USA – South Carolina

The final weekend in South Carolina was the icing on the cake for of all that God did but also to round off my anniversary trip. We had a sleepover for the church children, an outreach and concluding in junior church on Sunday. The start was a meeting on the Thursday with all the team that I was to work with for those events. I had gone with a real excitement but it increased a hundredfold after that meeting. They had a large number of adults and we were completely united and they were excited too. The children picked this up and rose to it.

Friday night the first meeting and most of the children there had never met me before which would usually mean you keep it low key not much if any thing of an invitation for prayer because the children are working you out and getting used to you in that one and you really get into it the next day. But when I sought God on what if anything to do at the end of my message He said have them kneel at the front. That sort of thing doesn’t usually happen until almost the end of a sleepover. I obeyed and all but two were kneeling there opening their hearts and mouths in prayer to God.

Saturday morning they were so hungry and drawing out of me the word of God that I got carried away and looked at my watch to find that two meetings had become one. But again, most all  were filled with the Holy Spirit. Everyone left the sleepover on cloud nine.

In the evening at the outreach fifteen children and one mother responded for salvation. It was noted by the leaders that a number of those children and the mother left with radiant faces.

Next morning in junior church two of the new converts were there again and responded for prayer for the challenge I gave in that meeting. God gave me words for a number during the weekend but one was unusual.

For three days prior to the events God put the face of a boy with a distinct hair cut in my mind who I had never seen before. Friday I looked and no one fitted it so I took it, it was not God. The door opened late and in came the face and exact hair cut I had seen in my mind. Needless to say there is a very special call on his life.

So what can I say but Thank You God from the bottom of my heart for all that You did and so many lives not only touched but changed.

With much love.     ~ David


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