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USA – South Carolina

The final weekend in South Carolina was the icing on the cake for of all that God did but also to round off my anniversary trip. We had a sleepover for the church children, an outreach and concluding in junior church on Sunday. The start was a meeting on the Thursday with all the team that I was to work with for those events. I had gone with a real excitement but it increased a hundredfold after that meeting. They had a large number of adults and we were completely united and they were excited too. The children picked this up and rose to it.

Friday night the first meeting and most of the children there had never met me before which would usually mean you keep it low key not much if any thing of an invitation for prayer because the children are working you out and getting used to you in that one and you really get into it the next day. But when I sought God on what if anything to do at the end of my message He said have them kneel at the front. That sort of thing doesn’t usually happen until almost the end of a sleepover. I obeyed and all but two were kneeling there opening their hearts and mouths in prayer to God.

Saturday morning they were so hungry and drawing out of me the word of God that I got carried away and looked at my watch to find that two meetings had become one. But again, most all  were filled with the Holy Spirit. Everyone left the sleepover on cloud nine.

In the evening at the outreach fifteen children and one mother responded for salvation. It was noted by the leaders that a number of those children and the mother left with radiant faces.

Next morning in junior church two of the new converts were there again and responded for prayer for the challenge I gave in that meeting. God gave me words for a number during the weekend but one was unusual.

For three days prior to the events God put the face of a boy with a distinct hair cut in my mind who I had never seen before. Friday I looked and no one fitted it so I took it, it was not God. The door opened late and in came the face and exact hair cut I had seen in my mind. Needless to say there is a very special call on his life.

So what can I say but Thank You God from the bottom of my heart for all that You did and so many lives not only touched but changed.

With much love.     ~ David


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USA – Kentucky blessing

It was Kentucky next, to a place I love to go every year because the people even though it is USA are very poor. The first day of the outreach two brothers aged ten and twelve said they were not sure if they can come the next day because they have no more clean clothes, they came in the dirty ones. Over half the children at the meetings for the outreach were brought from a child day care centre which has children up to twelve years old during holidays. One of the ladies in the church helps out at the centre and gets permission to bring them.

We began Sunday with a double meeting, many churches have all age Sunday school classes followed immediately by the morning service. I had the Sunday school hour with the children and did the scripture and teaching, took them into the service for worship then out again to do the application of the teaching. We had eleven children, eight were filled and seven of them spoke in tongues for the first time that morning. The other three children had been filled on previous visits so they did the praying.

The next two days were outreach and we had twenty five children the first day, they were beautifully behaved and eleven responded for salvation at the end. The second day we had thirty six and four for salvation and three for re-commitment.

Five years ago God gave me a word for a boy from a sad background. Now he is thirteen years old and was his time to push out the boat. In the final meeting, an adult bible study he shared an exhortation and then he prayed for all the adults who responded. The pastor was one and he testified how the presence of God fell on him as he prayed for him.

Also in that meeting the lady who picked up the children from the day care for the outreach said that when she went to get them on Tuesday all the mothers who delivered their children told her that their children had talked of nothing but the meeting all evening and that morning were so excited to be coming back.


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USA, Sheridan, Indiana

USA, Sheridan, Indiana – there it was different but equally as exciting and with an assortment of meetings. The main part was a four day children’s worship crusade which in three nights and Sunday morning saw twenty four children in total. They were hungry for the Word and one night they had raised their hands and when asked to stand, the words weren’t fully out of my mouth and in complete unison the stood. It couldn’t have been timed so exactly if we had organised it that way.

The final night meeting they were knelt with their heads touching the floor finally cutting loose the things they had been set free from and rising up to live the new life. Sunday morning was a family service and at the end almost all of the children as usual came for prayer and one adult. After praying for several I looked up and without anyone saying anything a large number of adults had finally made it. We had a lovely testimony of God knowing the hungry heart of a child and making a way for him. A mother had been bringing two of her children every day and also last November when I was there. The family doesn’t go to church but the pastor and his wife have been ministering to the parents over quite a period.

