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Ministry in the streets of Mexico

Dear Ministry Friends,

This time you have reports from two countries in different directions on the world map because they were both short trips and came quickly after each other.

First to Mexico which itself was in two parts. Mexico can be an unsafe place because of the drugs war there between the cartels and the government, but when God sends you somewhere then He protects. The first week we stayed in Texas, USA and crossed the boarder each day for the meetings after which we traveled one hundred and fifty miles into the country so we stayed then. The whole trip carried on from Australia in many ways.

The first week I ministered in four churches and whatever day we had a family services as the parents had to be there in case there was trouble and they could immediately take their children away, praise God that situation never arose. One meeting God showed His sense of humour, no children responded but one young married couple did for salvation. The husband had been in prison, deported from the USA and was covered in tattoo’s but he so met with God at the front of the church and his face completely changed. Later one of the leaders had a word that he was going to be a pastor. The other meetings the children responded in huge numbers for salvation and several churches God gave me words for some there. One boy I was told afterwards that his parents wouldn’t go near the church but he goes with his aunt and never misses a meeting.

The final church meeting was special, I ministered on The Holy Spirit and almost all of the children responded and only a couple of tiny tots and one older boy didn’t speak in tongues. Also a large number of adults responded so I felt to do something I have not done in Mexico before. I prayed for, and led the children to receive and then had them to do for the same for the adults. To begin with they were a bit apprehensive as this was normally way out of their league but they were willing and so led the adults to receive. The older boy I mentioned was in tears after being prayed for because he didn’t speak but as he prayed for the adult he too received for himself, I saw his mouth going went to check and he was speaking away in tongues. I had the privilege too of ministering in two orphanages; these really are the poorest of the poor children as they have lost everything, many having been robbed of their parents. They told us some had been there since birth and had no birth certificate or papers, so didn’t belong anywhere but the majority were there because their parents had been killed in the drug war often innocently caught in the cross fire in battles. One home held one hundred and fifty children and young teens and the presence of God was so strong the whole meeting, all ages sat glued and almost everyone stood at the front at the end praying the sinner’s prayer. The other home was smaller but we saw the same fruit plus some of the older boy’s from the first home heard we were there and walked over to be with us again.

The next week the devil didn’t want me going further in and tried hard to stop me as by using the drug cartels he is destroying this generation.  We arrived two day’s late owing to the car breaking down and my missionary friend and I had to repair it and it was a case of the mechanics dumb and dumber. We finally arrived on the second day too late for a meeting as the cartels say if you want to live stay in your homes after dark. On the way to the first meeting I felt so ill I had to have the car stop for me to vomit I felt so bad during the start of the meeting and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to stand and speak but as soon as I started to preach everything left me and I felt my normal self the rest of the trip.

All the meetings down there were special; the area was very poor we went around first to round up the children as none of them have clocks. The whole place is a dust bath of mainly half built homes, the church building which is in use has no roof or toilet bowls and only one usable door yet.  We rounded up twenty one children who sat glued to the word and only two didn´t respond for salvation. The following day we had nineteen back and others came also giving us thirty seven and almost all of the new ones responded for salvation and the ones from the first day didn’t, they knew they had Jesus in them. The first day God pointed out to me two children the moment I saw them and I felt such a strong anointing on them then He added another one the second day. That was the only church I had two meetings the rest were one off meetings but we saw the same fruit everywhere. Children of all ages even those really under age for me sitting glued to every word, almost everyone there responding for salvation praying the sinner’s prayer with real sincerity in their voices and testifying afterwards of feeling Jesus in them.

One mother sent a message to the missionary saying she was so amazed that her six year old son went home and excitedly told her everything I had taught and that he has Jesus in him now, she had never seen him do anything like that before. Every place God gave me prophetic words about the call on lives of two or three children. In Tasmania last month I was given a word by several different people in different places that I was going to move into a new and higher realm and here I believe I began to see the first sign of the start of this. In my third meeting I had a prophetic word for a twelve year old boy, it came to me so strong and it was not the type of thing God usually gives me. The pastor said the boy was in tears at the end which he covered up because of his age. In a small nut shell the word was about a major thing happening in his life. When everyone had gone I was told that the drug cartels recruit ten to twelve year old boys, pay them a lot of money to be spies, if the gangs are going anywhere they send these young boy´s ahead to see if there are police or army around and in battles they send them in first where they often get killed and the real gangsters only go in when these young ones have shown up where the army are hiding. They felt the word I had was because this boy has been approached by the cartels.

The final meeting was a great finale and a new one for me, they used cars to block off the road and set up chairs and a table and I preached in the middle of the road. The usual fruit was in evidence including words from God, one of those God woke me up the night before and showed me his face and gave me the word for him and he was there in the meeting. This again was a word of warning for him but not an easy one so I was glad God gave me it in advance as I had to give it to him in a way not to scare or frighten him but get through to him. I believe when I said it God definitely gave me the right words, he looked and felt as I laid hands on him as if He had.

I returned home from this trip with a new revelation of just how very much God really loves children and how very important they are to Him. I have always known it, believed it and preached it to children and adults alike but hearing of the evil after those children seeing what I saw and going through the trials the devil threw at me to stop me helping to rescue them I see His love for them as so much bigger and precious than ever before. (I am sorry I just can’t find the words I really want that describes what I am feeling, the ones I have used fail miserably). I trust and pray God will show you himself. My plans are to return again next year and as well as the usual meetings bring together those children who have a definite call of God on their lives and build into them about their call and begin to prepare them into a young ministry team like we have in Tasmania.

Much love,



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