Malaria on the mission field

On Monday 7 December I arrived up in Huntingdon to meet up with Barbara having been taking meetings in London. I had not been feeling well but had been being treated for an ear infection for the previous 6 weeks which would not seem to clear up. The Sunday night I had a raging temperature and felt very odd but managed to drive up. I visited local doctors, ended up in A and E and saw an Ear, Nose and Throat consultant who confirmed that although there was some inflammation the terrible head pain and temperature was not due to my ears. They referred me to the medical admissions unit as I was in too much pain to be allowed to leave the hospital and I was admitted to hospital in Huntingdon on 11 December. Tests were conducted all day and into the night and at 2.00am they confirmed that I had Falciparum Malaria. They had liaised with the London School of Tropical Medicine and the doctors there checked tests and gave advice from there on in. I can’t thank the staff at Huntingdon hospital enough, they were brilliant right through and both wards I was on were caring and efficient. I was allowed out of hospital once my parasite count was at nought and was discharged late on Thursday 17 December. Barbara had been staying with her sister and brother-in-law during this time, absolute angels!!! And I stayed with them for two days to regain some strength before Barbara drove me home on Sunday 21 December.

I am still on medication and will be for the next week but the doctors have said that I will be able to go to Australia in the New Year as it is not a malaria hot spot. I will have to be much more careful in future with malaria medication and get specific advice for each country. I do praise God for his faithfulness and also His love and care shown in so many ways through people all over the country. I was on prayer chains all over the place and the prayer of God’s people brought me through.

Trust you will have a great Christmas and new year

With much love,

David and Barbara


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