USA – Kentucky blessing

It was Kentucky next, to a place I love to go every year because the people even though it is USA are very poor. The first day of the outreach two brothers aged ten and twelve said they were not sure if they can come the next day because they have no more clean clothes, they came in the dirty ones. Over half the children at the meetings for the outreach were brought from a child day care centre which has children up to twelve years old during holidays. One of the ladies in the church helps out at the centre and gets permission to bring them.

We began Sunday with a double meeting, many churches have all age Sunday school classes followed immediately by the morning service. I had the Sunday school hour with the children and did the scripture and teaching, took them into the service for worship then out again to do the application of the teaching. We had eleven children, eight were filled and seven of them spoke in tongues for the first time that morning. The other three children had been filled on previous visits so they did the praying.

The next two days were outreach and we had twenty five children the first day, they were beautifully behaved and eleven responded for salvation at the end. The second day we had thirty six and four for salvation and three for re-commitment.

Five years ago God gave me a word for a boy from a sad background. Now he is thirteen years old and was his time to push out the boat. In the final meeting, an adult bible study he shared an exhortation and then he prayed for all the adults who responded. The pastor was one and he testified how the presence of God fell on him as he prayed for him.

Also in that meeting the lady who picked up the children from the day care for the outreach said that when she went to get them on Tuesday all the mothers who delivered their children told her that their children had talked of nothing but the meeting all evening and that morning were so excited to be coming back.



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