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Australia & Tasmania for six great weeks

Here begins another year which, from the words I have been given; feels, looks and sounds as if it is going to be a very special and key year. The words I have been given have been confirmed by people who didn’t know a similar word had been given. For example a friend in Bendigo, Victoria gave me a word then when I met with my young ministry team in Tasmania a fourteen year old boy gave me a different picture but the same interpretation and so it has gone on from there. We embark on an exciting adventure!

This trip to Australia is always six weeks long and I have selected some of the highlights from the trip because to include all would take up too much space.

It began in the usual way with the Southern Cross Kids Camp in Melbourne, a camp very close to my heart because of the sad and tough backgrounds the children who attend come from. This year the camp was special because it was led by a young man of twenty, (I love it when young people are able to rise up and serve God) our usual camp director at the last minute was unable to attend so he stepped into the breach. With an older lady assisting him they did a brilliant job leading a team of fifty-one of us and everyone worked together beautifully to give the children who came a time to remember and God gave the blessing. The children were brilliant, most were ones who had been before with a small number of new ones. As usual I was getting up at 6.00am going to the meeting room alone to pray, intercede, bind and loose and the result was, I think, one of the most amazing times in my nine years at the camp. It was so easy to pray and when it came to praying in tongues I found myself using words and authority I have never used before. When the children came in through that door it was as if things dropped off  them and they generally came in, not as some often do upset, angry or awkward but, peacefully and sat and waited. During the teaching I felt a greater anointing than I have known there and the children were glued and not once in the week did I have to stop my teaching to correct anyone. On the last day particularly you could hear a pin drop when I tied everything up at the end and presented the challenge from each day in a nutshell. That was as far as I was allowed to take it but God carried on working in their lives. After the children go home we  have a debriefing and most of the workers gave testimonies of how children had opened up to them, shared with them, asked them to pray and of how visibly different the children were when they left. Some saying they have never seen the children leave like this before.

Two days after camp were two family services on the Sunday morning with a new contact. The first service was tight as you have no choice but finish on time as the second service starts half an hour later. The first was at 9.00am so there were only a handful of children there but when one of the children’s leaders arrived for second service he said he had already had a number of text messages from people saying how wonderful the meeting was and how God had spoken to them. The second service there were lots of children and I had some come out and help with a little drama, I then spoke and finally brought out all the children to present them to the church which  as I did God gave me words for three of them. After the service the parents of one of those came to me the mother being very excited saying her son loves drama but he will not do it unless he knows beforehand all he has to do so he refused to come out. Then when I asked all children out to be prayed over she asked him if he was going up and he refused, she said she does not force him on things like this because he can be very stubborn. So she was going to leave it but found herself saying to him, “this man has come a long way for you children and God may have something special for you and you wouldn’t want to miss out” and to her surprise he went out and God did have a word for him. My contacts there said that many people went to them afterwards and said how did it take so long to get someone like me there and the church should have the children out at the front more often to get them recognised. Please pray that the door will open again next year so that we can take them further.

I went to two churches in Tasmania and the second church was (in quotes) ‘out of this world’!  This year for the first time we had a live worship group to lead us, two young teenage boys and the mother of one of them. They also led the last part of worship on Sunday at the family service and did a brilliant job every time. Another first for there was the launch of the young ministry team and they all rose to the challenge brilliantly and will continue ministering during the coming year. The team consists of four boys aged twelve, fourteen, sixteen and nineteen (he is special because he has Downs Syndrome and moves in God’s anointing). All have come up through the meetings and have had words about the calls on all of their lives. They are certainly on fire for God and now glowing brightly. They did all of the one to one ministry, were sharing prophetic words and scriptures many times in every meeting and have now moved into giving exhortations too.  They were wonderful examples of a real leader as they were there up front and also humble enough to admit they have needs too and were out for prayer for themselves every time. Leaders should never be too great to admit their own needs. In fact everyone came out for prayer every meeting except one and that one practically everyone did. Their worship grew every meeting and we had six sessions in two days and many of those the presence of God was so strong by the end of the worship. After worship most of the children shared in using the gifts of the Spirit. On one occasion a girl who to that point had not shared came to me in the break and showed me a scripture she had for the next meeting. Many wanted to share and so I asked her to go first which she refused so a boy did then she was happy to follow on. For whatever reason she did it, that was God, because the boy’s word was sharing a problem/need and the girl’s and all after that were giving the answer to that and how to deal with it. That meeting was the kind I love where I didn’t need to teach as the children had said it all so just I made the invitation for prayer and everyone responded. Not one of them needed to tell me they were changing I could see it in their faces. God certainly gave us a grand finale for this year in the family service on the Sunday. The ministry team showed that they were not just leaning on me to do things but hearing God for themselves too and pushing out.  Two brothers on the team and a friend of theirs, of their own doing, had a night of prayer on Saturday night during which God had spoken to them about short legs. They had tested each other and saw miracles so came to church very excited asking to pray for others that morning. They did and I know of two adults who definitely came out with one shorter leg and returned with them both the same length .The fourteen year old led the communion service part of the meeting, it was his first time and he was nervous but did a brilliant job and his message part was a nice length and very clear. We had words from some of the children and as they had done in the other meetings the ministry team did the one to one ministry among children and adults. The leader of the children’s work there has already contacted me to share that many adults have given feedback of how much they loved that family service.Since I left  she has taken the young ministry team to a church in another town to take the Sunday service they were brilliant. Their differences complimented each other, they did the whole service with messages, words and testimonies. They prayed for everyone there and I am told no one was left standing and miracles happened, they are on fire. God is doing a great thing there which I believe will end with many if not all of that team in ministry around the country or world.

I ministered in three Christian schools this year as a new one opened up in a place called Leongatha. I had worked with the school secretary years ago in her church and ever since she has had a burden to get me into her school. This was the year and I spent the day there having each age group for an hour, primary (included preps, those just starting school this year), middle and high school. Each group was great they sat and listened so well including some in the high school age who didn’t really agree with everything I said. The chaplain had said beforehand that the preps hadn’t been in school a week yet so would need a break half way. Half way they were dead still and did so for fifty minutes. We finished in free time where I was in the chapel and any wanting prayer or to talk more could come and a nice little group came.

So there we are the half has not been told but enough to see it has been a tremendous start to the year and the promises I have been given say it will continue and increase. As I have shared a friend gave me a word soon after I arrived in Australia which was confirmed by a fourteen year miles away. Tamar Valley, in the final children’s meeting, they always seek God for words and scriptures for me for the year. The Pastor and church leaders and I also gather for a social and do the same, the leaders who have children take them along too so they had a second go at bringing me words. All in all many promises of the blessing, good change, going up a notch, being set aside and recognised for a ministry I have been doing but not officially recognised, new openings and so on. What God has begun He intends to continue and increase so let’s go for it together. Many, many thanks for your continued working with us with your prayers, support and encouragement.

Much Love & Thanks



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