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God among India’s “poorest of the poor”

What can I say but wow what a wonderful time spent in the orphanage in India. It especially blesses me when God does special things among these children. They are the poorest of the poor having lost parents or whatever and are the rejects of society as many are from the untouchable class (lowest of the low class).

This year we were looking at building deep and firm foundations in their lives and they were as usual so open and wanting God to deal with anything in their lives that stopped them going deep or building in those things they needed. One of the big highlights for me this year was during the ministry and prayer times after teaching. Two thirds of the children are divided up into ministry teams called BASIC teams and they now under supervision do all one to one ministry.

It began on the first full day I was there, when I made the invitation for prayer it was the usual huge response but as they did the awesomeness of God fell on them, it was if they had become frozen on the spot standing with eyes closed hands together somewhere on their bodies. For ages I just couldn’t speak as I didn’t want to interrupt the work the Holy Spirit was doing. Eventually I brought out the BASIC team children who were to do the praying and still the others didn’t move. They were prayed for and usually once they are prayed for they sit down so that we know everyone gets prayed for. They did but instead of sitting up as usual and talking very quietly they sat with their heads down and eyes closed and you could almost see the Holy Spirit moving among them. When all were prayed for I spent more than the usual time praying for the BASIC team and God gave me words for a couple of them. They then sat down and still no one moved and the impact was greater because of having quite a few new ones who had never experienced anything like this. It was still ages yet before I could find the words to finish the meeting, this was so special. Normally this kind of visitation is a one off thing in just one meeting out of a series of meetings. But a similar kind of thing happened every meeting from then on and we had seven more. This wonderful experiencing of God totally changed many of the children and their faces became more and more radiant every day and by the end as I said to many of them “I look at your faces and I see Jesus”.

Another highlight was God giving words to quite a number of children by the end of the week,. He hasn’t given me words for these children for a few years now. There were two young teenage boys in particular who God put on my heart and gave me a word of encouragement for one and an intercessors one for the other, the words immediately changed their behavior. Their faces also became radiant and a huge smile appeared every time they saw us, yet before this one of them hardly ever smiled.

Afterwards Samuel (orphanage leader) told me that the behavior of the two had been very bad recently. In one of the two boys I saw the

Prasad, Jyothi and children Prince and Chandrika

classic signs of a sexually abused person; this was then confirmed by a word from the intercessor that it had been by men. Daily he opened his heart more to God and his appearance continued to change and so finally we felt he was ready to be ministered to on this. He confirmed what we had seen and felt and his response was I want to be free so that I can be what God has said I will be. With that attitude you can imagine God met him and set him free, with our hands laid on him you could feel his positive response to the prayers. He will need on going prayer and help for a while so the two responsible for the spiritual care in the home were with us as we ministered to him so they can be there for him.

All of the children there suffer from some form of rejection but I was touched watching one whose life is really locked up by such needs so we plan when I return next year that as well as the usual meetings with the whole group we will also take aside a hand-picked group and do seminars on rejection with them and begin to see them set free. With also a goal that from that first group I will be able to train up a young ministry team to pray specifically for hurt and rejection needs.

I was so blessed to have visits from three of the young people I have watched grew up in the home and are now out earning their own livings and serving God. First the only couple so far to be married while in the home they now have two lovely little children, the husband has bought a little three wheeled pick-up truck and moves goods around for people. The wife ministers to the children in the church. The other a young single man, he actually was quite an unusual person to be in the home as he is not an untouchable. He was from a higher caste, his father was a business man but when he died the partners robbed his widow of everything including her home and possessions. They left her on the streets with two small boys where she had a complete breakdown and was institutionalized so an aunt put the boys into the home. One of the brothers really met with God while in the home and wanted to serve Him. He was a real worker and was always asking for jobs to do, he became Samuels little shadow following him everywhere carrying his bag, he would sweep floors do anything. He was in the home until he went to college to study ceramic tiling from there graduated and went to work with a company. Now he does any tiling jobs needed in the home, when he had saved enough money to buy his own first set of tools for work he took them the Samuel to dedicate them to God. Last year he had saved enough to buy his first motor bike so he brought it to me to dedicate. Now he has a little house and has his mother out of the institution living with him so that he can care for her and he has a church in his home.

So God did it once again to His glory, a huge thank you for your vital part that you played in all that God did among these precious children. Once again it was us working together.

Much Love & Thanks



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