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Back in Indiana and on to Tent City, Haiti

Dear Friends,

Wow this, my final overseas trip for this year was the icing on the cake, the grand finale. The first eight days were based in Sheridan, Indiana and an itinerary with two or three meetings everyday often getting up at 5.00am to travel to the location of my first meeting. This included, Pastors meetings or Pastors prayer meetings, an early Morning Prayer walk, men’s breakfast, lunch meeting with missionary from El Salvador, high school Christian union and Christian school chapel meeting, covering five different churches and two schools. All God blessed and many of all ages were ministered too and prayed for. There is a new hunger for more of God and to get moving in Him. This culminated with four days of children’s bible camp meetings. Those children were a perfect example of how the body of Christ should behave. We had four consecutive nights of two hour long meetings from 6–8.00pm which consisted of praise, worship, teaching and individual ministry. A nucleus of twenty, six to twelve year olds attended every night with a total of thirty different ones over the whole time. Considering these children had been in school all day then in church for four days they were not falling asleep in the meetings.

The feedback from parents was not that they had made their children go, on the contrary the children made sure their parents took them. One mother said one evening they were running late and her son was so upset all the way there because he was missing the praise and worship. Walking in he brushed his brow and said “woo, at least I don’t miss the teaching”. Go for it children!!!  The result of this hunger was tough decisions to make which if followed through is not going to make their lives in the world easy but we saw the best fruit we have seen in that church in a long time. There is a stirring, God is on the move.

Results –

  • Day one – was a hundred percent response from the children to go after a heart of Joshua who was prepared to trust God when the greater majority didn’t.
  • Day two – almost all on their knees or prostrate on the floor at the front, laying down at the cross the things in their lives which were a hindrance to them being used by God. During ministry they told us things like addiction to game boys, friends who lead astray etc were being laid at the cross.
  • Day three – almost all filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues including several who had mainly from fear not received in the past let go and burst forth. One, the boy who had been upset at being late just couldn’t stop and got louder and louder and the next night his worship was interspersed with bursts of tongues. A number were under the power of the Holy Spirit, not knowing the jargon they said “I feel all woozy”.
  • Day four – about half of them received and shared words from God making one complete message when all put together.

Sunday morning family service concluded those meetings when the children shared, many of all ages responded for prayer and then a water baptism service where several children were baptised and I had the honour of baptising the eleven year old boy there whom God has given me to train in ministry. During my summer visit God revealed through three witnesses the clear and definite call to ministry on his life and this time he began to step into his Timothy training. His natural character is quite shy but with his heart to serve God he rose to every challenge I gave him. He was so thrilled and his father was elated and very proud. The Pastor too as this is the second child that God has raised up in his church during my years there. The first one today is a husband, father of two and has a very anointed ministry which is being used in a number of churches in that area. I left there with the pull on my heart that if my next days were not already booked and I could have stayed on another week with that same group of children then at the end they would be unrecognisable as the same children.

But more was to come as I was ministering to children in a numerically growing Christian School in Southern, Indiana for the next four days.  There were new children but the response from everyone was that of dry sponges soaking up the first taste of water, they were hungry and open. I had thirty, eight to fourteen year olds, from a mixture of Christian and non-Christian homes. I had as long as I wanted and a free hand to say anything or do anything. In the last two days meetings in particular the presence of God was so strong the whole meeting. Each day we went step by step through the steps to biblical repentance and salvation and then on the final day made an appeal and practically all responded, then I was able to pray with them individually, afterwards the faces of some of the children were radiant. To follow-up I went into the classrooms and talked and shared with the children and that was very valuable. There are children there who clearly have the call of God on their lives and one such boy I was able to share with. Several parents told of how their children had gone home excited and full of what had been happening. Every child gave me a letter or picture and I am assured by teachers that they were not influenced in what they said it came from their hearts, taste some extracts;

  • Jacob says – The prayer you prayed changed me this morning, Jesus is now in.
  • Garrett – Thank you for helping me clean out my heart and get Jesus in, I am now like Joshua (in the bible) going a new way.
  • Tracie – I know my heart has changed, I want others hearts to change too.
  • Justice – God has touched us all.
  • Anon – I was a dumb black sheep, now I have Jesus in me.
  • Ryan – Drew me pictures of a heart full of sin and one full of Jesus and said ‘me now’ with an arrow to Jesus.
  • Grace – I prayed the prayer a number of times but this time I know Jesus answered I know He is in me.

Out of the mouths of babies God has ordained praise.

