Successful Ministry in Japan & Malaysia


Dear Friends,

Thank you so very much for your vital part in another fantastic trip to Japan and onward to Malaysia. The lateness of Easter meant I flew into Japan straight into my busiest time instead of getting a few days beforehand to get through jet lag. God was faithful and covered everything, He strengthened me and made sure no one missed out.  We had the Annual May camp and finally after twenty six years I was able to be there to be guest speaker at my host church’s Anniversary (normally I have to move onto Malaysia the weekend before). I was given the theme of “Raising up the Next generation”, this being very close to my heart I felt to make this the theme for every meeting in the country.

David Abbott Childrens Crusade Ministry Japan - Malaysia

Our annual Green Day children’s and youth day saw us with almost thirty, five to twenty one year olds, a big crowd for such a gathering in Japan. In the first two sessions almost everyone responded to be prayed for by three of the young ministry team who began their ministry with me in Indonesia. The last session I felt not to make that kind of invitation, knew I should do something but not what. Come the end myself and two of the adult leaders felt to go around, pray over and share words with individuals as God led us. By the end I would say everyone was shared with. We finished well after the advertised time but with such an atmosphere of excitement there, still no one wanted to go home.

Annual May Camp, this year involved six churches and me, a group of maximum sixteen, six to twenty one year olds, this is Japan! Meetings were a continuation of the above special day including the rapt attention during teaching and the same response for prayer. When hands were laid on them to pray you could literally feel their bodies responding to what was being prayed for them. One afternoon an extra meeting was put in because it was raining and no one could go out. The leaders felt that this should be used to have all from babies to the oldest youth at the front (these are the next generation we are raising up) and have the Pastors, guest speaker and myself pray for each one and share any words God gave for them. A fairly long and powerful time continued and everyone had at least one word said over them. Listening with one ear to what others were sharing I was encouraged to hear my teaching being confirmed and some specific direction being given to these young ones.

I am so privileged that God sends me to places to have years of regular input so I can follow individuals as they grow up. At the camp were three sisters, one I have known since she was five the others since birth. I have been blessed to able to help not only with their spiritual lives but major decisions, their futures and their husbands. Today I have the oldest ones two boys in my meetings, the second brought her first baby born last year to me to pray over her. She and her husband also asked for Gods wisdom and prayer as they are facing big new steps in their lives. The third excitedly shared that she is pregnant with her first and wanted advice on parenting. Four of their siblings are in my meetings and facing major decisions about their futures so they brought them to me to have the same input to them as I had the sisters. I set out by faith in this ministry forty five years ago never imagining it could or would lead to the place it has today, God is so amazing.

Shock horror!!

A much unexpected ending to Japan, I finished my last ministry and became sick with a viral infection. Feeling absolutely terrible and various symptoms there was no way I could fly on the next day and the airline wouldn’t allow me. A non-transferable ticket was no problem to change and I arrived four days late in Malaysia feeling great and fully recovered. The meetings that followed had the same feeling and responses as in Japan so my feeling is that God is beginning to move now in these lands and doing the same thing, raising up the next generation as ones He is going to use in a powerful way. We as the adults have to do all we can now to help to make this happen. It will not happen if we just sit back and watch, we have to be active, doing all we can big or small then God will raise up His army for His use, I will certainly do all I can.

My host church youth group in Kuala Lumpur, many have been in my meetings as children and now these last few years I have been back in their lives again. They have frustrated me somewhat, typical Malays shy and reserved I knew the potential inside but couldn’t get it to the surface. This time God enabled me to see right where they were really at so I could meet them there and so lift them. The result God did it, by the time I had finished one on one almost everyone was out. I was just praying for the last one and more came, one a young man was in tears, you can imagine that was a big thing for him letting tears show and showing that something real was going on in him. God gave me a prophetic word over them all and for some individuals. God hadn’t finished, next day (Sunday) I was there ministering at the family service. The youth and extras were there again and I had felt to take some of the theme I had in Japan “Raising up the next Generation”. Concluding I had all the youth stand at the front facing the congregation so I could present them as the ones I had been talking about. I shared their show of their hearts from the night before showing they were ready now, it was up to the rest of the church. The adults rose to the challenge and we all prayed together for this next generation. The atmosphere was electric with the anointing of God and feedback from adults at the end was the best. To top it when the Pastor finished he reminded the congregation that he had preached the same thing on Mother’s Day. I had no idea of that and he didn’t know before I stood up to speak what I was speaking on.

From there I had new places and ended for only my second time in Johor Bharu on the most southerly tip of the country. New places and new people so all introductory but very profitable for what I feel God is doing, and time well spent.

So nothing I can say really except, thank you God, you did it and it was amazing. Thank you too for so huge a contribution, God saw your heart and prayers and more than answered I am sure. So thank you hugely from me too, together we achieved what I believe God wanted.

Much Love & Much, Much Thanks…








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