Tasmania and the Mainland


Here begins a New Year and as always there’s the thought “How can God ever do anything greater than he did last year”? This year the thought was even harder as last year was such an amazing year where God did way greater than I could ever ask or think. But as I am sure you can guess, He went and did greater with among other meetings four children’s conferences in three weeks.

Tasmania, Tamar Valley The scene was set beforehand when I met one night with the intercessors and the next the young leadership team. The young leaders were open and honest as they prayed for each other, so they set out a clean and anointed team. Zach who we have been following has had a very tough year but hung in and excelled in his ministry during the conference. We had seventeen including the ministry team of five (they were responding for themselves as well as ministering). The presence of God was so strong every meeting and you could hear a pin drop as the children literally soaked up every word. All but one responded every meeting even though the challenges were tough one’s fitting into the theme of; Having a pure heart, keeping it pure not defiling it with sin and living to please Jesus. We literally saw children change in front of us.

The final session on day one had them kneeling at the front before God, something you expect for the end of a conference not half way through. The young ministry team were kept very busy, but they loved it and as the pastor said in the Sunday service they grew in maturity and oneness as a team. The oneness was beautiful to see, they prayed individually but when the last in the line was prayed for and others were still praying the who had finished joined the ones praying so no one had finished until the last one had finished. We saw sign’s following the teaching of the word. I mentioned that as the children live out the theme miracles will happen without asking. A girl came to the conference limping on a very painful ankle which she had had for weeks. She just opened to everything and by lunchtime, she was completely healed (No one prayed for her), running and jumping on that foot and still was days later.

Tasmania, Hobart  Another very hungry group of eighteen with more young teenagers than children. The same rapt attention and the first day all but one responding for prayer every time except for one but he has had an exceptionally tough year. Day two, the first sessions less responded but the challenges were tough, and I was glad that they were really thinking before responding. The final meeting again all but one responded to be filled or get back tongues and all, but one did flow beautifully in tongues. One boy who was filled last year but didn’t get tongues this year instantly we prayed he flowed in tongues and looked up with a glow on his face as did the others.

Tasmania, Scottsdale  A very special little conference with just four boys aged seven to thirteen, but they were the hungry ones. They were hungry too, I could literally feel them drawing God’s word out of me, a very unusual but wonderful feeling. Then you couldn’t keep them down when an offer for prayer was made. I also felt very strongly that God is saying to them that they are all trainee leaders. Sunday in the family service the boys were my ministry team and the youngest boy came with a scripture God gave him for the meeting and he was spot on for what I was going to share. Jayden the oldest boy, he last year told me he would love to preach but only had half a message. No problem he preached his bit and I did the other half. During the year he has gone onto preach full messages several times and he sings in the church worship group.

Mainland,  New Gisborne with fourteen children. With the theme of water, they were full of life during activities and free time but glued to every word in the teaching. The spiritual theme going deeper in God and by the end, I think everyone responded to something and most responding for everything. When I prepared I had no idea that there would be a little group there who are about to go to High School this January and the teaching was just right for them and what they could face. I laid out clearly God’s way ahead and they all said yes God we want to do this. Two boys came aged about eight and ten and not from the host church. They, re so ultra-shy they literally clung to their mother like glue the whole time. In one session they stood for prayer which was a huge thing and breakthrough for them. I watched, and it wasn’t mother who sat between them who said or did anything to get them to stand, this was completely their own choice. Sunday morning, I went out with the children which was their final meeting of the conference. The children were so hungry for God that no one including me noticed that my teaching went on longer and so we finished after the adults did. All but one responded for prayer which was to make a final commitment to all God had said and a promise from them to go out walking with God and with the Holy Spirits help to work out the things He said.

Mainland, Diggers Rest  There was also a follow-up for three children who attended the children’s conference the weekend before. Two girls around eight years old became my ministry team. God has spoken to me about them during the week as I prepared so the only notice they had was ten minutes before the service started. Their response, without stopping to think, a big smile and a yes. They were brilliant, praying so loudly that everyone in the church could hear. Because of this, I knew that they were praying from their hearts and what God was telling them to say.

Thanks for all your support!  Much love ~ David


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A New Door Opens in Indiana, USA


A New Door Opens

As usual, I started with a few days visiting friends before going onto Indiana. Then the first tweaking, normally I arrive in Sheridan on Saturday but for some unknown reason to me, I arrived Friday. So I attended a prayer meeting that night which I have never been to. The leader there got excited about my ministry and to cut a long story short. He heard me speak on Sunday and by Monday I was invited to take a family service in his church on Thursday had lunch with both the leader of the children’s and the young teen ministry.  This was good news to me as I’m always looking for God’s hand of favor and an opportunity for a new gathering of children, hungry for God.

