Successful Malaysian meetings for God’s glory

These Malay children received prophetic words about God's call on their lives

Let me begin this time by saying a huge thank you for your prayers and support that helped produce the fruit that’s mentioned and not mentioned. I have been in Malaysia which began unusually for me; I had very little sleep on my thirteen hour flight. I know now that this was the attack invoicing great blessing because as you see below that continued as in other trips.

After rest time we got under way with a seven hour train journey to the southern most city of Johor Bahru where I had eleven meetings in three days in a church there. First, a day in a two hundred and fifty pupil home school centre (ChristianSchool) run by the church. Ages ranged from pre-school to top senior, but being given all the time and freedom I wanted we divided them into two groups for teaching and still had plenty of time to pray for the large number responding from both groups and to share prophetic words to some in both. After the younger pupils meeting a teacher came to me who also had her own children in the school. She was excited, saying her family was now complete, all of her children except for the youngest had, had words given over them and her youngest was one of those God gave me a word for. That night and the following morning saw five hours of seminars for children’s leaders where over fifty from five churches and the school teachers attended. That concluded with praying for four for the Holy Spirit and over half of the rest for needs connected with their ministries.

After lunch a meeting with the youth leadership team who were in a state of discouragement and needing some lifting. Ending the day with a youth meeting where many ended up at the front, on their knees crying out to God. The finale, Sunday morning was two meetings with junior church children from the five churches put together. The parents were very keen for their children to go on with God as they had to get them to church for 9.00am on a Sunday morning when their meeting didn’t start until 11.00am and then we had the children until 12.30pm. While the children had a break during the morning at the pastor’s request I was whisked away upstairs where the adults were finishing their worship to share what was happening downstairs and for the church to pray for me. Almost one hundred children attended and I had been asked to speak on the Holy Spirit in one meeting and using the gifts the other. Between sixty and seventy were filled and most spoke in tongues. In spite of asking me to teach it the leaders were sure no child would share in the gifts as they were far too shy and reserved. (Cultural Malay Reserve) So what did God do, eleven shared words and in His sense of humour the first to break the ice was a tiny little girl, under the age limit really, she barely came up to my knees when she stood up. As Barbara said when I told her “the others probably thought if she can do it so can I”, God will use any available channel.

Back to Kuala Lumper and a four day stay in a new orphanage; they had fifteen children ages five to sixteen and were crying out for help for their children. Two of their teens, once walking with God were now rebelling against Him. I had three meetings a day with the morning and afternoon teachings being repeated as the children attend local schools where the Malay system is half day schooling. Children in such situations have many hurts inside but first to see them walking with God. They responded including the rebellious ones and opened their hearts to deal with sin and habits. Everyone was filled with the Holy Spirit and they were so open they spoke out almost instantly, next morning they told me they had been using their language on their own and again we did it collectively. I loved seeing their faces when they received to say they were radiant or beaming doesn’t do them justice. One fifteen year old whose face lights up every time he laughs any way, his face was indescribable.

From the second day they had begun to find the trust that they felt able to begin opening up their lives. Now I was able to make a start looking at the pain they carried in their hearts and began teaching on fear and discouragement. Everyone continued to respond, tears flowed from several and personal ministry was important but their lives in different ways showed change. One girl every time she had hands laid on her went rigid, the last meeting she smiled and stood relaxed. A boy who would never look you in the face began to give eye contact. As I left they all blessed me with thank you cards they had made themselves and I was so touched by the words inside cards from an eight and fourteen year old. They wrote “Thank you for loving me.” A bit of my heart stayed behind in that place and they will certainly need our continued prayers and I will need to return. In fact they had it worked out, I said I would come back next year, they said no you can’t, you can go away this weekend but you must come back to us next week. What an honour!

The concluding weekend iced the cake. Saturday we had Level Up (our leadership training seminars for children aged nine to thirteen). This year a hundred from ten churches and at least one children’s leader from each church attended. None of the children had been to us before and again they defied Malay culture and were far from being shy and reserved. All three sessions, teaching on subjects they gave me a huge number responded for prayer, we were very busy. The last session, a huge crowd were filled with the Holy Spirit and almost shouted out in tongues instantly. My coordinator coming in during this could hardly believe it was Malay children. I didn’t teach on the Holy Spirit I just felt I should offer the opportunity and they just came. I also had words for eight children during the day opening up the call of God on their lives. As everyone left a boy came to me and said, please pray for me and see what God has for me, such hunger as you can imagine God met him. Sunday I was ministering in this same church we used for Level Up and unknown to me at the time, four I had words for were from this church. I concluded the meeting by bringing before the church these four, to show that I publically stand by what I receive for children but also to put together before the church the children and their parents so both will be prayed for and encouraged.

So what an amazing time, God did it again. I believe we did all that He wanted to be done and lives are different because they really met with Him. Thank you again so very much.

Much Love



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