God opens the volcanic ash to get me to Japan!

With all the air shutdowns out of Heathrow in London due to the Icelandic volcanic ash fiasco, God worked a miracle to get me to Japan and I am grateful.  I book my airfare far ahead to get the best use of His money and cancellations are expensive.  Things have gone  great here — Saturday night I spoke at a banquet for the homeless though this is out of my area really a lot of them are almost illiterate and simple but even those who are well educated their life style turns them into simple people and they like teaching with illustrations.

God gets me through Icelandic volcanic ash to get me here!

Shizuoka~ God really undertook, suffering from jet lag so only having 3 hours sleep I was up at 5.00 am to get the train and arrived at the church at 9.30. I had two meetings there, the morning was the family service which was a great time. Sadly in the last year the church has had problems and halved in number. We had shared lunch at the church and then the afternoon meeting was for me to share about what’s happening in my work. This meeting was a lot longer than expected as unexpectedly quite a lot of people asked me to pray for them resulting from what I shared, even though I wasn’t teaching or preaching.

When that was done the pastor’s wife asked me to pray individually for 3 couples as the church has started a Christian school (the first time in all my visits that I have come across this being done here) They are not just doing it for the church children but are opening it to any children to go and one of the three couples involved in this are trained in working with emotionally damaged children. Finally they all prayed for me. It was a great time and the presence of God was very strong throughout. So it was 20.30 before we got back here, needless to say I slept most of the journey back on the bullet train. But a very profitable and good day was had.

That’s it for now.

Much Love ~  David


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