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Indiana Mission Trip and Denver CO


Dear Ones,

David baptizing a child in water in recognition of their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation.

David baptizing a child in water in recognition of their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation.

This time a short, challenging and fantastic trip, beginning in my usual area south of Indianapolis with a Friday to Sunday of one off meetings in different churches, some places I knew the children others not. One off meetings are not the best with children especially if they have never met me before. I finished those feeling I had missed the goal but the leaders everywhere were thrilled and excited by the results. One of the meetings presented an interesting scenario, a children’s club in a church I had never been too but all of the children I knew from being in their own churches. The leader who I had not worked with before led two games that were also teaching principles to the children and those principles were the theme of my message. Clearly God had put that together then He followed through and at the end every child, the leader and two pastors were out for prayer.

Monday to Friday and the Sunday were the key meetings, in my host church teaching on hurt, pain, rejection and the effects these have on lives. From the moment I emailed the pastor and he agreed that this was what God wanted the spiritual warfare began, the devil fought letting go of those children. We could see why because this group on the inside looked like the casualty department of an accident and emergency hospital. But from God’s side many have the call of God on their lives and He has given us glimpses on occasions of what He is raising up there. So the devil was not going to release them without a fight, but he is a defeated foe since the cross and though he did keep us on our toes and working for it God had the victory. The first couple of nights only a few responded but God had fore warned us about this but that great victory would also come and it did. The final nights of the series every single child was on their knees at the front and ministered to one on one after they had laid themselves before God. Even on the toughest subject, the need to forgive those who had hurt them. Two who we knew had been seriously abused and two with a lot of anger issues were out every night for prayer and help. One older boy who had never been before got save earlier in the week and was also out every night for prayer, his face was transformed and was glowing by the end.

Children leading others in the Communion.

Children leading others in the Communion.

We finished up on Friday breaking bread together as a celebration and thanks to God for setting them free. This was led by the two boy’s aged eleven and twelve who I have the privilege of training for ministry and they were brilliant. To crown it all on the Sunday morning we were able baptise in water where six of the children who had been set free and now felt they were ready to make that important step and two ladies. A bonus on the week was to go into the local State elementary (junior) school and speak at their Good News after school club. Forty children were there covering all ages and at the end over twenty five responded for salvation.

Then to Southern Indiana to a church which has been tested, decimated in size and almost closed but God is raising up again. It is tied to a Christian school through the pastor’s wife who works there. They always allow me unlimited access to the children to teach and minister whatever God tells me with no limits. Children from kindergarten to top middle schoolers soaked up every word. The principle at the end told me that she hadn’t heard a negative word or comment from teacher or pupil, in fact she had, had so many good comments that she had lost count of how many. In the church we had two nights with several churches coming together in their building,( rarely happened in the past). One a church meeting and the other an early American Thanksgiving feast outreach. In both I had the children to teach and almost everyone responded for prayer every time. Both nights a twelve year old came who several years ago I knew had the call of God on his life. He was wonderfully restored to God and left excited to be prepared for God’s work again.

Finally to Denver, Colorado to a very select group of children, small in number but rich in openness and hunger for God. One of those was only four years old but he sat so still listened, his hand was up with his eyes closed and he was out with the others for prayer. Small in number but some received Jesus, some were filled and on said last year she wasn’t sure she was really filled but this years she knows without a doubt and had a fluent tongue. The conclusion a youth meeting with a lot out of my age group but many of those had been in my meetings when they were young and still love the stick men teaching and haven’t lost the desire to go after all God has for them.

So here ends another year of overseas ministry and looking back I have to say it has been quite a year of the amazing working of God in young lives. He has spared them nothing, held back nothing from them, he hasn’t judged them by the outside but by the desires of the hearts. Many, many parents and leaders testify of children’s lives not only now changed but transformed by what God has done or is doing. Importantly you have been such a vital part of all of this, I am only the arm that has the privilege of going out and seeing all this first hand. But you left behind are so vital as it is us together. I couldn’t have seen what I have seen without you praying, interceding and giving so thank you and bless you so much from the bottom of my heart. I trust and pray that God will give you a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration time with all those you are sharing it with and I look forward to another year of us working together for His kingdom in children’s lives.

Bless You & Much Love



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