The end is not yet, with what God did, the excitement of principal, staff and many parents, when I go back in the summer they are on holiday. But they are going to open the school and give me several days of meeting and make it an official school event. Letters will go home with every child at the end of term then every parent emailed and texted near the time, glory to God.

Finally, onto a very different scene altogether on the island of Haiti, I was last there six weeks before the terrible earthquake and then there was such poverty I don’t know how the ordinary person managed to live. I knew I was going back to a worse situation but what I found was far worse than imagined, the cost of food alone has quadrupled. The highlight for me was three visits to tent city, the homes of three to four thousand people made homeless by the quake and still two years later living in the tents given as temporary accommodation. This is just the biggest settlement there are numerous all over the city, there is now no grass area’s left in the city all are covered in tents. You stand on top of the hill and below is a sea of tents spaced just a body width apart. For my safety I was only let go in a short distance inside the perimeter as the spirit of voodoo has created a vicious bitterness and resentment towards the rest of the world who they say let them down and demand our help. The same venom we saw displayed on our TV screens a few weeks after the quake. I had the privilege of ministering in three schools on the perimeter set up to educate the orphans living there. One of these was just a line of old city buses driven up there stripped out and used as classrooms, the others either made of sheets of plywood or plastic canvas. Inside all classes meet in little groups in the one room and there only equipment is a black board made of a sheet of brown hardboard nailed to the wall. The teachers are teachers who lost their jobs because their school was destroyed and they are teaching for nothing just to keep their hands in. The really sad ones are the children who look at you with blank faces and stare with dull almost unseeing eyes, occasionally you can get the odd one to smile but most are expressionless. Children without hope and not much of a future, I felt humbled to bring hope and a future to them through Jesus. Their behavior generally was not immaculate like the usual Haitian pupils but they listened well and many responded and I was able to pray with them and lead them to Jesus. I can honestly say that some did have changed faces after prayer.

I was given some money to buy food which we were able to bless fifty families with a small bag of rice one of beans and a small bottle of oil, enough to feed a family of seven for three days. I spent all of my time this visit going into schools and preaching the gospel and saw a huge number respond for salvation but the above schools where the special ones for me.

With this final report for the year I also send you a copy of my proposed itinerary for next year 2012.

So it was quite a trip and I am sure you will agree it fulfilled the words used to describe it in the first line. But I will also add here once again it was only what it was because of God’s anointing and us working together. I had the privilege of going and seeing God work but only because you gave financially to enable me to go and you were in constant prayer protecting and praying in the blessing. So a huge, huge thank you for this and every trip we have done together this year, it has been spectacular.

With Much Love & Huge Thanks,



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Ministering in Norway

Praise God another fantastic trip to add to all the others. The first two weeks of ministry in Norway was high qualit, not quantity and as God doesn’t count numbers, and I don’t either, it’s individuals that count, they were great meetings.

Please pray, I found three of my friends over there either have, are in treatment for, or are recovering from cancer one of which changed plans for my first weekend.

We didn’t have the usual children’s conference day on the Saturday but on Sunday the church whose building we use for it asked me to speak to their young teen’s group during the morning service which was so God. A small group who sat glued following every word and everyone responded at the end then God gave me words for three of them. Later my host filled me in with some background the words took on a whole new dimension. The first (unbeknown to me at the time) was the younger brother of my eighteen year old interpreter, all I knew was he was in tears as I shared how important he is and God’s special plan for him. My host told me, all his life he has lived under the shadow of his brilliant older brother but this word was just for him alone. The other two, I had no idea they were brother and sister, the girl I felt a strong emphasis on ‘you can do’ then found she desperately lacks self confidence.  Her brother I hadn’t remembered but he was in the children’s conference two years ago but every meeting he insisted on sitting at the back on his own and was in and out of the meeting disturbing everyone around him. Now was God’s time for him, he sat glued in during the teaching then as I gave his word I literally felt the Holy Spirit moving on him and when I finished he just stood as if frozen on the spot. That was not the end of God’s encourage David time, I found the lady who leads that group was in my meetings when she was a little girl and now she is in ministry.

The next place I had two week night evenings together with the children where it was clear there is a big divide between those who are hungry and open to God and those who are not. The first night only the hungry ones came and we had a brilliant time. Three boys and two girls who soaked up the word and everyone responded for prayer quite independently. The second night four others joined us and all but one made it very clear they did not want to be there and were not happy. They were only three but we had quite a battle with the spirits at work in them overshadowing those who were hungry. Three of the hungry ones were not going to miss out and they hung in responded and received. God who is always the encourager did His thing and at the end I felt God give me a word for one of the girls who was so excited when I called her out and likewise her mother who was sitting in. My interpreter and I both said to each other that we could physically feel the spirit of God pouring out from her the whole time she was at the front.

