Ex-street boys in Bolivia

My orphanage ministry continued during my recent trip in Bolivia and saw responses and fruit just like in the one in Malaysia. But before I got to that I had a new type of meeting for me. I ministered in a carpentry factory, it’s owned by a couple who have recently started attending my host church. Every Tuesday morning work starts late because the owner gathers all his employees, all in their late teens or early twenties and the pastor has a service with them. This morning the meeting was quite a bit longer as we ended up laying hands on everyone, the boss was very thrilled.

God reaching Bolivia's children

That evening I ministered to the really hungry ones who attend a weekly home group in their boss’s home. Then was four days of ministry in the orphanage (called the Ark), it’s for ex-street boys who last year came to the place of giving me their trust so this year we could begin the teaching on hurt, pain and rejection. We had thirty six boys aged six to sixteen as the college boys were not on school holiday.

I did a different aspect each day and finished with forgiveness on the last. The first two days twenty nine responded each time, the seven who didn’t the leaders told me are the ones who have been through some of the worst experiences. Those who did respond testified to feeling different after prayer and some began giving me hugs which showed they were being set free, because of what they have been through they don’t do that. The third day along with the usual ones two more responded and began their setting free process.

The final meeting in the Ark was the key message on forgiveness to seal the deliverance they had found so far. Thirty one responded plus three more who hadn’t so far and with all of us on our knees at the front with an awesome sense of the presence of God, they made steps into a new freedom as they asked God to forgive them and they forgave their abusers. The three new brought great rejoicing from the leaders as only two now hadn’t responded now. One of the three —  a fifteen year old — when I laid hand lent on my shoulder and just cried and cried and was still there a while after all others had sat down. My interpreter couldn’t speak for a while because of her tears of joy. That was a huge breakthrough for him which he further sealed in Sunday morning during the worship time. He went out, came back and I was sitting in the middle of the front row and on his way back he made a beeline for me and hugged me for ages, the leaders said that for him meant he really has been set free.

Work has begun now in the boys and more is still to be done and the leaders have given me the honour of asking me to come every year and continue to help the boys and the church. As well as this vital ministry I also had three nights and Sunday Family Services. Most meetings around two hundred people of all ages attended and all responded for prayer together at the end each time.

Every meeting God gave me words for children or youth beginning with the pastors daughter who afterwards was in tears of joy for ages and another small boy who afterwards just couldn’t stop worshipping God. His hands were in the air eyes closed and mouth praising God. On another occasion a boy around eight years old went to the effort of bringing my interpreter to me after the meeting so he could tell me that he would never forget the word God gave him. As a result of this series of family services on the final night the pastor announced to the church that they are going to start regular family services, train up children to lead the worship, play instruments and preach so in time they will take those services. I was so blessed because that is my heart too.



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