Three churches working together in Norway

It was a fantastic weekend and start to my trip here in Norway and the organizers were so thrilled with it that at the final meeting Sunday afternoon they announced another one next year and booked me. Three churches joined together the city of Bergen giving between them 36 children and 14 adult helpers, my interpreter was a 17 year old young man from the organizers church, my regular interpreter of many years sat on the front row the first time in case he needed prompting but he was never needed in fact he said the young man was better than him.

We began with a meeting Friday with parents and leaders and i was very blessed by the large number who came. Then all day Saturday was a children’s conference where the children were all Christians but were not moving on with God but the children were very open and responsive. We had 3 meetings and had opportunities for prayer after the second two and each time everyone responded. Norwegian children are very strong will and only do what they want to do and do not do things just because you say too and I checked each time and they were genuine and not copying one another so their response was real. In the first two sessions I talked on why they needed to walk with God but presented the tough choices they had to make to do that and still they responded.

Then the last session the need of the Holy Spirit to help them walk with God and the bigger number wanted to be filled and a smaller number a new anointing so i had the smaller group minister to the bigger and lead them through. Some of the adult leaders were amazed because they had never seen children minister to children and were sure they would not be able to do it.

Last year God gave me a prophetic word for a then 12 year old boy in the organizers church called Andes and he has kept that in his heart all year and looked forward to helping minister with me this year. so much so that he is football mad and part of a team and his father said of his own choice he gave up the match this Saturday to be with us to help. I was very impressed by the way he ministered to the children in the ministry time, he would lay his hands on them and then wait in silence until God showed him what to pray.

This year God gave me words for 4 others a mixture of boys and girls and we feel that next year we will raise up a young ministry team to work with me, make Andres the leader as its clear he’s a natural leader. I will have a session with them before hand and get them ready for the Saturday. Sunday afternoon was the closing meeting when the parents were invited to come too and we were blessed to see that they all came and not only brought younger but older siblings as well. So a great start.

That’s it for now.


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