God Continues His Work In Individuals 

The children’s teaching week in my host, usually God homes in on one or two specific children for the whole week. But this time it was a different child each night and strongholds in lives where broken as God worked. Ricky who I shared about in July’s report had his prayers answered again. He was with us as usual on Monday his grandma’s day off where he became the third youngster I am training for ministry in that church. Then on Thursday and Friday, his grandmother got through her workload extra fast so could do the four-hour round trip to get him there. Thursday, he was due to have dinner with his unsaved grandpa which is a highlight of his week, but he asked grandpa if he could can so that he could be in the meeting to which his grandpa readily agreed. The twins (again I gave their details in July’s report) by an intervention of God were both with us for three of the day’s. Keagan the semi-invalid still walks without his frame and callipers. Kaidan when it came time to go home to his mother he got very upset, so his mother agreed for him to stay with his twin until Christmas to which Keagan shouted out “God answers prayer again”. There are strong indications that the boys will be able to stay together permanently one being Kaidan has a weak bladder and often bed wets. When being cleaned up marks were found on his body which he says are from the whipping he gets for bed wetting. Kaiden’s face is still radiant from when he became a Christian in the July meetings where it instantly changed from the sad expressionless face he came with. Monday night was his night for God to home in on him, then he responded for prayer. Abby also had her night, she is a very mixed up little girl with a terrible home background. She opened like a flower in spring her face likewise completely changed. The final night was awesome, our biggest attendance and a big reunion. Ethan and his siblings were with us, they live too far away to be with us all the time. The presence of God was so strong, you could visibly see Him working in each one making loads respond at the end. It was a thrill to see for the first time all three trainees, Ethan, Andy and Ricky standing side by side ministering to those who responded.

The Bridge Ministry 

For the second time, I ministered to a group of non-churched young teenagers in a coffee bar outreach called The Bridge. I prayed quietly while the leader went through what he had to say as the youngsters were backbiting, shouting at one another etc. The moment I spoke the first word the Holy Spirit came, and you wouldn’t think these were the same people. They were completely and utterly still their mouths never opened once and they followed every word. Afterwards, two of them told me details of what I had taught in July. During the meeting, I had already felt that God was working in them but this was not their time to responded.

The School Outpouring 

My final week in the Christian School where I had a precious time seeing God pouring out the oil of His Holy Spirit in every class with only one slight exception. One of the high school classes has a “pastor” for teacher and he doesn’t believe that certain parts of the bible are relevant today. But had those He touched anyway. I spoke in every class every day except for one. That day a teacher was off sick, and I was given her classes as well. Instead of me going into every class I was housed in one room all day and the children brought to me. Usually, I get breaks of different lengths between classes but this day I had five minutes enough to get one class out and the next in. Needless to say, I was tired at the end of it but fulfilled and thrilled at the extra opportunity I had to build into their lives. They were wonderfully responsive and open to respond for prayer and there was yet another special presence when we prayed for them.

Much Love ~ David

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Children’s Ministry in Norway ~ He Did It Again 


From the first meeting which was with a home group in Haugesund, I visit every year to share what God has been doing as they are a group of faithful friends who pray continually for this ministry. I also learned something there I never knew. The couple we stayed with who have known for twenty-eight years. Kristi ran the children’s ministry and I always thought that we were friends working together who had the same heart and vision for children. She shared that I was her mentor, I can only say this was a natural God-ordained relationship that He put together and we just did without putting any labels on it, surely that’s the way it should be.  

Stord Family Camp, Sounds A Bit Like Heaven 

One of the main events, the annual Stord Bible Centre family camp is best described by one of my friends who said, “it sounds like heaven.” It’s a busy but fantastic time with the children and youth separated for teaching and me doing both one after the other. The first night the meeting, just for introduction was from zero to ninety-nine years. The following six meetings was this touch of heaven, a presence I couldn’t describe in words but I had never felt anything like it before. The children and youth couldn’t be faulted on their stillness and attentiveness, hanging onto every word. The children found their own level, there was a group of eleven, twelve-year-old girls and a group of four younger boys. After the first meeting, the girls switched to the youth meeting and found their place there and received there, best to be where they can receive most. So, for most of the camp, we had a boy only meeting. 

God Has His Way 

The final meeting was very special, I hadn’t planned to speak on the Holy Spirit but I am glad to say that God did, He knows what I don’t. While teaching God steered me to the Holy Spirit and all four wanted to receive. With eyes closed and sitting all four put their hands up at the same time but one, he shot both up as high as he could get them then pushed down on his feet to push his body upwards. You could say that he was desperate to receive. All received but none spoke in tongues, I waited, I encouraged, I waited, still nothing then suddenly out of the blue they all began to speak at the same second no way were they copying! Then they didn’t want to stop in fact two were talking away under their breath in tongues while I was going through the does and don’ts of tongues. The boy who put both hands up is a walking miracle, he was born with a hole in his heart which the doctors thought was small. At the age of three, they decided to operate as he had little quality of life only to find the had a very large hole. Before I knew this the pastor and I had discussed that we both saw a strong anointing of God on him and God gave me a word for him.  

God Is There To Encourage 

The youth I felt this time was to be just a time of teaching for them. The last meeting God gave me prophetic words for two, one of the older youth, Hans Christian I had seen that his mother was sitting in at the back that meeting. As I shared with him I saw she was in tears, later over dinner she told us why. Evidentially two years ago I had, had a word for him the gist was that he would go through troubled times but God would be right there with him every moment. She said he gets on the bus every Friday going from his island to Stord for the youth meeting. Goes to church with the family every Sunday without question but he is going through the troubles right now. The gist of the word this time was of God’s reward to him and promised leadership in the natural and spiritual.  

