A 13 year-old in Norway touched by God

Arrived safely in Norway for some exciting news of what God has done.

Years ago I used to come here to Bergen every year and lead a children’s conference with children from a number of churches. Then it came to an end and those children have grown up and the couple who have opened up the door for me to come here again used to be part of the leadership of that conference. They told me that a lot of the leaders in churches here now are ones who as children came to that conference, God equipped them for ministry then and now He has them in place. Also last year when I was here a then 12 year old boy from this couples church which is a house church. He’s called Andras and God not only touched him greatly and blessed him but changed his life. I felt then to ask him to help me this year and he has never forgotten that and is so excited about coming on Saturday. He’s now 13 and in this last year has become assistant leader in the children’s work in my friends church. Yet they say said before last year he hardly went to meetings because he is football mad and played every chance he had and he is giving that up on his own choice to be here Saturday.





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