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Children of Cambodia hungry for God

David with a Cambodian translator

I have just returned from my first visit to Cambodia, making it now fifty three countries I have had the privilege of ministering in. Cambodia is a very poor country just rising from the ashes of its horrific past. It was very hot day and night; even the cold water tap used to improvise as a shower the water came out really warm. I stayed in a room in the church for most of the ten days with just a fan to circulate the hot air, a mattress on the floor to sleep on and a very low ceiling beam just at forehead height. But that all paled into the distance because of what God did.

First was a children’s day in my host church in the capitol Phnom Penh with sixty children from that church and some brought in from their several outreach centres. We had three sessions and during the day almost all responded for repentance and salvation, three quarters to be filled and only the youngest ones didn’t speak in tongues. I was told by the pastor there when I met him briefly last year that he had not heard of children speaking in tongues in Cambodia, so God did a new thing.

God gave me a prophetic word for four children and after I had shared their faces showed such excitement. Some of those same children I was able to follow up on the next day when I taught in one of the outreach centre Sunday Schools.

The next three days I was in a village an hour away from the city, among very poor simple living people. There it was hot, I have no idea what the temperature was but I do know that as soon as you moved away from the sphere of the fan you began to literally melt.

Hungry for God and full of joy

Each morning I took chapel for young children in a Christian school and the afternoons did seminars for the head and teachers of the school. They had a real burden to see the children of the village saved and moving in God but had no idea how to lead the children into that. The adults are hard to reach as they are bound up by Buddhism or more commonly today the after effects of the genocide they suffered under the Khmer Rouge. But have not passed this too much onto their children as they refuse to talk about it to anyone so the children are open.

The teachers lapped up the teaching and were disappointed when the last day was finished. They are desperate for me to go back next year and take over their usual afternoon school of children aged seven to twelve and give them a practical demonstration. Also the headmistress has an after school English class for local children aged nine to thirteen and she wants me to take that over and do my teaching there too and lead them in. I have it in my mind that this second class they help me so that they get hands on experience as well as the demonstration.

I returned to Phnom Penh to some exciting news. Because of the Children’s Day, a lady who attended and seeing what God did was spoken to by God to teach the children in one of the outreach centre’s which was in need. Also the lady leading the children’s work in the centre I went too said the attendance in Sunday school has doubled from thirty to sixty now. The children were so excited about what God did in them they have gone out and brought their friends in.

Most of the rest of my time was spent doing introductory work with children and leaders seminars to open doors for the future. I was also taken to the genocide museum to help to understand the Cambodian people more and that has left a deep mark in me. One can only describe it as the hell those people of all ages went through; they so desperately need Jesus the healer of the heart, mind and soul.


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Japan, Philippines and Malaysia for the gospel of Jesus Christ

03 June 2010

There could no doubt whatsoever that I was meant to be on this latest trip to Japan, Philippines and Malaysia. As we all know Britain’s air space was completely closed for six days in April and reopened only the day before I was booked to fly so I was able to get away on my flight. Also I would normally have booked to fly out earlier in the week to give myself time to get over jet lag before ministry started. There was no reason in my diary to stop me doing that so God was in it right back when I booked the flight. I arrived there on Friday and began ministry on Saturday evening and God continued to undertake for me.

Saturday night I spoke at a banquet for the homeless, though this is out of my area of ministry a lot of them are almost illiterate but even those who are well educated their life style turns them into simple people and they like teaching with illustrations. The work among them is a slow step by step sowing of seeds into their lives before they make a response.

Sunday suffering from jet lag and only three hours of sleep I was up at 5.00am to get the train and arrived at the church at 9.30. There it was a family service followed by shared lunch then sharing what God is doing around the world. This meeting unexpectedly quite a lot of people asked me to pray for them resulting from what I shared, even though I wasn’t teaching or preaching. After this I was asked me to pray individually for three couples as the church has started a Christian school (the first time in all my visits I have come across such a thing in Japan). They are about to open it up to any children to go and one of the couples involved are trained in working with emotionally damaged children. It was a great time of ministry and the presence of God was very strong throughout. To be expected I slept most of the journey back.

Next was a youth day in my host church where we had thirteen teenagers which for Japan and the age group was a huge crowd. They were very open, all but one responded instantly for prayer in the first session to deal with areas of sin in their lives. Not so many responded in the second session but that was because the challenge needed thinking through before promises were made to God and I made the invitation that way. But we were able to pray for some and I was happy with those because I know their hearts.

The "little flock" is precious to the Lord!

The weekend began my very busy week. First I was in a regular church where the number of children and young teens has increased dramatically over the last year. I had two sessions with them on the Saturday and after the second one several were either filled with the Holy Spirit or a new anointing. Sunday was a family service where we all prayed for the young ones there and God gave me words for three children at the end. One was very encouraging in that the word was about God making him like a castle on a hill etc. Afterwards his mother told me that their family name translated from the Japanese means “God’s Castle”.

The annual children’s and youth camp this year was different in that as God said in words that were sent to me it would be a time to come down from the mountain top and work out what they have experienced. So it was more teaching which they certainly lapped up and then sending out to do and not so much hands on and prayer. There were two occasions when we did pray for them but even that was done en-mass. All through the camp different ones came to me at different times saying they very much needed what God was giving them, so He knew what was best. The day after camp was a teaching day for children’s leaders where an unusually large number attended then at the end one older lady was filled with the Holy Spirit and another received a new anointing. God concluded Japan with a great final meeting in another regular church and then a very nice farewell thank you meal in the evening with my close friends there.

Next stop was The Philippines and the Island of Negros to join up with a team from a church I go to in Tasmania. I had been to Negros two years ago for the first time over night to do seminars on children’s ministry for church leader’s this time was mainly for the children. I was based in a BMI church in Bacolod city and for one of the main events jeepneys were sent out to four slums where this church has planted churches to bring children to us for the afternoon. A few parents came too and together we had one hundred and fifty. The afternoon was divided into two sessions and a cooked meal for them at the end. In the first session about ten responded for salvation and recommitment including a mother and the second almost all were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues and got very excited about it. The following day we had a children’s leader’s morning where about fifteen came and all were prayed for individually at the end. I was also asked to share my testimony with the older youth group to motivate them to seek Gods plan for them whatever their background.

Then to the grand conclusion of the trip in the North of Malaysia where I have had six meetings over three days which worked out as six meetings in two days. There was a variety of meetings with two children’s, two youth and two parents’ seminars covering three churches. The children and youth (a lot of the youth in my host church I have known since children) all were so open and we had many to pray for after each meeting for different things. With the host church children we had three Chinese Malay boys who were prayed for, for salvation. For one a twelve year old it was clearly God’s time for him, he had never been to any church before his mother dropped him off and left him. When we prayed for him he had his head down and on finishing when he looked up his face was radiant and of course no one had told him this could happen. The parent’s seminars in both churches I was given the subject of “Bringing up children in the twenty first century” and that was so well received with many genuine questions afterwards. All of this provided a great ending to the trip.

All is left for me to say is a huge thank for the huge part you played in the fruit of this trip, as usual I couldn’t have seen it without your help and input.

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