Children’s Ministry In Mexico, Then Back To England


Dear Friends,

This trip has been a different and heart touching time, ministering in situations and into lives that nothing man can do will change, only God can make a difference, ministering in Mexico, and England.

David Abbott ministry in Mexico

This report is written differently to let you see the negative and positive sides of the trip. Mexico was twelve meetings in nine days, nine in Nuevo Laredo just on the Mexican side of the border and two State side in Laredo, Texas. Usually I go one hundred and fifty miles into Mexico but my missionary friend felt that Nuevo Laredo was the neediest place, you be the judge. Nuevo is a large sprawling city where I knew the government Marines are at war with the drug cartels and that the cartels recruit boys as young as twelve years old, many end with short lives. I now know the aspiring recruits at thirteen are trained to be hit men (cold blooded murderers). This was alongside absolute poverty, drug and alcohol abuse and the problems that accompany those things. Two nights we had meetings in suburbs where gangs operate who kidnap children to sell their organs on the black market. We asked a group of twenty children how many had fathers and only two had, some of the others were being brought up by grandma. This is only the tip of the iceberg of the things the children there face. I can only stand in awe of the God who allows me the honour to share Jesus and His hope of salvation with such as these. To lead them to know Him for real and even if not much of a future or a future at all they can have the bible hope to look forward to heaven. It was against this background that in most meetings we saw the kind of openness, hunger and responses I have been seeing everywhere this year.

We had two meetings in a drop in centre run by a pastor couple to keep children off the streets and away from the dangers. In the first meeting all responded for salvation and over half for rejection and inferiority. God then gave me words for four which pinpointed the hurts they had carried and what He was going to do with them now.

Luis is nine years old, he’s fatherless and no one knows anything about a mother but his grandmother gets him to everything going in the centre. Luis was one of the first to get to the front to receive Jesus. God showed me that Luis had a very tender heart but a hard crust had formed over it because of what had happened to him, as I prayed for him he nestled his head into my shoulder and made my shirt wet with his tears. Next day when he came the missionary said “he has a real sparkle in his eyes now”. Luis came out again on his knees on a hard broken ceramic tiled floor dedicating his whole life to God. God then encouraged him with a word about the calling on his life. You could say he is going for gold.

Alejandro is a tall, broad twelve year old and stands out. He broke down and just couldn’t stop crying when he got to the front to receive Jesus. He is also fatherless and on the second day his mother told me several weeks ago, in the night, he had a dream and in that dream he saw me coming there (he has never seen me in his life nor heard of me until this weekend). His mother said when I walked in Alejandro leaned over to her and said “that’s the man I saw in my dream, Mum”. He was very excited.

Another day saw blessing sandwiched between testing. On the way to the meeting we were pulled over by a corrupt policeman who demanded $500 U.S. or we would all be arrested (on a trumped up charge) but we didn’t have that kind of money. After some talking and praying the officer said he would be kind and reduce it by half, still praying, the officer said he would

follow us and the Pastor at the church would have to pay. We set off and after a while he gave up following. Praise God He delivered us.

In the meeting a boy sat following every word intently but as he came in and all the way through had a dead pan expressionless, straight face. But he was one of the first hands up and out for prayer for salvation. As I prayed for him his head was down then as he looked up his face, to say it was radiantly aglow with shinning eyes is an understatement but there is no doubt he met with God. He also has the call of God on his life. I found afterwards his mother’s non-Christian and he was brought by his aunt. Further ministry was cut short, the pastor said we had to leave now. I saw the end of the road was blocked by two big pick-up trucks and behind them were members of the Zeta cartel wielding machine guns and pistols. We were told under cover of other vehicles to turn the car around and drive slowly without lights on until we got out of that street and God protected us again. Could God have something special in His plan for that boy’s life that the devil doesn’t like?

Sunday morning service, what a meeting, again in Zeta territory! Five children responded to live for God and for righteousness, all children responded to clean up their lives. I then felt to bring out the first five and had a word for them collectively, as I gave it the presence of God fell. One girl began to weep then a boy soon all were weeping. I called up their parents and as soon as they got to the front they began to weep, the Pastor came up and she too began to weep. God was sovereignly moving and touching those lives by His presence. No one wanted the now two hour long meeting excluding worship to finish.

David Abbott children's international ministryBack to the relative safety and tranquility of the English countryside for the annual New Life Church, London’s annual camp. It was a children’s camp but has become just about for all ages and they had the same hearts and response as in Mexico. First night they were in school all day, travelled out from London, caught in traffic so didn’t arrive until late. The meeting was the latest ever at almost 22.00 but they sat on the hard floor in rapt attention (not one even looking tired let alone falling asleep) and almost all responded to deal with hardness in the heart. The next two days continued the same; one meeting the presence of God was so awesome in the prayer room afterwards as they dealt with issues of sin. The same in another as they followed in the words of the missionary Hudson Taylor,” Lord I hear you calling, here am I send me”. The concluding meeting all ages were praying for each other under a powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit.

So there it is, it was different, had new experiences, showed the hunger of today’s young and the awesomeness of the moving of God in hungry open lives. Thank you so, so much for helping to make that and so much more possible. Please continue there are many, many more who need this.

I leave for Bolivia on Monday 30 June and go from there to the USA on 8 July, arriving back in England on 31 July. Your prayers for this trip will be much appreciated.

Much Love & Thanks



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