Visit to the Billy Graham Library


While visiting close friends in North Carolina I had the privilege of visiting the Billy Graham Library and Family Home Place in Charlotte. It was a very touching and memorable experience that will stay with me.

You look at the home he was brought up in and then in a mock- up of the farm barn you go through he stages of his life. Though you are of course looking at the man and his great feats but at every stage he preaches the cross of Jesus which has been his life and points everything back to God.

David Abbott at Billy Graham childhood home 2013

David Abbott at Billy Graham childhood home 2013


The presence of God is strong everywhere there but the most awesome part is the finish. Normally in such exhibits the last thing you see is and experience is the person so you are left with that image. But not there, as you enter the last stage you are given a decision Billy Graham librarycard then you sit for ten minutes in on one of his crusade meetings where Billy preaches a complete gospel message. As he makes the appeal you see the outline of the cross in lights. The doors at the side open and you walk out through the centre of a series of crosses whose edges are made from lights like on the screen. Then right in front of you on the wall you see a huge picture the size of a public cinema screen of the crosses on Calvary’s hill. So you go away not with the picture of the man in your mind but the picture of the message of the man’s life, the cross of Christ. As you exit there is a ministry room and counselors who are ready to talk or minister to anyone after hearing the message and needing help.

Conclusion, a great man with an amazing and successful ministry but yet a humble man to the end and a great role model for us all.



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