The Best Advertisement 

The Wednesday after camp we met the father of one of the younger girls who told him she loved the camp. She took with her a friend from a non-Christian home who went to her parents and said: “I am going to that camp again next year.”  

God Concludes The Camp One Week Later 

The next weekend owing to a cancellation and then a moving of an appointment God had me stay another weekend with the Stord church which it soon became clear that He wanted to conclude the camp in the church. On Friday, we had a youth meeting where most of the fourteen there were at camp and this time God said to make an invite for prayer. All but two of the youth and all the adults there responded. It was a very special time —  a bit of heaven again.  

Saturday night I had two sessions with youth on the Island of Halsnoey. There just three came but one was the pastor’s niece who was at camp and she responded for prayer in that meeting, God also gave me a word for her at the end.   

Sunday, I went out with the children and three of the four boys who were filled at the camp were there. They were glowing and the children’s leader who sat behind them before we went out said for the first time they were really worshipping and praising out in tongues. They then sat and soaked up every word during teaching as did everyone, I was horrified when I looked at the clock and saw I had been speaking for way longer than I planned.  But not all my fault, God did add in a bit about the Holy Spirit at the last meeting. I made an invitation for the things I had taught on and practically everyone responded. Then God said, “now invite for the Holy Spirit.” Three responded so as is normal I had the three filled at camp plus a girl who was already filled and wanted to help, they ministered and prayed. The three wanting – received and all quickly spoke in tongues. The four ministering were so excited that God had used them. Also, too was one who got filled, during the refreshment time I lost count of how many times he said to me “I am so excited, I am so happy” and his face was glowing. I am not sure though whether he or his father was the more excited when dad was told about his son. I am so glad that God had His way and allowed me the privilege of being a part of an amazing conclusion to the camp one week later.  

The Young Generation Rising Up Into Their Callings 

Arriving in Bergen I was told two pieces very exciting news. The church in Stavanger which first introduced me to Norway over thirty years ago and I have been involved with since. The pastor is stepping down in the New Year and will remain there for advice, help, and guidance when needed. The new pastor is Christian who I first met when he was eleven years old and was part of the first wave of children I had there. His cousin Benedicta and her husband will become new elders and her younger brother also. As a girl, Benedicta was part of the second wave of children I had there. Of recent years I have worked with Christian and Benedicta as they have been leading the children’s ministry  

This children’s conference in Bergen this year has a new leader, Cathrine who has taken up the baton from her mother. Cathrine is another who has come up under my ministry when she was a girl. Her husband Steiner has recently become the pastor of their church and her burden is to get the women’s and children’s ministry running properly. She was before the conference believing it would be the launch for the new way the children’s ministry is going to go and by the end, God had done it. 

Clearly A Move Of God’s Spirit This Trip 

We had eighteen children and as has been true throughout this trip the Holy Spirit brought the immaculate quiet attentiveness and again it was awesome. None of the children had ever met me before but in the first meeting, only two didn’t respond for salvation, a new commitment or a clean-up of the heart. In the second everyone responded to be filled and by the end, all but one was flowing in tongues. One of the older ones didn’t speak until after I had gone through my do’s and don’ts of tongues and had them speak in tongues the final time without me. As my interpreter said, many faces were radiant afterward. When Cathrine went to conclude the meeting, she was so in tears of joy she found it hard to speak. Her two daughters were in the meetings and had followed their mother and spoke in tongues. She told me Sunday that her oldest daughter Hope aged ten told her, “Mum if my bedroom door is closed please knock as I will be praising God in tongues.” The children’s leader of another church joined us with four children and her face got more and more excited each meeting then was in raptures when all of her children were filled. Afterwards, she said that she had been praying and longing for this sort of thing for children for a long, long time. An older boy who clearly didn’t want to be there and initially sat at the back facing away from us. His father almost dragged him up to sit with the others then sat next to him while he slouched in his seat the whole time. The second meeting the boy came back in on his own and went straight to the front row. He responded for prayer and when we went over time his mother came and took him out but a minute later he came back in on his own and stayed to the end. A four-year-old girl was there because her grandparents were looking after her as her parents were working and grandma was my interpreter. She sat there through everything and on the way home granddad asked her which part of the day did she liked best. It wasn’t the food or bouncy castle she said” it was when the boy was teaching us”. (I like the boy bit). Grandma rang on Sunday morning to see if she would like to come with them to their church and she bounced with excitement saying, yes very loudly.  

Sunday all the children sat at the front and when it came to the challenge for prayer the children’s hands were up and straight on their feet before the adults were. God gave me prophetic words for two children, Cathrine’s daughter Hope and a boy whose family I discovered have only been in the church for six months. The boy was fighting tears at the front but had to let them go when he sat down. The pastor was so elated by the conference said that next year he wants the conference to be bigger and longer and including other churches. 

