Facebook it was all about the application the their lives they picked up on. Children want the word of God not just stories because they have a simple faith and trust so find the word works for them and makes being a Christian fun. So when they think of the bible story they automatically think of the application to their lives.”

Welcome to Children’s Ministry! His response to why children Bible lessons with straight-on teaching the children the Word of God has been effective for over four decades.

“Just giving children Bible lessons is like regular school on Sunday and just gives them head knowledge which gets boring. Children today like hands on things that they can be actively involved in and applying the word to their lives and seeing God work makes it hands on for them. Entertaining them misses it too as there is no way we in the church have the money and resources that the world has so we miss the mark completely. I use the most basic approach, I teach the word of God as you would to adults only using simple wording they can relate too and visualise my teaching with simple stick men and lines that I quickly draw as I go along on a white board. I am no artist either but even children in Japan who are the most highly educated race in the world and the most high tech and they love my illustrations. Visual aids are vital because we know that children understand and retain more when they both see and hear something.”

How to encourage children’s ministry workers? Just listen to his vision for children ministry (which is unchanged since he began in the 1970’s).

Responding to God's Holy Spirit in prayer

Responding to God’s Holy Spirit in prayer

“Children ministry in the church is vital as it equips them for now and the future. If done the way I believe the Bible shows us then it equips children to live an active walk with God now. It recognizes the giftings and callings in their lives so that they can be developed while children. My goal when working with any children is to make myself redundant to them. So they have an alive daily walk with God and can stand on their own two feet in God when I am not there. In raising up gifting and ministry then have them doing all I do and more so they do the preaching, leading of meetings, make up the band and worship leaders and do the one on one ministry for those who want prayer after teaching. It is all done under my covering and I am the one who has the authority and the leader but under me they function in ministry. Today in one church I go regularly I have two boys aged twelve and thirteen and in the children’s meetings they do all the one on one ministry, teach the bible verse each day. In the family service on Sunday my last two visits the twelve year old preaches and the thirteen year old draws the illustrations for him as he goes along. The pastor of that church told me the other day that when the twelve year old stands to preach he doesn’t need to rant, rave or shout to make people listen when he opens his mouth he has an air of authority, leadership and humility. Afterwards they both lay hands on all who respond and pray for them. It’s not only preparing children for future ministry but also to stand a Christians in the workplace. Since the general election in England in May there are two men in the inner cabinet of government (the leaders), who have come up under my ministry since they were very young.”

My conclusion — and hopefully yours — is that supporting children ministry throughout the earth is a great way to help build the kingdom of God here on earth and throughout eternity by supporting someone who has consistently been a missionary and evangelist to the nations for so many years (try traveling from UK to India to Uganda for children ministry!). Or, just doing ministry in Mexico and Texas can be powerful!  And for me, as a pastor who has witnessed the lifelong impact David Abbott has made in the lives of children, I continue to support his work and hope you will, too.

~Roger Holloway

David Abbott Indonesia Children MinistryPS — You can CONTACT David directly for your support of worldwide children ministry giving with a check made out to DAVID ABBOTT. Why? This is not a large ministry with a staff. It’s just David and his wife Barbara who live on a shoestring budget. You’re welcome to contact them for a reference from the small local church they worship in.

But don’t look for a large organization! And due to the charity guidelines in England, he has found it best to have checks made out to “David Abbott”. But I have found that wiring children ministry support directly to him is the most powerful way to support his work, using (part of the PayPal family). The $5 charge to wire funds is fair and reasonable. Reach out to know more.

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The Faroe Islands and Norway Children’s Ministry


Great Start

Two different Christian school’s where the presence of God was strong and pupils were held spellbound even the second school where it was last lesson on Friday. The Sunday family service where it was the feedback that was most exciting. More than ever before shared and each had something different that God had challenged them about from the same message, that’s God. The weekend didn’t conclude until I left for the coach on Monday after several one on one ministry and prayer sessions with people needing help.

Fruit That Lasts

Norway Children's Ministry

En-route to the annual church camp I called in overnight with friends in Haugesund. I was reminded of my youngest ever interpreter. He was eleven years old and made the mistake of saying to me he would love to be my interpreter one day. A few hours later my interpreter announced he couldn’t be there that night and so much earlier than he expected the boy was interpreting. The meeting was around the camp fire and he stood there wearing an oversized track suit and black lines on both cheeks where he had whipped dirty hands and doing a great job. Today he is worship leader in a local church in town.

