News from our country & our children

I have returned home from doing the schools ministry in Norfolk, England . It was a great time though I did have a bit of a technical problem with my laptop and power point presentation but God sent a university student home to his mothers over night and in two minutes he had me all sorted out. God was so good.

From there I went to a town in the middle of this country called Tetbury where we had a children’s afternoon on the Saturday.

I have prepared but not told the leader there exactly what I was teaching on. Before I got there he had gone out a bought a Christian DVD to let the children see after I had finished all I wanted to do. The DVD was the Veggie Tales cartoon story and the message the story told was exactly what I had taught on. Only God could have put all that together like that with neither of us knowing what the other had.

We are very excited as you know from our news letter our daughter Ellie gets married in May well last week our son Jason got engaged to his lovely Christian girlfriend and they hope to get married in March or April next year. So we have both of our children getting married in less than a year.

With joy from David & Barbara


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