God is blessing the children!

David Abbott of Cornwall, England

Thanks for visiting the official blog site of Worldwide Children’s Crusade. 

The Lord has allowed me the privilege of ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ to children in many nations of the world for many years. 

Here’s a report from June 09 from my home base country of England: 

Kentish Town was truly amazing and we all felt this was our best year ever there at this weekend camp. We had bigger numbers because we normally have only 7-11 year olds this year we had a bigger place and had 7-15 years. Also a few of my young ministry team from the Good News Crusade Camp joined us because I will not be there to help them this year. Two father’s drove 4 boy’s down from Northampton and a father his daughter from there. A mother brought her daughter from Essex and another came from North East London so we had 50 altogether.
It was a residential weekend and we always have a prayer meeting for the adults there at 7.30 am the two mornings but this place is where two Decembers ago after my visit we started a Saturday evening children’s prayer meeting for the nation and revival and 15 go every week. So this year we decided to make a voluntary prayer meeting for the children also at 7.3 am. Sat morn 25 got up for it and they couldn’t get all into the room so others did come but went away. So Sun we swopped rooms and we adults had the smaller and almost all the children came this time and packed the room out. This is after little sleep on Fri Night, a very full day on Sat and not in bed until 11.00 pm but still they got up and filled the 30 minutes with continual prayer.
Every session almost all were up for prayer and they were making very tough decisions and being set free from hindrances to standing for God and for righteousness in their lives. Many voluntarily came at the end of the weekend and said we have been set free now please pray for us that we will go to school and be different even if we stand alone and get persecution, that was their hearts. The final session on Sun I did praying for the nation using Daniel in the bibles prayer and at the end loads came up to pray for the nation and their prayers were so sincere. Then We all joined hands mixing the ages and spoke out loud together several times the prayer of Daniel. Finally I felt we should put all the children and young people in the centre and us adults make a circle arround them and we pray for them and over them. Afterwards two of the adult leaders said to me if I hadn’t done that they were going to ask for it as they felt we should do that. We felt very much that this generation of young are a very special and chosen generation who God is raising up to use in these last days but they need us adults to band arround them and be their covering and protection. One of my young ministry team from Northampton, he’s around 9-10 years old. In the second morning prayer meeting he had a word which we felt had to be shared for all in the final meeting. He saw two apples on a tree, the first was big and rosy and feel off the tree but it rotted on the surface of the ground. The second apple was a tiny puny little thing very insignificant, it too fell off the tree but it went into the ground and produced a huge tree. The lady in charge of the children and I together felt the big apple was us adult generation and the small one the young generation. That we had a chance but hadn’t done what God wanted so He is raising up this young generation who will go and do what He wants. We adults are not finished with but are now needed as I said for the young. Quite honestly if we had that group for a week we would have revival at the end they are so ready and with eager hearts.

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