On Saturday at the end the pastor told the children he had put paper out for them to draw or write something to give me for my fortieth anniversary in ministry. This ladies son, seven years old wrote some nice things for me but also said he was looking forward to getting the Holy Spirit. When each child gave me their sheet I only skimmed them, later when I read them I felt terrible that I had missed this when his heart was crying out and knowing his family didn’t come to church I wasn’t sure what to do, only pray.

During worship on Sunday I looked back and there was the whole family sitting in church, God had brought them. At the end he came for prayer and when I asked him what he wanted me to pray for he said “I want you to pray for me however you would like to pray for me”. I thought he has handed this to me on a plate so I said about his letter and could I pray for that, he smiled and said yes. He spoke instantly in tongues, he looked up and his face was radiant, I asked him how he felt and he said awesome.
The grand finale Sunday night was in a church I went too for the first time last visit to talk about my ministry. It was Sunday night but they had a family service with swelled numbers as people also joined us from the two other churches I had been in. My friend and his music group went with me and lead a fantastic time of worship then I spoke and had a huge response for prayer afterwards. There were only four children there sitting on the front row and God gave me words for each one. I didn’t know but two were natural brothers and afterwards their parents came very excited and asked for prayer and their older daughter.


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Ex-street boys in Bolivia

My orphanage ministry continued during my recent trip in Bolivia and saw responses and fruit just like in the one in Malaysia. But before I got to that I had a new type of meeting for me. I ministered in a carpentry factory, it’s owned by a couple who have recently started attending my host church. Every Tuesday morning work starts late because the owner gathers all his employees, all in their late teens or early twenties and the pastor has a service with them. This morning the meeting was quite a bit longer as we ended up laying hands on everyone, the boss was very thrilled.

God reaching Bolivia's children

That evening I ministered to the really hungry ones who attend a weekly home group in their boss’s home. Then was four days of ministry in the orphanage (called the Ark), it’s for ex-street boys who last year came to the place of giving me their trust so this year we could begin the teaching on hurt, pain and rejection. We had thirty six boys aged six to sixteen as the college boys were not on school holiday.

I did a different aspect each day and finished with forgiveness on the last. The first two days twenty nine responded each time, the seven who didn’t the leaders told me are the ones who have been through some of the worst experiences. Those who did respond testified to feeling different after prayer and some began giving me hugs which showed they were being set free, because of what they have been through they don’t do that. The third day along with the usual ones two more responded and began their setting free process.

The final meeting in the Ark was the key message on forgiveness to seal the deliverance they had found so far. Thirty one responded plus three more who hadn’t so far and with all of us on our knees at the front with an awesome sense of the presence of God, they made steps into a new freedom as they asked God to forgive them and they forgave their abusers. The three new brought great rejoicing from the leaders as only two now hadn’t responded now. One of the three —  a fifteen year old — when I laid hand lent on my shoulder and just cried and cried and was still there a while after all others had sat down. My interpreter couldn’t speak for a while because of her tears of joy. That was a huge breakthrough for him which he further sealed in Sunday morning during the worship time. He went out, came back and I was sitting in the middle of the front row and on his way back he made a beeline for me and hugged me for ages, the leaders said that for him meant he really has been set free.

Work has begun now in the boys and more is still to be done and the leaders have given me the honour of asking me to come every year and continue to help the boys and the church. As well as this vital ministry I also had three nights and Sunday Family Services. Most meetings around two hundred people of all ages attended and all responded for prayer together at the end each time.

Every meeting God gave me words for children or youth beginning with the pastors daughter who afterwards was in tears of joy for ages and another small boy who afterwards just couldn’t stop worshipping God. His hands were in the air eyes closed and mouth praising God. On another occasion a boy around eight years old went to the effort of bringing my interpreter to me after the meeting so he could tell me that he would never forget the word God gave him. As a result of this series of family services on the final night the pastor announced to the church that they are going to start regular family services, train up children to lead the worship, play instruments and preach so in time they will take those services. I was so blessed because that is my heart too.


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