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Malaria on the mission field

On Monday 7 December I arrived up in Huntingdon to meet up with Barbara having been taking meetings in London. I had not been feeling well but had been being treated for an ear infection for the previous 6 weeks which would not seem to clear up. The Sunday night I had a raging temperature and felt very odd but managed to drive up. I visited local doctors, ended up in A and E and saw an Ear, Nose and Throat consultant who confirmed that although there was some inflammation the terrible head pain and temperature was not due to my ears. They referred me to the medical admissions unit as I was in too much pain to be allowed to leave the hospital and I was admitted to hospital in Huntingdon on 11 December. Tests were conducted all day and into the night and at 2.00am they confirmed that I had Falciparum Malaria. They had liaised with the London School of Tropical Medicine and the doctors there checked tests and gave advice from there on in. I can’t thank the staff at Huntingdon hospital enough, they were brilliant right through and both wards I was on were caring and efficient. I was allowed out of hospital once my parasite count was at nought and was discharged late on Thursday 17 December. Barbara had been staying with her sister and brother-in-law during this time, absolute angels!!! And I stayed with them for two days to regain some strength before Barbara drove me home on Sunday 21 December.

I am still on medication and will be for the next week but the doctors have said that I will be able to go to Australia in the New Year as it is not a malaria hot spot. I will have to be much more careful in future with malaria medication and get specific advice for each country. I do praise God for his faithfulness and also His love and care shown in so many ways through people all over the country. I was on prayer chains all over the place and the prayer of God’s people brought me through.

Trust you will have a great Christmas and new year

With much love,

David and Barbara


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Indiana, Colorado, & then to Haiti

The USA was first with three towns in Indiana. Sheridan, (host church) Sunday morning a family service where the appearance was of all children as they sat in such rapt attention under a strong presence of God then at the end every single one there responded for prayer. Then four nights of children’s worship where hungry church children came. They were in school all day then in church from 6.30 to 8.00 for two nights and till 8.45pm the last two and the parents all said they couldn’t keep their children away.

Night four we were joined en-mass by the children from Kirklin AOG where I ministered in the summer. They came in on the end of a series but were out for prayer along with the host children as if they had been there the whole time. After praying five children from Kirklin asked to be filled with the Holy Spirit so I had their peers pray and lead them through. In the group was the boy I mentioned in my summer report. He is going on with God and still radiant, he bounded over to me giving me a huge hug and said that he has prayed for me everyday since he met me.

During the day time I had an hour each day for three days to minister in the Noblesville Christian School to forty pupils from grade one to top high school. On day two, five responded for salvation and about half the others to say they wanted to live for God and for righteousness away from the school. God gave me words for two boys and afterwards a teacher told me they were her sons. The words, she said, were spot on for them as her oldest was giving some problems this was confirmed separately by the principal’s wife later.

Day three over half were filled with the Holy Spirit. At the end a small boy with a big smile on his face said, “Yesterday you said if we were to live for Jesus we needed to make time to spend with him, well I got up this morning and did and it was great”. When we left the principal’s wife excitedly said this was God.

Finally in that area I shared my vision in a meeting for pastors and missionaries which resulted in a number of invites to new churches to minister.

The next place was Austin, Indiana for a family service and three days with the children. There is a challenge as it is a poor, rough tough area not just physically but spiritually too. In the family service the response for prayer was huge but with the children on their own they were brilliant at intently listening but responding they are trapped in the grip of the fear of having to follow the crowd. The final night we got the breakthrough and almost all responded for prayer. We learnt later that the other nights there was a gang type leader there and as he didn’t respond neither did any of the others.

Finally in the States was Denver, Colorado over looking the beautiful Rocky Mountains, to a small church with a very small but hungry for God group of children. Friday night was family meeting in a home which was also the start of a series of teaching for the children. Saturday we had three teaching sessions with the children in the church building. The first two sessions I had them out and prayed for them but the third one I felt they should come when ready and kneel at the front and do their own praying and committing to God for all they had responded for in the day. All but one came out but the thrilling thing was they didn’t do a quick prayer and up again they were all there for ages and all got up at different times. When they got to their seats they just sat soaking in the presence of God, it was quite an awesome sight.

My final stop was the Island of Haiti which indeed made the icing on the cake for the trip. This year to my joy we were able to go out first and spend three days in the village of La Chappelle, just over two hours drive from the capitol. There it was harder spiritually but we saw the breakthrough the second day. I ministered in two schools where you had a completely free hand so loads responded for salvation and were prayed for right there. We ministered each night in a little village church which was so packed they had a crowd outside watching through a large hole in the wall. We put the children at the front so they could relate easier to the fact this was for them, but all ages responded for repentance and other needs. Then back to Port-au-Prince and ministry in two local churches and several schools.

Over all many, many children responded for salvation in those few days. A special joy was to go back to one school I had ministered in last year and have many children run up to me and pointing to their hearts say JESUS and then have even more to pray for, for salvation at the end. The final thing was special to my heart, on the last day I was taken into the poorest, roughest part of town I have been allowed to walk in to feed hungry children and break the ice with them. (GNC sent me with a large gift to feed needy children with) In there when they say they are hungry they literally mean they haven’t eaten for two or three days. One teen showed me he had been playing football with his mates and he accidentally kicked one on the other team who pulled a knife out and left him with a scar from his arm pit to his waist almost and across his chest. It took time to win their trust but by the time I left I walked with a crowd of excited children around me, next time the harvest.

So there we are, the half has not been told but enough to show how much your gifts and prayers were used and answered to touch many young lives. It has been a fantastic year for us together and I can only once again say from the bottom of my heart a huge, huge thank you to everyone of you for the huge part you have played in the years events. It wouldn’t have happened without you and words just cannot express my thanks and gratitude to you. I pray that God will multiply it back to you this Christmas and throughout this next year.

With much love,

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