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God met us in the Far East

Cambodian boys

This has been a three country trip with God doing so much and I know I have a problem with being too long winded so I have picked out “in quotes” one outstanding event from each country to share with you. Knowing that this is just the tip of the iceberg, rejoice with us for the known and unknown fruit.

In Japan it was the Golden Week camp which stood out and like my experience in Mexico the devil was
very unhappy about this event and tried to stop it. Seven of the children in my friend’s family where I stayed had viruses right up to the morning we started camp and I woke up that day feeling so ill and sick but the moment the first meeting began I was completely fine and from then on no problem. Now the meetings are over I can see clearly what the devil was so upset about. We had twenty children and youth the first day and twenty-six the second main days(a big crowd for Japan). They were a very wide age range and mixture of true blue Japanese and missionaries’ children but everyone without fail was so open, attentive and responsive. They were hungry and eager to grow up in God and move out into the unknown. We had six sessions in two days and every time either all or almost all responded for prayer.

The last two sessions were outstanding, the first was on different aspects of the Holy Spirit and power and at the end a large number were filled and instantly spoke in tongues. Two of those were every special, they are Japanese older teens who are friends of my missionary friends sons and from heathen homes but spend a lot of time including nights staying at the missionaries home. I know them well and they have been saved now for over two years but would never respond to be filled, this was their time and they responded instantly and were the first to begin speaking in tongues, it was their faces which told it all. Later one of the missionaries adopted daughters aged eleven told me, that when she was prayed for she felt warmth all over her body and her mother turned to her and said, “and I can tell by your face what has happened”. It wasn’t me though who prayed for these or any of them, it was their own peer group. There were many who didn’t need to be filled but did want more so it was those who prayed for the others to receive. Then as usual those just filled prayed for the prayers to get more. They all rose to this challenge brilliantly putting aside their Japanese reserve.

The final meeting that day followed on from that, the praise and worship was probably longer and certainly the best of camp, they just entered in with everything they had. The final challenge was a tough one but again they rose to it and almost all responded, I felt to have them get into little groups and pray for each other in any language and tongues. That time went on for ages but felt only short and the presence of God was so strong I just knew that everyone really meant what they were doing. Finally, they all gathered around me and all prayed at once for me with a missionary youth and one of the newly filled Japanese youth conclude their prayers. I couldn’t understand a word the Japanese one said but I sure felt something touching my heart as he did.

Sunday in my host church was my last meeting and I had already planned to make it a continuation of camp and have those from camp lay hands on and pray for the adults who responded. The response was greater than I expected in that everyone stood in spite of the challenge the invitation presented them with. But why change plans then so the adults were divided into three groups and taking one group at a time the youth and children made a circle around them and all prayed together at the same time for those in front of them.

In Malaysia it was spending, for the second year running three days in an orphanage of twenty children aged six to sixteen. They are a mixture of some Chinese but mostly Tamil Malays. There were three new ones all siblings the rest was building on last year. The state school schedule has changed from last year so my program did accordingly. Everyone was in school in the mornings except for one different older boy each morning. The juniors finished their day and were home by one thirty every day. So I was able to have afternoon and evening meetings each day with the juniors and one on one session’s with the high school ones. Those sessions were actually what was most needed by that group, all of those had been with me last year so had reached a certain level of trust and out of it they were able to open up on some of the pain and rejection they carried and I was able to minister into those areas. They all opened up, some sharing painful details and all but one wanted to be prayed for. As we prayed even thirteen year olds boys were breaking in tears before God and we trust now that the results will be some real changes in their lives. The younger ones they were very open and responsive and received a lot of ministry.

Last year it was mainly the older ones who were filled with the Holy Spirit but this year the younger ones were on their own and all but one of them instantly spoke in tongues and then it was hard to get the volume down and stop them. The next morning I sat in on their devotions and there they were without being reminded praising in tongues. When I arrived this year the director of the home spoke to me about one of the younger boys who had a big problem with stealing and it was getting worse. I remembered him because he was one in floods of tears when I left last year. Early on in my stay I broached the subject with him but I felt it was not the right time to go further where as the second night meeting was and God did it himself. In the middle of my speaking on forgiveness he suddenly burst into tears and continued weeping then right through the rest and while he was at the front for prayer as well. I took him aside and the Holy Spirit brought him to repentance. I just spoke with him and prayed generally. The next morning I had the care worker who has a special burden for him join me with him and we talked to him about being delivered and then prayed together for him to be set free. We both felt something happen and from then on and certainly up to the point I left the home his face had a new shine to it. He had a few tears again as I went but that shine was still there.

Concluding with Cambodia let me show you some beautiful pictures of The Heart of God. Staring with a small Sunday school where five responded for salvation but it was one little girl that was special and it could almost have been a meeting was just for her. She put her hand up at least three times and when I asked those who did to come forward my interpreter thought it was the girl next to her and told her no, but she was going to get up and be prayed for and no one was stopping her. That afternoon we went to a small way out of town poor housing development where in the past they have had about twenty children but this year there was fifty to sixty. A huge number responded for salvation but it was the look of absolute sincerity on many faces as they prayed the sinner’s prayer that told it all, they really meant what they were doing and not just doing what I said. That is so much God’s heart, a meeting just for the one and a meeting for the many.

In another meeting where fifty were present and twelve responded for salvation I had words for two boys. They had both responded for salvation and the results of it showed in their faces. I hadn’t noticed before but when they stood on their own before me I did. One was reasonably dressed with a clear skin the other his t-shirt was dirty, the once crew neck was now an off centre v-neck because of a large tear, a large hole was in the stomach area and his skin dull. That’s God’s heart; He saves and has a plan and calling for the lives of the better off and the rubbish tip dwellers.

So He did a wonderful thing and beyond all we could ask or think as the above is only a fraction of all His blessings to generally poor children. Thank you for sharing in that blessing for them by your vital prayers, support and encouragement.

Early on the morning I was leaving Malaysia to go to Cambodia I slipped coming downstairs, missed the bottom steps, and landed on my knee. I travelled on to Cambodia but that night I had a lot of pain and in the morning the knee was badly swollen. I was taken to a Christian Clinic where they x rayed and drained blood off the knee. They then concocted a knee brace so I could continue with ministry although sitting down. On returning to England I was told to go straight to hospital at home for further investigations.

I have fractured my patella and am in a knee brace with crutches as I cannot weight bear. On 22 June I will return to hospital be re x rayed and if all is going well they will move the dials on the brace so I can have 30% leg movement. As long as this happens the hospital have said I can go to the USA on 26 June and move the dials on the leg brace a little further every two weeks to give more knee movement. I may also be able to move from crutches to a walking stick at that time which I am believing for. I was not able to go to the Carroty Wood weekend with New Life, London nor am I able to do the Norfolk schools work so I will be resting until I go to the USA. Barbara is having a hysterectomy on 21 June and should be back home and settled before I leave. Val will stay the first few days to help with Jason and Emma on hand as well. We would value your prayer for this time.

Much Love & Thanks



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