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Kalimantan, Indonesia


1303 David Abbott Indonesia Childrens Gospel CrusadeIn Indonesia, which in some ways I found a pleasant surprise. We know the country as the most highly populated Muslim country in the world and that there is in some parts persecution of Christians. But in the parts I saw, the capitol Jakarta and the Indonesian half of the island of Kalimantan there was nowhere near as many mosques as in similar areas of Malaysia. I ministered in a church outside of Jakarta which has a school and the government is helping them including with finance.

The island of Kalimantan has a special place in my heart as it is mainly jungle and very small, poor villages. I was part of a team on this trip, I joined with my missionary friends of long standing from Japan and a couple of their young people. We had children’s meetings every afternoon and adult ones in the evening in a different village every night. It was quite a strenuous time as most days we were doing a five hour round trip to get to and from the appropriate village often getting into bed in the early hours of the morning. The meetings were all one off ones in a different village every day and numbers were quite small the biggest being thirty- four. My ministry and style is very different and these children had never been in anything like it before but their responses were the same as everywhere. They sat enthralled for long times as I had to use an interpreter and many responded to the love of Jesus.

1303 David Abbott Indonesia Childrens Gospel Crusade 2Most meetings God gave me prophetic words for some there which again they had never seen before but got very excited by it. There were some children who are really hungry for God and in all of the adult meetings children were there too. In two churches we had children who had been in the afternoon meeting coming out for prayer also with the adults. In one five came, three boys and two girls, I prayed and ministered to them and when I finished they hadn’t  They continued to stand there at the front eyes closed, hands raised calling out to God for forty minutes and didn’t notice that they were almost there alone as the adults were prayed for then went back to their seats. In the other church two came out, again after prayer they stayed standing then a second wave of adults came out so I told them what to do and say and they laid hands on some of the adults and prayed for them, again a first for them.

Finally in a church now back on the main island just outside of Jakarta we saw the same results as in the jungle. God gave me words for four and afterwards I was told that those four are the ones who cause their Sunday school teachers most headaches. But clearly God has His hand on them too.

1303 David Abbott Indonesia Childrens Gospel CrusageThere are plans to return to Indonesia this time next year and this time go to fewer places but have more meetings in each place and lead the children into the Holy Spirit etc. The church near Jakarta has invited me to go and minister in their school too, so please pray.

I know that there was no way I could have seen what God did without the vital part you played in praying for the trip. More than ever before it was us believing Him together and I want to therefore thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing faithfully the part God gave you so that the lives in both countries could be touched and changed.

Much Love & Much Thanks,




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