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Mexico Ministry with Laredo, TX USA


Dear Ones,

Once again a fantastic time, this time in Mexico and Mexican churches in Laredo, Texas so I can only pick out for you a few highlights.

1306 Children Gospel Crusade missionary David Abbott MexicoFirst to Mexico and my host church there where we began with a children’s meeting one evening where twelve were filled with the Holy Spirit and only a couple of tiny ones didn’t speak in tongues. This was followed three days later with a family service where the pastor asked me to speak again on the Holy Spirit because some adults had hang ups on it. This gave the opportunity to make those children filled earlier into a ministry team aged between six and 15.  Before the service they were so shy but when they came to lay hands on later they prayed in Spanish and in tongues the loudest I ever heard them. Five adults and four children responded and with the children leading them all but one elderly lady spoke in tongues. The oldest of the team ministered to a thirty four year old lady and afterwards he came to me so excited, as he prayed for her he said he saw tongues of fire come down from heaven and form a circle around her. This was from God as he was not copying my drawing as I always draw a single tongue in the middle of the top of the head. Conferring among leaders later we knew the moment he had that word because the lady suddenly screamed out a sentence in perfect English (she can’t speak a word of English) then went off in tongues. When the children finished and sat down one looked straight at me smiled from ear to ear and put both thumbs up, his way of saying “I did it”.

I had the privilege of going back after a six year break to the church once made only of children to find now a complete church of eighty adults, thirty youth and thirty five children. Those I used to minister to as children are now youth and having been brought in from the world and their lives being clear to write the ways of God onto that is what they followed. When the praise starts they are on their feet dancing and worshiping during the worship and hungry after everything God has. The children I had this time are a new generation but with the examples before them to follow they were the same and as we laid hands on them you could physically feel them receiving.

My final meeting in Mexico was very, very special in more ways than one. A very needy area for children as it is right in the drug cartel recruiting area where they recruit boys from twelve years upwards with big money but often shortened lives. It’s also the old American type mob gangs area where they run protection rackets for the businesses and if you don’t pay you or someone in your family strangely dies, so a place of rescuing the vulnerable. This was my second year there and because of lack of space they block off the road set up chairs in the road and there we gather the children. Last year children knelt on the road and repented and received 1306 Children Gospel Crusade missionary David Abbott Mexico worshipJesus this year they were filled with the Holy Spirit and stood on the road with their hands raised worshiping God in tongues. One of those I had a prophetic word for last year and his face looked angelic as he stood face toward heaven worshiping. Beside where we stood was a small apartment where until a few weeks ago four men lived who are hit men for the mob, Helpers told me the men would go out at night and come back with cloths and car covered in blood and hose the car down to remove the blood right there. So where once the blood of men flowed now God reclaimed it with the Holy Spirit through fifteen children.

Back in the USA where though in the States I still had to use my interpreter to speak. In my host church one of the girls as she received the Holy Spirit just wept and wept and couldn’t stop when we talked to her through her tears she would say I am so happy, so happy and back to her tears. Then every day after that when we saw her, her face was radiant with the Spirit of God. God gave me words for three children there and one the mother was heard to say afterwards she always knew that God had spared her son for a special purpose because when she was carrying him she went for her usual check up to be told Laredo TX David Abbott Children Ministrysomething was not right and another check appointment made a few days later. She was then told they would have to give her an immediate c-section and prepare yourself your baby is dead; he was born a large strong healthy baby and hasn’t changed.

At a new Church God gave me words for some and I felt to have the parents stand behind their children as I shared and prayed. Come to the last one and half way through I noticed that both parents and their child were in tears. At the end the father said through his tears that this was the second time their son has been given the exact same word by visitors who know nothing. They all sat down and couldn’t move they were the last to leave.

The trip concluded with many children on their knees at the front laying down their lives and futures before God for Him to use as He chooses. I looked with awe as they knelt there praying their prayers in Spanish but with such sincerity on their faces.

So with all of my heart I thank you for the vital part that you have played in this another trip, together God, heard and answered beyond all we could ask or think. Thank you and all glory be to God.

With Love & Thanks



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