Much love ~ David

PS – Your support and intercession means so much!

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Children Respond in Rajahmundry, India


The Ark Orphanage 

 This India trip began with ministry in the Orphanage, near Rajahmundry which was my second visit. There was a great cheer as we walked in, all praise to God and the children exceeded that by soaking up every word. I would say they were hungry plus and at the end of every session, it was a total response for prayer. I tried every appeal to make them really think before responding and that they didn’t have to respond that they could wait and think more but they were having none of it they were up for prayer. The final session was very special to one hundred children from four to sixteen all glued intently to every word. I spoke on committing their whole lives to God, not just their hearts which is only a small part of them. When I came to prayer everyone responded as they had been doing so I had them put their hands down and went through everything with a strong emphasis on, you must think and make really sure you want to do this and still, every hand went up. Then followed an amazing time in the presence of God as my young team of students went in to minister to them. One tiny little fellow on the front row who was one of the youngest struggled with his eyes bless him, during the teaching but was determined he was not going to sleep. He responded then as soon as he was prayed for he sat down and immediately his head went onto the floor and he was fast asleep. By then it was seven thirty at night and they had been in school all day before the meeting. The first two days there was public holiday around Independence Day but the final day was school as normal.  

Village Outreach In Child Care Centres 

170831 David Abbott INDIA 1Next began five days of a new ministry. Two villages where many of the children from the old orphanage came from, now have child care centres instead. They have three locations in each village where any children come after school to do homework, have a Christian meeting and take home food to feed the whole family. For my meetings, all three centres in each village were put together in one place and over one hundred children attended each day in both villages. Most of the children were from non-church families, a lot from Hindu or Muslim backgrounds. Most had parents who were illiterate and or work long hours on the land leaving the children generally to fend for themselves. But each night those children even the youngest ones sat quiet and still and gave a beautiful instant response to the call for salvation. My student ministry team was kept very busy ministering to them but they felt they hit a brick wall in the children. The next morning, I woke feeling that even though they had responded they hadn’t come through to salvation because of very low self-esteem.  Some because they were continually told how bad and dreadful they were and they would never do good so when prayed for they felt that Jesus wouldn’t accept them. That night it was pouring with rain but very few were missing and everyone had to walk to the meeting! The, beginning of the meeting there was some restlessness because some adults were standing at the side and talking loudly while I was teaching. My interpreter, in the end, had to get angry with them before they would stop, the devil is never short of a trick to hinder. Peace was then restored to the rest of the meeting. I ministered on what I had felt that morning and everyone responded. The student ministry team moved in and when they had finished ministering I saw this amazing scene before me of children with glowing faces, the team had led them through to salvation. When I made the invitation for prayer one boy near 170831 David Abbott INDIA being prayed forthe back shot his hand up first before Samuel had even finished translating. My eyes lingered on him and I had this strong feeling from God that His anointing was on his life. I told Samuel I was going to bring one boy up so that I could pray for him and as soon as Samuel saw him walking down the aisle he felt the same as me. As we talked and prayed with him he responded positively to every word. The next day he told us that he had gone home and before he went to sleep he had talked to God about the call on his life. That final night I put him under the wing of one of the ministry team to help him to get involved in ministry. I spoke on how to walk with Jesus and when it came to the invitation for prayer. I had said if you really want to walk with Jesus knowing it will be hard sometimes. Samuel had only translated the first bit and all their hands went up, they were going for it. 

Going After The Wandering Sheep 

With children in school, I couldn’t have meetings in the day time but God had plans. We went out to the slums and villages looking for ones we had lost track of during the last year. One such person, we went many miles to his village looking for him, he was in fact away working in Chennai. But in seeking him we found two others we had completely lost track of. One who had left the orphanage eight years ago and he showed us his treasured file of notes that he had taken in my meetings back those years ago. He is going on great with God and went back with us to join the ministry team. The other left five years ago and he is teaching in the Sunday School in the church he attends. So exciting to see the fruit that has lasted.  

The one We Couldn’t Find Came Back 

The young man we originally went looking for, two days later he just walked through the door of the home. He had heard we were looking for him so he took four days off from his work and travelled back, he too joined the ministry team. Another one who left several years ago and was the one God used to instigate the hurt, pain and rejection seminars I used to do in the old orphanage when we discovered through a prophetic word that he had been seriously sexually abused before he joined the home. He was living in a hut in a slum and has struggled in many ways since he left but he is still free and has a radiant face 

So there we are another great and blessed time working with hungry and open hearts. Thank you for being such an intricate part of this trip in the vital part you played, may God richly bless back to you from His abundance. 

Much Love & Much Thanks ~ David

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Ministry in England, Luxembourg, Bolivia, and USA

A little globetrotting this trip in England, Luxembourg, Bolivia, and USA. Different cultures, backgrounds and circumstances but God worked the same in all. 


Beautiful Bolivia's Andes Mountains childrens ministry

A  look over Cochabamba to the foot hills of the Andes mountains.


