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Tassie update…

These two days have been follow on ministry with children in the church I was in last year and saw great blessing that is still being talked about. They were hungry plus to go on more with God so much so I can’t possibly tell you all only pick out some highlights. We had two sessions of ninety minutes each day, there was no singing just teaching and praying for them and just an hour between sessions for lunch and fun and they loved every bit of it, that itself shows hunger as it defies normal logical of what children can take.

All those who were there last year were there this and the pastor was blessed to see that the three who didn’t respond much last year were first on their feet for prayer this time along with the others of course. Day two we had a bonus a grandmother dragged her three grandchildren along who hadn’t been with us before either year and made it very clear they didn’t this time either. That was until the first meeting began and the pastor had a word before he handed over to me which caught their attention and they sat up and you couldn’t see them from the rest the whole day. By the end of the day the older boy had been filled anew by the Holy Spirit, prayed for along with a couple of other boys two girls who where filled and he and his sister had both received words from God via myself and the pastor. Their younger brother had prayed for two others and all three having resisted coming left saying goodbye and thank you for teaching and helping us and had smiles on their faces.

The ending was the icing on the cake when a number of children had words from God all together giving every child a word to go away with and hang onto in tough times. Finally everyone gathered around me to pray for me and send me out and without being prompted two children had words for me.

Much Love  ~    David


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Had great meeting this morning, was ministering in a new church with a view of possibly doing more with the children in the future. Praise God I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (in quotes). They had the whole church in and though quit a small church they have 20 children and young teens in the church. at the end of the meeting the pastor announced to the church that they ere inviting me back for next year. When we arrived at the church God put a boy on my heart and then gave me a word for him at the end of the meeting. Afterward the meeting the pastor asked his mother if he could relate to the word and she said definitely because of the illustration only God could know about because I new nothing about him. It said what god had already put in him was like a seed sewn in the ground and for ages nothing is seen but eventually a little shoot is seen through the soil. Well he loves growing things and he set some seeds and everyday would go out to look at them but nothing then just two days ago he rushed in very excited saying that two shoots had come through. That’s God.

So that’s it for now, tomorrow I start two days of ministry with the children in the host church here.

Really enjoy your time together in New York, Whatever you are doing and each other.
Much Love

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