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Little, Land-Locked Luxembourg

The next mission the Lord sent me on, was the little land-locked European country of Luxembourg and a group of children who are completely different in culture, background, education and so on but spiritually just as open and responsive to God as those in Mexico. This proves again that God has made every child in every country for Himself, with that space inside of them for Him to live and move and so when given the opportunity to hear and receive they open.

We had a lovely group of children who were taken away for a weekend camp together and who had a lot of fun playing, building and working together. During teaching they were so quiet, still and attentive, the presence of God was there and in the first main meeting everyone responded and we prayed for them en-mass. The second, sixteen were filled and spoke in tongues with one girl who during counseling was trying to work it out in her head, but her heart was in the right place so she trusted God and was one of the first to begin to speak in tongues. I had a very special assistant, one of the older girls who is one of those who just radiates Jesus and she helped me to pray and minister to the children. That night several shared in the gifts for the first time and continued the next day. The wonderful thing was that the first time they all wanted me to share their words for them and the second they automatically shared it themselves. The praise and worship reached a higher and higher realm as the weekend went on and the children opened to God.

The following sessions the presence of God was so strong and many were getting completely lost in the Holy Spirit and were quick to acknowledge that they had really felt God’s presence all over them. One boy last year I had been burdened for because he stayed on the outside of everything but this year there was no stopping him, he was up for prayer for everything. From when he first spoke in tongues he loved to worship in tongues and his face was radiant each time, it was a blessing just to watch him. A girl who was not actually from this church but the Roman Catholic Church was there because her friend had invited her. She was so open and received from God just the same as the others and you would not know she was from any other church by looking at her next to the other children. Unfortunately she had a class on Sunday morning and her father came to collect her as I was part way through my message and bless her heart she didn’t want to leave. She only left reluctantly when the children’s leader said that her friend would take notes of the rest of the message then she could catch up on Monday. My heart always goes out to ones like her who come and find how real God is and open to him and are hungry and want to soak up everything they can but are stopped from doing so, even if the reasons for doing it are for the best will in the world.

So again it is all glory to God for all that I have shared and all that has not been shared that He did. It was certainly not me it was God and His anointing, combined with your prayers, encouragement and help. Very much it was a joint effort.

Much Love & Thanks


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