God’s Love For Those In The Poor Inner City 

Beginning at Carroty Wood with new Life Church, London and a full camp of seventy-five adults, teens and children. They arrived Friday excited and left Sunday even more so. Officially it was a children’s camp with the others there as helpers but such was their hunger for God that all ages were responding for prayer. Wonderful to see different ages praying for one another as every time almost everyone responded. This included Friday night when they had been in school all day straight to a long coach journey arriving starving so were fed and the meeting didn’t start until eight o-clock. The praise and worship was led by young people who brought in the presence of God that came like a surfing wave rolling over everyone and they soaked it in. 

The programme included an early prayer meeting each morning which though it was voluntary practically every child was there. Day one quite a few didn’t feel they could pray out loud but after a day of receiving and being changed by God the second morning, I saw only two who didn’t pray. As leaders, we were blessed to have children coming outside of meetings telling us of things God was doing in their lives which we were not aware of.  

God’s Love For The Underprivileged 

James who I have known since he was a little boy shared his wonderful testimony of how he was saved at age seven in a camp. When James and his younger brother started going to the church they were quite wild but from when he got saved he hasn’t looked back only gone forward into more and more of God. James comes from a very sad and difficult home background, he lives on a typical inner-city council estate with his grandmother. He is a very quiet shy boy, at school he didn’t promote himself or miss behave so he was over looked. But not by God, different church members took him under their wing to give him extra tuition in subjects they are skilled in. He passed all his exams with very high grades and was accepted in a very good London university. He lives at home continues to attend the church regularly and he told me the first thing he did when he started in university was to get into the Christian union.  

God’s Love For The More Privileged 

A little hop then to Luxembourg for another camp, this time of twenty children and four teenage helpers. These children were generally from much better backgrounds than most of the first camp but their hearts and responses were the same as those less privileged. In some senses, they were like a mirror image. Friday night after the meeting finished I took all the ten-year olds upwards aside for ministry and they just soaked it up. Even when we had a minor interruption from outside they never lost any concentration and we just carried on as if nothing had happened. Saturday morning everyone put their hand up in secret then stood instantly for prayer. As I moved along and prayed for them you could feel their open-hearted receiving of what was being prayed for. (It’s a feeling that is almost impossible to describe but very real). I am told that these children are not used to having words given over them but in one discussion group I sat in on two asked if God would give them a prophetic word. Sure, enough God rose to their desires and the following morning as I was praying God gave me words for them. The icing on the cake was the final meeting on Sunday when every one of them responded to be filled with the Holy spirit and not only did everyone speak in tongues but from the first utterings they were speaking out so loud.  

God’s Love For Those From The Streets 

David Abbott children's ministry Bolivia 2017

Then a big hop, to Bolivia and ministry in the boy’s orphanage called “Arc de Jesus” and a church. The whole week in both was truly refreshing, so easy going like the Holy Spirit was hovering over everything. The orphanage the older ones responded to some things and were seriously thinking through and weighing up others. The children were open and responsive to everything. One meeting where they were unusually restless was the one that had the biggest single response with the most older ones included.  

Generally, the boys are a little slow to respond some taking a few days before they will because on the streets you lose all trust in people. Though a new seven-year-old in spite of starting life with a mother who first tried to get rid of him by feeding him rat poison when that didn’t work she put him out on the street, through the week he gained such a hunger for God.  I have been going there for eight years and there are some wonderful trophies of God’s changing grace in lives. One now young man in university, my first visit he didn’t respond until the last meeting and as I prayed for him he put his head on my shoulder and cried for ages. That was a huge thing because for a boy on the streets to cry is a sign of weakness. That broke something in him and every year since most times he is out for prayer for something. This year on the second day he said he was sorry he missed the first meeting as he had to sit his final exam but he was very nervous about his results so prayed together. Sunday after the service he said with a big beaming face he had passed every exam so far. Then Monday, I went to the home to say goodbye and his face shone again, he had been on a computer and got more results which again he had passed, only one result then he didn’t have. Next, he really touched my heart as he gave me a card he had painted himself and inside he desperately wanted to tell me himself (not through the interpreter) what God had done in him in the meetings. He can’t speak English so he went to the effort to go university used a translation programme so that he could write in the card in English. 

God’s Love For The Very Poor 

David Abbott child dedication Bolivia 2017

In the church for the last three years, I have been blessed by dedicating babies. This year’s was half Brazilian but the previous two have been children of boys I have known in the home and now married. The first one he waited almost a year after his daughter was born for me to dedicate her. Now she is a very pretty, four-year-old who loves to stand in the aisle during worship and copy the movements of the church dance group. This time I had the privilege of praying over one from the home and his fiancé who will be married now. A first, I was asked to share a short word with the church worship group before their practice. It was special as the keyboard player is the boy a few years ago who waited in hope for three years for God to give me a word for him. The next year he was fulfilling that word playing keyboard but having had no piano lessons before. He’s a youth now and even though playing like a professional on Sunday as I waited to preach God gave me a further word for him that he is about to move into a new higher realm in his ministry. (I believe prophetic playing) His face beamed as I shared it and he wouldn’t let me go as he hugged me afterward. After that service, the pastor said that he has never seen literally everyone so very quiet and attentive, even the tiny tots and adults who normally are easily distracted weren’t, such was the presence of God there. The evening meeting ended emotionally as many were out for prayer for feelings of hopelessness or feeling they were only doing ordinary dumb things, many shed tears as the pastor and I prayed for them. 

