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God At Work Among The Children Of Bolivia & The USA


 Dear Friends…

Bolivia: Daniel & Eliam

Bolivia: Daniel & Eliam

In Bolivia and The USA God continued the work He has been doing this year. Bolivia, the orphanage (The Arc) the boys thought very seriously about what God said. The challenges were tough and we didn’t want them to respond because it was the right thing to do and they did that. Every meeting my interpreter and I said we could see on their faces their minds analysing what God said. A handful responded every day making a new step each time towards handing over of their whole lives to God. After that first meeting a few more were added each day to the handful as more made the plunge until the last day when almost all were there. The final meeting was electric with the presence of God especially when we ministered to those at the front. When all were out I felt to do what I don’t usually do, I said if some are still battling it’s not too late you can come any time before I finish praying and I will pray for you. Shortly after one of the older boy’s came with tears in his eyes. He was one we had been rooting for but every sign was he was not going to respond so we were excited that God did it. There were several older boy’s with tears which shows God was really working, boy’s off the street just don’t do that. 

David Abbott children's ministry worship Bolivia 2014In the church, meetings whatever kind were abundant with response and changed faces. One boy, twelve year old Eliam I shared two years ago that on the Sunday morning God gave me a word for only one, him and I learnt afterwards that for three years he had been desperate for a prophetic word. The end of my time came each year and nothing but he never got negative or gave up just kept on believing and God honoured him. This year God is beginning to fulfil his word. Daniel the pastor’s son who was the first person God gave me a word for in Bolivia. He has to go to Norway to complete his education and one of his ministries has been playing key board or guitar in the adult church worship team. He was worried who could take his place and God has raised up Eliam to do that. It has been a great discipleship situation, neither Daniel nor Eliam have ever had any music lessons, they are both called and taught by God and I saw them ministering and they are great. 

David Abbott children's ministry USA 2014On then to Indiana, USA and a very different scene to Bolivia, there it was a mixture of battles and blessings, Bolivia had been easy compared to there. Every day we had the lunch club, a free hot meal for children on welfare which this year was opened up to any adults also. This is an outreach situation which in the past has seen fruit with a number of them also coming to the meetings every evening in my host church. This year was different, there was a battle raging in the heavenlies and on the ground, not one response and what was very close to none coming onto the evening meetings. All we seemed to succeed in was almost emptying the room. Monday started with a full house of I guess fifty to seventy and by Friday it was only a handful. People have become so hard towards the gospel that they would sacrifice free hot meals and free food from the food bank every day to avoid hearing the gospel. By Friday we were discouraged until God stepped in and said now I will show what you were there for all week. The reason was twelve year old Trent, he had sat most days eating not far from where we stood to minister then on Friday he said to me, “I never heard about Jesus before, see I haven’t ever been to church but I thought what you said is cool and thank you”. It felt like a nice scar washer to end with, but that was just part of God’s overall plan. Starting at the beginning, Trent had until earlier this year been living fifteen miles away David Abbott children's crusade 2014from Sheridan where I was ministering. In February his home was destroyed by fire, the family lost everything and God had them rehoused in Sheridan where he now came to the lunch club. Friday night one of the girls, Hannah also twelve, from a non-Christian family but had been feasting on the things of God all week. She came so excited that she had brought a friend with her and I have to admit the pastor and I could hardly believe our eyes, in walked Trent. I believe that her excitement was a God thing because she (though she didn’t know it) she was allowing herself to be a player in God’s plan for Trent. I watched him during the meeting and everything about him said that God had already prepared his heart for this moment. Never been in a church in his life but he did his best to get the words and join in choruses he didn’t know or understand. He literally sat on the edge of his seat glued to ever word and then was first on his feet for prayer. I took one look at his face and said to him, “you already know that something is happening inside of you that you have never known before”. Yes he said “I am tingling all over” and his face lit up. The rest was one easy step and he walked back to his seat filled with Jesus and sat with his head down praying silently. Later we gave him a New Testament and you would think I had given him a pile of dollar bills his face lit like a beacon. Seeing him with it I overheard Hannah bless her, say to him “that is the best book you could ever have and you need to read it every day, it will do you good”. The end is not yet, the next morning we joined a pastor’s prayer meeting held in a big fire station with the chaplain to the firemen. We shared Trent’s testimony and the chaplain told us he remembered that fire well because he stood in the garden while the house was burning and talked with Trent.  Does God have a plan for individuals lives? 

Finally you will remember twelve year old Andy from the Sheridan church who God has put under my wing to train for ministry. He continued to make new steps and on his own this time. His friend Ethan who has been training with him for reasons I don’t feel I should explain was not with us. Please pray for Ethan many things are against him but the call of God is still on his life but it is not being developed. Andy whose heart is so to please God rose to his challenge. Completely his own doing he came to me after the first meeting and asked what I would be speaking on the other nights so that he could prepare his heart properly to minister the best to the others. I felt it was time he began to bring exhortations from scripture in the meetings. His response was I will pray, the next day when I asked him he said God says I should take hold of my courage and I am ready to speak. He did too, a constructive little word given boldly and clearly then at the end one of the boy’s there received Jesus into his life as a result. 

So thank you so much for sharing with us in this, your part was vital and I know you will be encouraged and blessed by the way God moved and answered prayer. 

Much Love & Much Thanks…



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