77 orphans ministered to in India.

God is really blessing in India, down south we had 77 orphans, 20 are disabled some severely. After the first meeting I had their hearts and from then on they were like a dry desert getting rain they just soaked up every word. Everyone responded for salvation and from then on without me saying a word or telling them would run up to me and point to their hearts and say Jesus (they don’t speak any English). Most responded for Baptism Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues though they had never heard of tongues or heard anyone speak in before. From then on everyday I had them praise God together and every time they got louder until the last meeting I have never heard a small group so loud. They stood with their hands raised eyes closed praising away. After speaking on hurt and pain in the heart over two thirds responded and then the same ones the next day responded for forgiveness towards those who had hurt them. There was one boy who could not look me in the eye when I praised anything he did and he wouldn’t hug anyone. He responded for both and after the meeting the usual crowd of boys were around me and I felt a hand take hold of mine I parted the group to see it was this boy and he put his hands out and hugged me. This all happened because of God because the leadership of the orphanage when I asked if it was okay to teach certain things replied teach whatever you like because these are only children and they can’t understand yet, they are not old enough (7 – 15 year olds). Still after all the evidence by the end their attitude hadn’t changed and there was no excitement over what God had done in the children from them. Truly these children are in God’s hands to keep them, which He will do.
Now I am north of Chennai for a week.
Thats it for now!

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