God’s Love For The Hurting 

A hop up to Indiana, USA where we had an amazing week where God was ministering to very sad and hurting children. The devil didn’t like it so he had a lot of negative things going on in the background. The biggest number we had on any one night was twelve. Of those, a few were regulars, a couple new, the rest ones who had been in the past and were eager for God and now God drew them back again to further work in their lives. Enjoy the testimonies below. 

Andy, one training for the ministry he made big strides forward. When he was young his mother was in prison and if no one was around he would sit by me and open his heart sharing what he was thinking and feeling, he hit teenage years and changed. He’s fifteen now and back like when he was young. I asked him if he wanted to minister this time, he replied “I thought through my teenage self-consciousness and determined in my heart that I am going to minister, as usual, whatever” and powerfully he did too.  

Ethan, now fourteen he was only able to be with us one day because of his parent’s marriage breakup his mother had to move the children to another town. This time was more for him than ministry, for the first time he was able to open up and share with me how he had suffered at the hand of his father and how it is affecting him.  

Ricky, thirteen small in size but big on smiles, sadly his father is in prison. He only gets to the meetings once a visit, he lives far away and his grandmother must do two, two-hour round trips to get him there and home and she can only do it on her one day off. Ricky responds for prayer and you can tell straight away tell that God has touched him. After the meeting, he desperately plus wanted to come again but his only slight hope was that his mother could be persuaded to bring him on Sunday but grandma didn’t give out much hope. God though responded to Ricky’s hearts cry. Two days later was grandma’s birthday and right out of the blue and never done before her boss at work gave her the day off on full pay.  Now free she brought Ricky to the meeting on the one night I spoke on the Holy Spirit. Ricky was first out to receive and instantly flowed in tongues, doesn’t that sound like God at work? 

Anna, eight she’s one who has come on and off in the past this time she was there every night. She radiated Jesus but so wanted more she was out almost every night for prayer. Her mother told us when she picks her up every night Anna sits in the car and tells her all she received from the meeting.  

Keegan, he’s our eight-year-old disabled boy whose great grandmother brings him every time I am there. He used to have big heavy iron calipers on both legs and walked with a frame. This time he excitedly walked me to the front of the church and said right here on this spot last year you prayed and now I don’t use my walking frame anymore. The huge calipers have gone too and he has only small hard plastic ones and he walks, runs, jumps with his radiant face like any other child. He’s out for prayer every time but this time his greatest joy was to bring his twin brother Kagin to the meeting. Kagin is a physically normal child so his mother kept him and put Keagan up for adoption so he only sees his twin a few days twice a year. Kagin never goes to church but he was captivated the whole message and put his hand up for salvation. He stood and wanted his brother to stand with him but Keagan wouldn’t usually then the child sits down but Kagin stayed standing. I ministered to him and the first thing I saw was his face had changed. Up to then his face had been dead pan, long, straight and never changed, now he was smiling. He told me he had a lovely little feeling in his heart which he had never had before and he couldn’t describe it. I also witnessed in my spirit that he didn’t understand, it was totally new to him but he had received Jesus into his heart. For me at age eleven I went only one night to a crusade meeting and received Jesus it was real and I am still going. Afterwards, he was running, playing, laughing and having fun with the other children. His great grandmother was laughing and crying at the same time but added please pray for Kagin as the home he lives in is rife with the sins of Sodom & Gomorrah.  

Gods Love For The More Privileged 

Finally, the drop down to Southern Indiana and the Christian School where they see me as their missionary. The school returned early from the summer break so I could have a day sharing with the teachers then two full days with all the pupils. The school theme for the year is the fruits of the spirit which opened a great opportunity to further build into the pupil’s lives. The local church I am involved with this visit it was the pastor’s eight-year-old son Victor’s special time. He suffers from middle child syndrome, he has always been fine relationship wise but in the meeting’s, he’s been my test. This time in the final meeting it was his night. He sat on the edge of his seat glued to every word and at the end he was the first one up on his feet for prayer. After the meeting, I saw him sitting on his own looking at his bible and felt a strong urge that I should go over and sit with him. It was a walk of faith as I had no idea why I had to go to him, but as I obeyed God filled my mouth. It ended with him for the first time opening his heart and was crying in my arms. We prayed together and his face was a picture of joy as he walked away. 

Much love ~ David

PS – Thanks for your prayers and support.





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2017 Japan & Malaysia Children’s Outreach


This trip to Japan was again, Wow!!! But wow in a different way to the other trips.

