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Norway: No Ordinary Trip

Norway is in color

~From David~  I went to Norway knowing in my heart that it was going to be no ordinary trip but one that would somehow set the seal on what was burning in my heart of the path I feel God is going to take children in the coming months. I arrived with the scripture on my heart in Isaiah 43:16-19 (paraphrased) “I did mighty things setting you free from Egypt, but forget that, it is NOTHING compared to what I am going to do, for I am about to do a brand new thing, see I have already begun to do it.”

Then the following prophetic word was shared with me, given by Torunn Meyer one of the leaders on the first Children’s Day for this trip in Bergen. She was given it two years ago and it has lain dormant until now, which we feel is God’s time for it. “These children are keys to the future, My warriors, My tools, My mighty army. Loved by Me, equipped by Me, a Holy people. A new generation I am raising up to prepare the way for the Lord, for His second coming. Loved by Me, wanted by Me, a Holy people. They are harvesting tools in My hands. See I am coming soon with My rewards for them.”  Those things together certainly sealed for me what I am feeling, so let’s go for it I say, together we will see it happen.

God began right away, the numbers of children attending were up everywhere and so was the hunger for the word as they just sat and soaked it up. In openness they laid themselves bare before God and revealed the secrets of their hearts and then you couldn’t stop them from responding to deal with the things. This is not a normal Norwegian child’s response they are very guarded and strong willed and only respond if they really want to, they don’t conform to please. In the past this has meant some meetings not one would respond but this year it was everyone who responded every meeting. I watched it all very carefully and no one was copying others, they all kept their eyes closed and put hands up and stood up when asked still without looking. At the end of the first Children’s Day after a nine hour day many came and thanked me for teaching them and one who couldn’t speak enough English brought his father in tow who said “my son says he is begging you to come back again next year he has loved it.” Putting aside the boy’s words he is one several the leaders feel God is raising up as a leader in what He is doing.

At the second place we began with a bang! For several years we have had a prayer meeting before the Children’s Weekend for mainly the parents to join us to pray for their children but there has been only us two leaders and a couple of others. This year there were fifteen of us and the mothers were praising God for the meetings and crying out to God for their children – God answered as you read above. We were also able to launch a ministry team of three children which the leader and I have wanted to do for several visits now. They did the entire one to one ministry on the Saturday and with all the adults who responded in the family service on Sunday which was most of them. On both occasions I was impressed by the time they took with each one, no quick prayer and onto the next. A double bonus was one of the ministry team is a second generation child for me, her father was eleven year old when he was part of the first group of children I ever worked with in Norway twenty six years ago. In the same meetings was another second generation child who is the eldest son of the Pastor’s daughter and he was actually a little under age to be there but he sat and responded just like all the other in the meetings. This new thing wasn’t confined to church based children either I ministered as usual in a hundred strong Christian School where a lot of the pupils are from non-Christian homes. I cannot make an invitation for prayer the school follows up on that during the year, which is fine. The primary parts of the school are usually great but this year it was equaled by the fifty senior school pupils. Usually they are not backward in letting you know they do not want to hear this but this year they sat totally focused just like the primaries, the Principal was thrilled.

Sadly I had some last minute cancellations this time but did have two new places on two islands. The first was in the Stavanger area on Finoy and then in the Bergen area on Halsneoy. The islands tend to be more traditional and Sunday school even for non-Christian families is still important. On Finoy I couldn’t go on Sunday so the church did for the first time an extra meeting on Saturday evening. They had no idea how many would come and thirty- five did and amazed the leaders as to how quiet and attentive they were listening to the gospel. On Halsnoey I had two meetings on a Sunday, one for children late afternoon then the regular service later. With the children, right at the start God gave me a prophetic word for one boy which I kept until the end. After I shared it, his Mother asked why I had only shared with one, to which I could say it was because God only gave me something for him and so I couldn’t give to anyone else. She went on to explain that before they came he didn’t want to go to the meeting so she knowing nothing of what was to come said to him that he should go because God might have something important to say to him especially. She then saw him sit and soak up every word (no sign what-so-ever that he didn’t want to be there), respond for prayer and then be the only one to get a personal word. She was needless to say a very happy Mum. What a great Mum too making sure her son was in a place where he could hear and receive from God and how God rose to meet her act of faith. I wish many more Mothers were like her today.

My final place reached after a whole day by car, ferry and bus was worth it all as it still has a small but effective Christian school and big outreach every Friday to non-churched children and smaller one to youth. The school true to its calling is a place of rescue for the ones others despise and reject, there they are being accepted; set free and there I see David’s Adulam’s cave army is being raised up. The Friday morning the Principal excitedly told me that the word was definitely God’s word for that moment as one of the pupils had been talking to her about the main subject before the service. That evening, in the second meeting a boy from the school who the Principal told me the next day had definitely been a very damaged and rejected reed when he first went to the school and is now a transformed person whose face is radiant with the presence of Jesus. Last year in the school God had given me a word for him and unusual as it is He gave me a second one for him. This one was very clear and direct that God has called him and equipped him with the tools to fulfill a powerful, I believe calling. It always blesses me to see God take nothings (in the world’s eyes) and make them into somebodies. In both of those outreach meetings people responded for prayer and we were able to minister to them.

“He has begun don’t you see it” and where will He go from here?

Only He knows that as it is Him who is the one who plans and does it. We together are just the tools in His hands that He uses, but it is going to be exciting that is for sure. A huge, huge thank you once again for the vital part you have been in the above and more, your time effort and sacrifice some times has been well, well worth it.

Much Love & Thanks



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