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Move of God’s Spirit in Tasmania

I am just back on the mainland of Australia from Tasmania having had ten meetings in four days, busy but fantastic and very special. First stop was Scotsdale, my first time with those children and young teens. They are a small group but hungry and willing in fact two boys were away on a camping holiday and their father drove them back for the full day and then they went back to their holiday in the evening. We had three sessions on Saturday and every time almost all responded for everything, They dealt with specific area’s of sin in their lives, got right with God, filled and spoke freely and instantly in tongues.Sunday in the family service at the last minute I felt to invite the adults to respond after I spoke and the children and youth would minister to them. The youngsters were very apprehensive and unsure about doing it right up to when the adults came out but they were willing. I had told them not to worry about short prayers or quiet voices just to reassure them so what did they do, prayed so loud I could hear everyone without moving and in their pairs both prayed every time. Two of the young teens a brother and sister from a single parent family live on a farm almost an hours drive away. During holidays (it is now) the boy does all the milking twice a day so only gets to church in term time. His mother told us that none would be coming on Sunday, she was very tired and with her sons milking and was sure her daughter wouldn’t get up that early. Her son up extra early to milk came in and said “Ive finished so that we can go. Then her daughter got up and said a similar thing so with tears in her eyes the mother said they are so hungry I couldn’t let them down.

The second church which is my third visit so we have a nucleus there who are quite way on and so really we carried on where we left off in the first place. Like the children in Scotsdale they were out for prayer every meeting though the challenges were tough and I tried to make them really think before deciding. A highlight there is the children who since my first visit are moving in the gifts very freely and most meetings they would be in before I could speak with words confirming what I was going to share on. One eleven year old boy is the leader in this, he’s one of two who God put on my heart the first time I saw him and later that visit gave me a very clear word about the mantel and anointing that it on him. This year I felt before I got there that this was going to be his year to really step out into his own and he brought so many prophetic words and Scriptures, a fair number every meeting. Part way through the first day I felt to encourage him that he could soon move onto bringing a scripture with an exhortations. I didn’t actually tell him how to do it but every meeting after that he was bringing exhortations. Again without me saying anything others followed him and were doing the same. The second day most of the new children got filled and spoke in tongues, some others got back lost tongues while others still wanted a new anointing. As I often do I used the new anointing ones to pray for and lead the others, then I prayed for them. Amongst the new ones were two brothers who got both saved and filled in the same meeting and who always had such long sad looking faces but when they sat back in their seats their faces were glowing and every time they saw me after that they gave me a big smile. In the final meeting right in front of everyone the older brother gave me a hug which he never does to anyone, they told me. Also I was told of another who on the second day had an important sporting game so wouldn’t be at the meeting. But come the second morning he told his mother he was going to the meeting that was more important.

Among that group are a smaller group of five who are slightly older, have been brought up in the church, have such a hunger for God and I have had words for over the years. In a few years time they will be out of the age group to come to these meetings. I felt during this visit that God wanted them taken aside and trained up into a young ministry team to help us, so next year when I am there we will begin that.

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