Children’s & Young Peoples Day

This day was like Joshua going into the promised land, God had prepared the way beforehand. We had twenty-four there, more young people than children but most of those were ones who had been with me since they were children. They were hungry and ready but still not to make any offer for prayer until after the last meeting. Each session built on the other and the response when I did make the invitation was almost everyone. All the way through it was clear God was saying what He wanted. I had spent hours preparing but it was like that was just to prepare my heart then most of what came out of my mouth was not in my notes. The next day in the family service I hadn’t planned to make an invitation but God did and everyone of all ages responded. As many of the younger ones were at the day event also God was further building into their lives.

Golden Week Family Camp

One person rightly described the meetings, “we were on Holy Ground.” There was just over fifty at the camp and half of those where children and young people for me. We praised and worshiped together then separated for teaching. Usually that doesn’t work well for me because the young ones often don’t enter into worship with the adults then there is the disruption while they move to the room. But that was not so there, they entered in and were still in the presence of God when we got to our room so I could get straight into the teaching. For me there was one humbling and somewhat embarrassing moment when the pastor introduced the two speakers. Both of us had been there many times but when I was introduced a big cheer rose up. Keeping it in perspective though, in Japan there is a huge difference between the generations. The older ones are very shy and reserved but the younger ones are very outward going. The teaching again only bits of my notes were used as God filled my mouth it with what He wanted. There I felt my job was to prepare them, get them seriously searching their hearts and examining their actions because God is going to be challenging them to make some very tough decisions in the near future that may well change the direction of their lives. I only made one invitation for prayer the whole time and that was in the middle of the camp. The presence of God was awesome in every session and my main interpreter, a lady who I have known since she was born and had been my interpreter many times. She said she has never heard me preach like I was this time and she got excited and emotional at times while interpreting. In one session as I was speaking God brought back to my memory a very simple word I had been sent and He impressed upon me now was the time to share it as it.

God at Work in a Special Way

One church was a long journey away using three different trains and requiring me to get up at 4.30 am and I didn’t get back to my accommodation until 8.00 pm but it was well worth it. We had a family service where one boy who was under age at only five years old but God was working in him. He reclined on his father lap throughout the message but was listening intently. At different times, he would sit bolt upright looking intently at the board and listened even more intently. Before the service, he spent most of the time with me which his father said was totally against his character as he is very shy and won’t go near people he doesn’t know well.

MALAYSIA ~ Holy Spirit Encounter Day

First, two brilliant days in the biggest Methodist church in KL. my third visit and by far the best. Friday night was children’s leader’s seminars and thirty attended, at the end everyone wanted prayer and two were filled and three got tongues for the first time. Saturday was, Children’s Holy Spirit Encounter day. This year other Methodist churches were invited to join in and some did so we had one hundred and seventy, seven to twelve year olds all day. That church has a main service on Saturday evening so the rest of the children from that church joined us for the last session when we had over two hundred and fifty. In three session’s every time it came to prayer between the different things they were responding for very few were left sitting on the floor. First session had two groups for prayer, a big group for a new anointing and equal sized group to be filled or needed tongues. While I prepared the second group the children’s leaders prayed for the first group then when I was ready all who wanted to from group one came and prayed for and led through those in the group two.

Last year many shared in the gift s for the first time but had me share it for them, this year they pushed the boat out and most came to the front and shared themselves what God had given them. One such boy who through the rest of the day showed that he had a strong anointing from God on him. But he said I am not sure if this is from God or my thought’s, I said share and what he had was a word of knowledge of which eight children responded to then he and others prayed for them.

The final session with all the extra children in, the leader felt I should recap on the Holy Spirit and give others opportunity to receive. The result was another big crowd wanting to be filled and a few from the morning who needed tongues. Then there were so many children who wanted to pray for them that the adult leaders were not needed to pray just walk around and check out those who had been prayed for, the result was everyone had been led through by the child who prayed for them. As the leader rightly said that corner where the praying was going on was a powerful corner, you could feel a very powerful presence of the Holy Spirit that sent tingles all through you.

God can make a way where there is no way. One mother from another church said that her pastor wanted a spirit filled children’s work but the church board would not allow it and the children’s leader is very against it. When asked, how come you are here, she said my pastor came to my house and said that I should bring my son so I did and his two friends too. All three where filled and spoke in tongues were praying for others in the last session and one of them brought a prophetic word.

Prophesy Fulfilled

The family service in my host church was exciting not only were most of the church out for prayer. They came out dry eyed but before we got to pray for them the Holy Spirit had got there and they were in tears. Also, they have a new pastor and he told me that I had prophesied this call on him when we was eight years old now he is thirty two, married and has a small son.

