Breakthrough in Uganda

I returned from Uganda with much joy in my heart having seen what I have waited thirty seven years to see happen in Africa. I first went to Africa all those years ago and visited many countries, some many times but could never see my full vision happen with children doing and receiving all that an adult can. The attitude of society and parents towards children meant the children were open for it but the adults were not open for them to receive it. After twenty two years I gave up and stopped going there until last year, fifteen years later. By then a friend of mine with the same vision was permanently resident there as a missionary. During that visit we determined together in our hearts that God wanted us to make a model example for people to be able to see so that others could follow. In my diary the only dates I could possibly return in the year where these from which I have just returned. I had a provisional booking in that space which God removed plus we found the first weekend had a public holiday on the Monday so the scene was set to break new ground.

We took advantage of the long weekend and had three days of seminars for church children with three sessions a day. One hundred and eighty children attended each day, all arrived on foot with the first ones arriving at eight for a ten o clock start. Two we know walked for a mile and a half to get there. We divided the children into two groups, five to seven with eighty and eight to fourteen with a hundred. My friend taught the younger while I had the older group. It was very hot with no fans or aircon but they sat, listened, soaked up and responded. I showed the negative as much as the positive to moving on and when they had stood for prayer gave them an opportunity to sit down if they really wanted to. Thirty came to true repentance and salvation, ninety were filled with the Holy Spirit and then every session after that we praised God together in tongues, a problem among the adults is that they will speak in tongues once and then not again.

For the first time we were able to raise up a team of children to lead and play (only Ugandan tom- tom type drums) for praise and worship. Also a ministry team of eight children who most of the weekend were doing the entire one to one ministry. Both of these teams did the ministry in the family service on my last day, which is pretty well unheard over there for children to lead adults. The last day, the session before lunch I had just got children on their feet to be prayed for when a message came it was about to pour with rain and all their food was plated and out on the ground and will ruin. I had to let them go and it did really pour with rain just as the last child came inside with their food.

An hour later we came back together for the next session and nothing had

David teaches children to minister to others

been lost in that disruption they were all desperate to be prayed for. We finished the weekend with many hugs, again generally a very un-African thing. I feel next year that they are now ready to be ministered to for the hurt pain and rejection they carry. The leaders told me very few of those children who attended lived in a conventional family. Uganda is losing its middle generation mainly from aids, leaving them many old people and children only. So these children really are the only hope for Uganda yet many are being brought up by elderly grandparents who can’t really cope or other relatives who already have a number of their own children. We are not talking about one or maybe two orphans to look after but we heard of people with anything from three to ten to raise in old age or on top of their own.  So these children are not only hurt and confused but rejected and missing out but being African they don’t show it unless you look into their face or eyes. So this is now their next step.

Holy Spirit outpoouring in Udganda

During the week days I ministered in schools in the area and a few further afield, a total of ten schools in all. All were whole school open air events under trees for shade and as much time as I wanted. There was no restriction on what I taught but no appeals are allowed, but vital seeds were sown in many hundreds of lives including staff. The local schools we invited the children to come to the church on the final Saturday for a day of outreach where we had the thrill of reaping from some of those seeds.

The grand finale on the final weekend involved a day of children’s outreach on Saturday when a hundred and forty came. A lot of the church children attended too and just carried on from where they left off the weekend before. They praised, they worshipped from their hearts and without us saying they worshipped in tongues which the unsaved took completely in their stride. After three sessions of teaching the way of salvation thirty responded for salvation and the young ministry team prayed for them all individually.

Sunday was family service where at the end a miracle for Africa took place. I brought the young ministry team out and asked any adults who wanted these to pray for them to come out and practically everyone did. They even started coming before I had finished inviting. The scene is now definitely set for these children to reach their full potential in God and ministry because the adults are fully open to them and encouraging them.

God did it, thank you so very much for helping to make my dream come true by your prayers and commitment. My missionary friend their sends grateful thanks too for all you did and I left a very excited individual behind. Please pray for next year as the urgent need now is to minister to these children on hurt, pain and rejection. As you see they are open and at a place now to receive such ministry. I was told there probably wasn’t one child in those meetings who isn’t suffering in one or more of those ways.

Thank you so very, very much.

Much Love



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