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Norway Children’s Ministry Trip


After a very fast turnaround of two days I was out of Uganda and into Norway and off to a flying start. The first weekend I had six meetings and two informal gatherings between Friday morning and Sunday night. Everyone a continuation of all I have been seeing all year, clearly God is moving in Norway in the same way. Children in Norway are not compliant in fact they are strong willed and responses can be hard work. But none of that, every time an invitation was made for prayer almost everyone responded. Two meetings were in two different Christian Schools both had the same response, in the biggest I had sixty twelve years old and upwards. The principal sat at the back and had a few tears as he saw the response, he said he never expected so many to respond so quickly. The Principal of the smaller one was equally as thrilled seeing what happened with hers. Numbers don’t count to God where the hearts are open he will move and work.

Bergen NorwayThe next weekend initially I misunderstood, I knew there were two small churches under the same pastor who were having a weekend way together. I thought there was a speaker for the adults and me for the children. But it was actually the children’s and young teens weekend with parents and adults also there. We had the best chapel room to meet in that had all the sound equipment etc while the adults met in a smaller less equipped room for bible study with the pastor. It was busy as they wanted the children and teens taught separately but it was worth it. Each session I had the up to eleven year olds first to teach and minister to, they went off for activity and the twelve upwards came in for their time. Both groups had their challenging ones but the majority in both had hungry hearts after God. Many were filled with the Holy Spirit and God gave me words for more that I would usually have in that situation. God fed them and gave them glimpses of the future. God blessed me giving me a young teenage girl as my interpreter for all the children’s sessions. Children’s leaders who sat in were eager to get prayer for themselves and their ministries and had wet eyes as they saw the response of the different ages.

Stavanger continued on from the above. We had a small select group of ten children and two thirteen year olds who all responded as above. Every session everyone was on their feet for prayer including the teenagers who were my ministry team. One of those two comes from a fairly tough family background but all the years he has been in my meetings he has gone after God and has a beautiful spirit of the presence of God radiating from him. One session I asked him to pray for everyone as the Spirit led him I had no idea what he was saying but knew in my spirit that something special was happening.  My interpreter told me he was praying very sensitively and prophetically for everyone. Then when he prayed for his younger brother they were crying on each other’s shoulders. As he prayed the presence of God was so strong and the children when prayed for without being told sat down and were still and absolutely quiet soaking up that awesome presence.  Sunday in the family service where we had the biggest number there in several years he again prayed for those who responded and also in that service two people had words for me.

Finally to Bergen, as my friends there say there is always a battle over spiritual things in that city and we certainly had one.

Bergen Norway Children's Gospel Ministry David AbbottThe battles were hard but the enemy couldn’t win because of the presence of God and the almost desperate hunger after God of the children and young teen’s hearts. This is Norway but I was working to try to dissuade them from responding laying on strongly the cost, the negative responses of others and the devils opposition to those who go after God and his plan for their lives but still they came. We had the biggest number there for several years and some of the biggest responses. The teaching was based in Esther as she risked her life to save her people, trusting that God would go with her. In all the teachings I over emphasised that God would not withhold blessing if you said right now I am not ready to say yes but still a large number responded. I want to share a lovely example of how God went before me to confirm that He would not withhold blessing for a no right now answer. During teaching I pointed at one boy as an example, as I did God said to me that pointing was significant I have a word for him. I carried on teaching but God said “no you have to tell him that now”. I back tracked and said “at the end God has a word for you”, I had nothing at that point. As I made the appeal God gave me the word for him but said now is not the time. That boy chose not to respond and at the end God said now is the time. So I was able to share the word and reinforce to them God’s unconditional love. So all is well that ends well!!!!


The missionary is home on furlough now and emailed me to share: The Sunday after I left the thirteen year old interpreter interpreted for her the whole meeting, the first time with someone other than me and a different accent. The children’s leader said that one of the primary children I had baptised in water asked to preach a message God had given him. He preached a quite long constructive message on “not all who call me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of God”. Now four others are also lined up to preach, God is raising up child preachers in that land.

Please pray for us this month, I am home the whole month (very rare for me) pending the birth of our third grandchild and our daughter Ellie and husband Tom’s first. At the point of writing the baby is breech and in spite of Doctors help it refuses to move. So we await the phone call that could come anytime and in the car we go to near Bristol. The moment she gets any kind of contraction at all she has to go straight to hospital where they will decide whether to give her a c-section or let it go to a natural birth. Please pray for a safe birth of a natural normal healthy child.

Thank you so much for the bottom of my heart for your help in leading these children of Norway into a new place and walk with Him. I believe that we have been a part of a new thing God is beginning there and He will continue in spite of the enemy’s hatred of it.

Much Love & Thanks



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