Orphanage Adventure

Finally, I spent five days living and ministering in an orphanage. They had there seven children who are native Malay’s from the jungle, lovely children but uneducated when they came there. God had me there more for individuals rather than the mass, for a lot their English was very poor and though they were perfectly quiet and still they were not understanding. In quietness and watching the illustrations I believe that God was ministering to their spirits such as He wanted. Some that God began working in. The star if you like! A fourteen-year-old boy called Khoo Chen. He was in the home when I was there five years ago and was saved, filled and has continued to walk with God ever since. He was the only one who responded the first night and from then on was continually asking honest questions about walking with God. He seems destined to be some sort of leader. At dinner one night completely of his own doing he stood up and said to the older ones. Tonight, we have tuition and our bible teaching how many are going to join me in going to the meeting and miss tuition, four boy’s followed him. In this day and age that is a huge thing to do. From his sharing he is not ashamed of the gospel at school. One day he was worried about his exam that day, assuring me he had revised well we prayed and that night he came in with a huge smile on his face saying it was easy. That prompted four other boys to ask me for prayer and they came back with the same glowing faces. The knock on from that, one of those four who had kept me at a distance began to open up to me. Finally, Morgan one from the jungle, he too had kept his distance until one day there was only him and his brother in the home and we were sitting on the floor playing a game and through it he gradually he opened. The result, he was very hurt because his father had remarried and the new wife didn’t want the boys hence why they are in the home.

Much love ~ David

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Ministry in Jakarta, Indonesia


Ministering to Indonesian Children in the Slums

David Abbott childrens ministry in JakartaThis trip to was very short (a flying visit!) but mightily powerful. Short because (Ando) who arranges this trip has been until now a missionary in Japan but that ended with this trip. Ando, his wife Catherine and their three young boys have now moved to be full-time missionaries in Indonesia. So, their year was busy, plus fulfilling normal responsibilities plus making major decisions and closing their affairs in Japan. They didn’t want me to cancel this trip mainly because of the army of children that God is raising up in the slum and we all agreed.

Getting There

The city hasn’t changed it still takes just as long to fight your way through the heavy traffic jams getting to the location of the slum. Getting inside the slum to the school is just as difficult after tropical storms. This year, each day the winding foot path from the road between the houses to the school was almost unpassable on the way in and unpassable on the way out. When it rains the river which among other things they bath and wash cloths in floods. Going in we could wade through some parts and balance on low walls the rest. Coming out two teachers had motor bikes so they ferried us two at a time on the back of the bikes. Arriving each day, we were met by a tremendous atmosphere of peace and the presence of God made it feel like another world. Each day we had a different age group all day so that by Friday we had ministered to every pupil in the school.

DAY ONE – Responding to Salvation Call


David Abbott childrens ministry in Indonesia

Older children’s group receiving ministry at the altar.


Day one, was the six’s and seven’s, a small group but for many their first time with us. They sat cross-legged on the hard-tiled floor in over thirty degrees of heat (86 degrees Fahrenheit) with the wall fans having no cooling effect, just circulating the hot air. They sat very still every meeting then after the final one everyone responded for salvation. I am used to hearing children praying the sinner’s prayer together but this time there was something special about it, it was like music to the ears. Then as the team laid hands on them to pray some were so caught up with God that when the team member finished they stood dead still, eyes closed for ages instead of sitting down.

DAY TWO – Holy Spirit Touch

Day two, was eight and nine-year-olds, ones we have been ministering to for three and four years and so they are really growing in God now. This year for the first time they pushed the chairs and tables aside and sat on the floor. This was much better, at tables to their mind it was too much like school, on the floor they could more easily shut that out and be in meeting mode. They have always been open and responsive but this year all the team agreed, words can’t properly describe the way those children responded. I ministered on shame and inferiority, which they opened too and came for prayer. I watched as the team ministered to them and you could visibly see the spirit of God touching their lives. It truly was a heart touching sight to see. We ended forty-five minutes after school finished and even then when we asked “do you want us to stop so you can go home” there was not one descending voice, everyone wanted to continue, so we did.

DAY THREE – God is building an Army


David Abbott childrens ministry in Jakarta Indonesia 2017.jpg

Children who felt a call on their lives receiving ministry.


Day three, was ten and eleven-year-olds the ones we have had the most input too and it showed. Everyone testified to knowing Jesus was really in their hearts and their faces confirmed it. I shared on the need to continually walk with Jesus and some of the costs and still at the end everyone stood for prayer as they wanted to follow whatever. During the night, I felt God say He wanted the young people on the team to push the boat out more. I felt the plan was that they not just pray for the children who respond but also look to God that He would let them sense that one of those they prayed for had a call on their lives. They rose to it and after the final meeting, they brought to the front the one that God had shown them, which God also confirmed in my heart. I explained to the children why they were there then the team left to minister to the children as God led them, both parties were elated afterward. God is building an army, but could it be a small seed of a church beginning to grow for the future? There is no Christian church in that slum!

Church Plant in Jakarta

The final weekend was spent two hour’s drive from Jakarta again helping with a new church plant. I knew the pastor, I had worked with him in a church in Jakarta where he was the pastor to the young teens. This last year he’s married and within four months he was sent to pastor this new church and he wanted some help. We all ministered in the youth and teens meeting, they were hungry and we ministered to a number at the end. They left me there and I shared in the morning service followed by a session with the children’s leaders. At the start, they were a discouraged, despondent group but the pastor said they left with new looks on their faces, so God gave them what they needed.

Much love ~ David

PS – Your words of encouragement mean so much, and those of you God raises up as an intercessory prayer arm for the children is part of our team ministry.  Trusting God for his provision each month, to reach the children of the world.

david abbott ministry to children in Jakarta

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