Wonderful trip with some tough children

Next I had a series of one off, regular and new meetings. The first two were exploratory ones, one with a children’s leader the other children with the hope of more ministry in the future. They were on the Island of Halsnoey in the Bergen Fjord in a church where they teach children the things of God but don’t lead them into those things. The leader is desperate to see children move in and now with new vision she has set her heart to see the door open to me, please pray. Sunday morning we went across to the Island of Stord for a family service. Last year they had come to the place of having no children but more families have been added since and they have quite a little group now. It was a good time which I kept low key this time to let the children get to know me, as I will be back there next year.

From there we went straight over to the mainland to a place called Rosendal, for an evening family service in a house church. I had been there once some years ago when they only had a handful of children. Now they have quite a big group of children and young teens and everyone were brilliantly quiet and responsive including the tiny tots who sat with their parents while the others sat at the front.

At the end God gave me a word for a ten year old boy who He put on my heart the moment I saw him as I walked in the building but didn’t give me the word until I spoke it. His mother frantically wrote it down then they told me after the meeting that he was actually called before he was conceived! He has a sister and brother before him and his parents weren’t going to have any more but God told them they would have another who would be His for His use from that moment. They chose his name because of that, which means given to God. The word God gave me confirmed this to them once more and answered some of the questions this boy often asks his mother but she couldn’t answer. They also felt it was good for his older siblings to hear about their brother from someone who knows nothing, showing them it wasn’t something mum and dad had thought up. 

The next highlight was the weekend in Stavanger, where it was definitely quality rather than quantity. A small group but one whose hearts were ready and hungry to go on with God. The challenge was the same as the first weekend with the same response and the same approach with children ministering to children in the last session but then with an extra. After they had prayed for each other I felt to bring out the mothers who had been with us all day and have the children pray for them. The mothers were so thrilled as all the children prayed loudly and the presence of God was so strong. One lady an intercessor came away in tears saying that one particular boy had prayed over her and though he had no idea he was spot on and his prayer was so powerful. Sunday was a family service which at the end God gave me a word for the boy who gave the powerful prayer. There is definitely a strong and powerful anointing on him and not just for prayer, the word was very clear.

So it was again a wonderful trip working with outwardly tough children but inside very soft and ready to go. Thank you so much for helping these children get all they did by your commitment to pray for them, God certainly answered your prayers and He will reward.


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