Different Children & Youth

The camp was brilliant, we had fifteen children and fifteen young teens for the weekend. The two age groups had separate meetings so it was a busy but so exciting because God was at work. Norwegian youngsters are very strong willed so you can at times have some battles with some. Last year we had some minor battles but this time they came in and sat exactly where I wanted them too even the new ones. They were completely quiet and still the whole time and when it came to responses at the end most came out every time. We had a group of about five young teens who migrated to the back row. They were no trouble but I watched them when I made appeals and they had a code between them and it was everyone or no one, sadly it worked out in the negative. But the rest of the group were up and out every time.

Excited Mothers

Mothers shared lots of feedback about how their youngsters were so excited they were going to them after the meetings and sharing what was happening in them. They did the same with words God gave for many of them and I felt they were exciting words too. Mothers shared things like this confirms earlier words over them or confirms what they see in their child. This was so special, so often parents have to come to me to ask what is happening with theirs in the meetings because they don’t tell parents anything. Two days after camp we had a call from a mother saying her sons had been telling their non-church friends at school about the camp and some have said they want to come next year. It will be great if they do come but even if not it is a big thing for those boy’s to be sharing like this with their friends.

A Deviation From The Norm For Norway

faroe islands ministryI had the honour of flying to the Faroe Islands and the fifty fifth country that I have ministered to children in, in forty six years of ministry. Faroe is a cluster of eighteen volcanic islands shaped roughly like an arrow head midway between Norway and Iceland in the North Atlantic Gulf Stream. A population of just under fifty thousand and almost as many sheep, all grass mountains, no trees and the main industry is fishing. Two special bonuses for me, my friends of many years from Norway, Otto and Ingunn Benjamison joined me as we hopped over islands by tunnel and ferry to the third island of Sandoy where we ministered. Second, Eivind the husband of the couple who invited us there who is also the father of five children. He attended camps in Bergen in my early visits and he was nine, ten years old then, now I was working with him, such a thrill and honour for me. We were in a lovely little fishing village where two churches were involved, one came across from the main island and stayed on a campsite for the weekend to be in the meetings.

The Spirit Was Moving

We had roughly fifteen children up to thirteen years and twenty older teens. The locals had soaked the whole thing in much prayer and God more than answered. The children particularly were so hungry, open and responsive, they soaked up every word so praying for them it was easy they just came straight through. When they came to repentance and dealing with habitual sin everyone literally experienced the presence of God touch them and with tongues I didn’t need to give extra help to anyone they all instantly came through. On Sunday in a very packed family service they were all singing in tongues during the worship, that doesn’t usually happen. God began giving prophetic words for children in the first meeting which was only introductory, that rarely happens when I am on a first ever visit to a church, usually its towards the end. Also in the family service four children together were the ministry team praying for everyone who responded. I wasn’t missing out on that and afterwards we all said that we literally felt the Holy Spirit flowing out through their hands as they laid them on us and prayed. The final thing in the service which I felt was very significant, the pastor called the four children onto the platform got down on his knees and had them pray for him.

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Our host’s eldest son aged eight said to his mother on Sunday “mum you try really hard to teach us about God and you do a good job but I never realised before that I could get so close to God in one weekend”. Later on skype he told a friend that when he first spoke in tongues he found himself swaying from side to side and felt a bit light headed but not faint, (drunk in the spirit). I felt right from the beginning that God was definitely raising up a great and mighty army there on that island. The boy above, Isaac is being raised up as one of the key figures for what God is doing and going to do. He has a very powerful anointing on him and strong call from God. Plus his closest friend, they are like joined at the hip when they are together, he is from the other island and spiritually they are like a twin brother’s. I believe that God has plans for them beyond just friendship and they will be a mighty powerful force for God together.

The icing on the cake, when we left for the ferry at 20.00 which was after dark some of the children walked themselves to us to say goodbye and give us hugs. (It is a very safe place to bring up children)

The Older Youth

They were more held back (not such simple childlike faith) but those who did respond God met. With this group it was the feedback later that showed how much God had really done. Youth saying how God had opened their eyes to things, revealed what their continued sin was doing to Jesus, showed them wrong directions they were going etc. Three came round late one night with a card letter and gift where they opened their hearts sharing how the weekend had impacted their lives, that act said it all!

Much love…


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