The following Saturday was quite an unusual meeting it was just four girls, not by design but the father of the others made excuse not to have his children there. They were quality girls and hungry taking in quite long teachings and enjoying it. One stood out above the others and in the family service the next day God gave me a powerful word for her. Her mother cried through it then told me afterwards, that confirmed other words her daughter had had at different times during her life. She has good English, loves to use it and has a heart for the mission field so there is great potential there.

The next weekend things changed dramatically, Friday morning the devil invoiced the blessing to come with an attack after teaching in the Christian school belonging to the host church there. This church always has two meetings on a Friday night, children’s followed young teens. Last year we had twenty three children and a handful of teens most of whom had left by the time we finished. This year there were over seventy children and twenty teens most of the children at least are from unsaved homes. Both groups sat still and listened to every word (Norwegian youngsters are very strong willed if they don’t want to do something) then at the end, with the children over thirty were at the front responding for salvation. The teens, over half were out for prayer and God gave me words for most as I prayed individually for them. I was told later some of the others said they misunderstood the invitation otherwise they would have come for prayer too. Two boys came out from the younger end of the age group who were very special. I got to them and everything in me wanted to send them straight back to their seats because they were not there for the right reason. They had been the only ones who didn’t listen in fact they were all over the place. But God wouldn’t let me say it, I stood for ages my hands one on each ones shoulder in silence while God showed me what He saw at the bottom of their hearts. What He showed me was very different to the outward appearance and so I began to pray as God led me which developed into a prophetic word for them. Thinking back later they had almost been the last ones I prayed for so they had stood at the front for as long time and they hadn’t moved a muscle just stood with their eyes closed the whole time. Sunday morning we had an awesome family service, the best I think I have had there and almost everyone laid things down (buried things) before God at the end.

The next few days itinerary changed because of one of the cancer situations and I stayed on in this place and had more children’s leaders meetings, spoke in another Christian school and a college Christian union. All I believe in God’s plan not a fill in, they were special meetings.

My final weekend with a small but powerful group of children. This is the church which first introduced me to Norway and the man who now leads the children’s work came into the things of God in the first meetings I had in that country, he was ten years old then. I have been on and off to that church for over twenty five years and recently have been back for five years and this year the meetings have by unanimous decision been the best. Friday and Saturday were with the children and their worship was outstanding (in past many have not joined in) with two children standing out as real worshippers who ignored everyone else and went with their hearts. In the past two or three have been disruptive but this time everyone was so still and attentive and every time everyone responded for prayer and opened their hearts and received. A mark of the weekend was the awesome presence of God in every meeting especially during and after the children receiving, the same thing was true in the family service. After one session of serious commitment by symbolizing burying the old ways to go into the new His presence was so powerful they just sat so still eyes closed for ages with me not knowing what to say. One boy brought two prophetic words one for me. I had words for four who as a result we feel these are ones God has set aside as forerunners of a children’s ministry team. Each one stands out in some special way in their lives besides the words and one his mother told me afterwards  it wasn’t that he just wanted to come he told her he felt a strong urgency that he had to be there. It was definitely God’s time for him. The family service I felt to bring the four children before the church and nail my colours to the mast as to what we felt and prayed for them there. I had an email from the pastor who was in another church that day saying that as his meeting finished he received a text from the mother of one of the four saying she just had to tell him how thrilled and excited she was. At the end a number of adults were out for prayer for the same things the children had, they had led the way. Then followed an unusual situation for me, I finished that meeting went straight to the airport to fly to Oslo then a seventy minute car journey and into a young teens meeting in a new church for me. Interesting adapting from one to the other but the Spirit of God continued to flow as a line of teens and leaders were filled with the Holy Spirit. Many adults, children and teens all responded together for prayer and God gave me words for a number on both days. A new place and the devil wasn’t exactly happy so he stirred things up a bit and caused some reactions among some adults, but not one child, they just wanted to receive.

So much rejoicing once again, putting everywhere together a large number of lives have been touched, changed, turned around or given promise and direction by God. I believe like many in Norway that God is now beginning to stir things and as in the book of Ezekiel beginning to bring the dry bones together to the end to raise up a great and mighty army of children and young people for His purpose in these last days.

Much Love & Thanks…


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