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Ministry Report: UK, Bolivia, USA


A different start with the first weekend in England at the annual New Life Church camp. Over the years this camp has evolved from a children’s to a church camp today. We had roughly equal numbers of adults, youth and children while retaining its heritage as a children’s camp. All ages responded together with the same deep desire to have their hearts changed and set on fire. It didn’t matter whether they were camper, leader or helper they were there crying out to God and we saw changes in them. The presence of God was so strong every meeting as they worshiped and listened to the word and very strong when we had the different age praying for each other. All left on a high.

Bolivia mapIn Bolivia I had two meetings a day, every morning in the Ark (orphanage for ex-street boys). Every evening meetings in the church with different age groups and three family services plus the usual Sunday morning family service. The devil was most unhappy but in his attacks only confirmed that God was doing key things in lives, the church and the orphanage.  My interpreter came under continual attack in her head, face and mouth. But nothing was going to stop her and with prayer standing against him we did I believe all that God wanted us to do.

Orphanage in the Andes

Orphanage in the Andes

In the Ark the boy’s have been through a tough year and needed a lot of encouragement and lifting up. There was a nucleus who responded for prayer every session then every meeting it was exciting to see more give up the battle and follow. Battle is / was too much for some, visible in their faces and then the change to sheer joy after they had been prayed for. Many continued to receive more in their lives in the evening meetings. The day I left I went to the Ark to do some one on one ministry sessions with some God particularly laid on our hearts. Each one opened up some in tears sharing some well hidden secrets about their pasts which now have been hindrances to their walk with God. As we prayed for them with the laying on of hands I could feel the Holy Spirit moving in them and a lightness come over them as they were set free. For all of the boy’s the hugs they gave me some I felt as if I was going to explode in pieces showed the work God had done in them.

In the church the responses for prayer where big in number and not finishing sometimes until nine thirty, ten at night didn’t bother any age group or parents. God gave prophetic word to many, again across the ages. The highlight for me has to be God saying yes, to starting a ministry team of children and showing us the first ones to be part of it. I am sure you will agree that it is fairly clear why the devil was so upset by these meetings!!!

Children ministering to one another

Children ministering to one another

Then to Indiana (USA)  and a week of two meetings a day beginning with the lunch club, a free meal each day during summer holidays for those on welfare. Not the easiest place to minister but more than worth it as a brother and sister from there then came to the meetings in my host church and ended up being saved and filled. There we had a nucleus of fifteen who came every night with a total of about twenty and about thirty five different children over the week. They were so open and hungry for God that even though the decisions they did. I made it very clear that God wants action and not just words but still all or almost all responded every time. The pastor described the scene as them almost saying, come get on and pray with me. I had the joy of starting to build a ministry team of children there, beginning with two boy’s aged ten and eleven who I already knew have the call of God on their lives. Very different boys, one is secure and confident and from good Christian stock in parents and grandparents. The other is the opposite, shy nervous, lacking in self-esteem and self-confidence and from a non-Christian home. But both excelled in doing all the one on one ministry with the children and also with all the adults who responded in the family service on the Sunday morning and that led to a very exciting testimony; An intercessor of mine in South Carolina had sent an email to me with a word for the pastor’s wife where I was which I had given to her privately earlier. When the two boy’s had finished praying for the adults I felt strongly that they should both go and pray for the pastor’s wife. She was looking after the two littlest of their grandchildren and couldn’t come out. I told them to both pray and from their hearts what God said to them, they rose to the challenge and she said that as one prayed his prayer was pastoral and the others was prophetic. The prophetic one in his prayer had said exactly the word that the intercessor had given her (confirming it). That one was the ten year old from the non-Christian home and he had no idea what he was doing except doing what I told him and praying what God said from his heart.

Then to finish in the Christian school, though it is still summer holidays the parents have to go in for a meeting with teachers and to enroll their child for the next year so I had meetings with the children while their parents did their thing. I had different age groups each night and they were generally hungry and soaked up every word.

So different but great and a huge, huge thank you to you for your vital role in seeing the fruit. I so enjoy working together with you.

Much Love & Much Thanks



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