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Children of Japan reach to God after tragedy

We finished the Golden Week camp yesterday and it was described by pastor and leaders as the biggest and best for a number of years and a breath of fresh air in a devastated country.

It sure was such a fantastic time. The last years it has been small in number and hard going in some ways. This year we had a core group residential of thirty two and on the second evening we had fifty two attending in spite of the fact that only two churches were involved instead of the usual three.  We had a very wide age range but they were fantastic responding openly together.

The praise and worship was amazing being the Japanese are usually reserved. One song became our theme song where the chorus talks about them rising up setting their eyes on God and going forward which fitted with what I was sharing. They sung that with gusto and danced like I have not seen here for a few years.

One of the pastors is going to take a group of young people from camp next weekend up to the disaster area to sing and dance this song to the survivors of the tsunami, that will be fantastic. I had six sessions in all at camp and every meeting practically everyone responded for prayer, though all but two were Christians we had times of deep repenting and getting right. A number were filled with the Holy Spirit and immediately prayed for others for a new anointing, lives did leave different to what they came.

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