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Bolivia’s orphanage for boys: God is at work!

I am just back from the Americas, where my first call was the ex-street boy’s orphanage in Bolivia. The boys were even more open and responsive than last year and we now have a good nucleus of boy’s who really have set their hearts on going after God.

One of those is the young man who last year held out until the last day before responding and then stood alone at the front crying on my shoulder. This year every morning he greeted me with a hug and he was out for prayer every meeting. Several meetings boys were on their knees in tears before God, tears with those hard backgrounds, shows something very real is happening inside.


As you can imagine the devil was none too happy as these were the ones he thought he had and he wasn’t giving up that easily. Like last year to begin with he stirred things up attacking the boys and my interpreter. This we were ready and with prayer we broke through and after another minor attack a very special presence of God fell in the meeting and that day began a real breakthrough with some of the oldest boys in particular. From that day the front was crowded with those wanting prayer and as soon as everyone was in place a powerful presence fell and the time of praying was awesome. Afterwards different ones came up and gave hugs, again a sign of breakthrough for them.

The final meeting in the orphanage was very special and left my interpreter in tears watching all who responded and their sincerity. God woke me in the night and revealed how to conclude giving the boys the chance to seal in their lives what had done or to deal with something they hadn’t responded for.

After teaching each was given a small piece of paper which was to represent a sin, hurt or pain that had been or was in their life. They were to hold the paper between their two hands and pray for what the paper stood for then when they felt they were through they were to screw up the paper, a sign of hatred for that thing then come to the front and put it in the bin on the table. The bin was a picture of Jesus on the cross and putting the paper in was a sign of putting that sin, hurt or pain onto Jesus. The presence of God was so strong throughout and the boy’s young and old took it very seriously and we think everyone put their paper in the bin.


That afternoon in the church in the twelve to sixteen year olds meeting some of the boys followed this up by joining others at the front having counted the cost dedicating their lives to God for His use.

A bonus blessing, at one meeting in the orphanage the pastor’s thirteen year old son was my interpreter his first time ever. Like in Uganda we decided one thing and God another, Daniel was not going to interpret in the adult meetings yet but on Sunday morning God gave me a word for his mother and he was the only one who could tell the church what was said so he happily did it.

Called to be a missionary

There were meetings every night and twice on Sunday in the church pastored by the couple leading the orphanage. Sunday morning was special, every single person young and old responded for prayer. Then my interpreter brought to me a nine year old boy for whom I had a word last year about being called to be a missionary. Every week since, he insists on praying and he prays for people to get saved all over the world, he is already doing what he can now to fulfil that call.

Then God gave me a word for a boy and was told afterwards that he was only saved last year and since then his parents have been divorced. His mother goes to that church but his father has left and only twice since has his father come to that church but that day he was there to hear the word over his son.


One night I ministered in a very small church which had no children’s ministry, they played outside during all meetings. That night we had them in, they loved it and responded, afterwards I called two children to give them words not knowing that one was the pastor’s son. His father was in tears and later said if God loves our children like this then we are going to begin children’s ministry on Sunday for them.

Praise God for all the things He has done.

Much love,



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