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Japanese children and youth moving in God

Things continue great here next was a youth day in my host church where we had thirteen teenagers which for Japan and the age group that was a huge crowd. They were very open, all but one responded instantly for prayer in the first session to deal with area’s of sin in their lives. Not so many responded in the second session but that was because the challenge needed thinking through before promises were made to God and I made the invitation that way. But we were able to pray for some and I was happy with those because I know their hearts.

At the weekend I was in a regular church where the number of children and young teens has increased dramatically over the last year. I had two sessions with them on the Saturday and after the second one several were either filled got tongues or a new anointing. Sunday was a family service where we all prayed for the young ones there and God gave me words for three children at the end. One was very encouraging in that the word was about God making him like a castle on a hill etc. Afterwards his mother told me that their family name translated from the Japanese means “God’s Castle”.

The beginning of the week we had the annual children’s, youth camp which was different but brilliant. My intercessors sent me words before I left that this year it wouldn’t be so much a mountain top experience but down in the valley, practical go work it out time. That’s what God did, it was more straight teaching which they did lap up. We had two here sessions only where we prayed for them but even that was collectively not individually. One of those was after the worship because of the way God led us during that time. Many came at the end and said “that’s what I needed.” Yesterday was a day of teaching for child leaders where we had an unusually large number and one lady was filled and got tongues and another a new anointing at the end.

This week I have had to come to the place I didn’t want to of seeing that I am still not really back to full strength, Monday was the first time since being ill that I have done three teaching sessions in one day and I struggled so hard in the final session I felt really bad but have been fine since. But God in His usual goodness didn’t let the children miss out because of the things happening in me and it was a great session.

Much Love  ~    David


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