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Children in India & Uganda Being Healed From Rejection


Dear Ones…

Well it was a very amazing time this trip. The orphanage in India, it was clear God had gone before and prepared their hearts as the meetings were some of the best ever. Whether in rejection seminars or meetings with all children I felt the responses were really genuine and their faces proved it by being different by the end. (Faces being the dial that shows what has happened in the heart). Because of school we couldn’t have the village children this time but pastors came instead. They said “God has opened our eyes to see that in our churches we only occupy the children with simple bible stories and games to keep them out of the parent’s way during the service. Now we see the potential in children, they can receive anything and their lives do change, so we must change our approach to them”, praise God.

Healing From Rejection Seminars

Children Ministry In India

Children Ministry In India

The rejection seminars, we had thirty one (should be twenty but you can’t turn someone away who wants to be free), no problem. They came with dull expressionless faces showing the pain they were carrying, so at the end when faces glowed we knew a work had been done. Four children who are now college students and have been through three seminar series each time making new steps towards their complete freedom. They did all the one on one ministry and were very sincere about it and took the responsibility of it very seriously.

The session on family breakup, death and sexual abuse was particularly difficult for the children but God had it in hand. The children sat praying themselves before I invited them for ministry and the Holy Spirit came among them was so strongly I delayed for ages to let Him do His sovereign work before I continued. We know that God cares for us as individuals but see also the lengths He will go to, to meet the needs of one of His hurting children.

Salman (Solomon to us) was one in the rejections seminars this year. A small fourteen year old, his body stunted by the malnourished state he arrived at the orphanage in, he is not an orphan but came from a horribly deprived slum. He had lived in a tiny one roomed hovel with his alcoholic and abusive father and abused mother. In such places they brew their own beer from banana’s which makes a deadly potent brew. In his young years he witnessed his drunken father beat his mother often leaving her bedridden for days. At such times he and his sibling’s would be beaten just because they were there, got in the way or cried because of what they saw. Even when sober his father would scream and shout abuse at him never having anything good to say about him at. His older brother left the orphanage last year to go to college Salman and his younger sister are there now. In the seminars God positioned Salman on a table right in front of me where I saw clearly the signs of a boy carrying a huge weight of pain. (I knew nothing of the above at this point). After one session I felt God say take him aside and share with him what you feel and he confirmed it was right. I felt to say that I fully understood what he had gone through and his pain and made a promise that I would walk with him through to freedom and victory however long it took, to which a big smile came on his face. (At this point I had no idea all that my promise was going to entail then and I am sure in the near future). The session on forgiveness and letting go of the pain Salman really struggled hard and several times had his face buried into the front of my shoulder. But praise God he made it through (he will need more ministry and help to come right through).

At this point Samuel (orphanage leader) leaned over and said “his face looks like a beacon glowing away” and that was a very apt description. The following night we took the B.A.S.I C. teams out into a village for them to do their outreach programme and show me the new things God has given them. At one point Salman was on the front of the platform, Samuel said “his face is glowing brighter than the light bulb they had strung between two trees for light”. The devil was no way happy at gradually losing his control of Salman so the next day he hit back big time. We had taken the children on an outing ending in a small park full of playground activity things and a small museum. While there, there was a situation between two adults involving screaming, shouting, pushing and others joining the fray. (Unfortunately heated arguments in India go on a long time). Salman was standing back alone with the old seminar face. This situation was bringing up memories of his past so I rushed over comforted him, moved him away to talk and pray with him. Then saw two other boy’s one in tears the other distressed so I moved Salman over to them and ministered to the three.

Further along the path we found a group of girls in tears so we all ministered to them, all these children had been in the seminars. Throughout this I kept reassuring Salman that everything was okay. We headed towards the gate to find the argument had moved that way too and we were all locked in the park until that was solved or the police arrived. The other boys dropped away as they were okay so now on his own Salman said to me can we walk? For almost an hour until they let us out we had one on one time (rare opportunity in an orphanage of one hundred) he just talked the whole time opening up his heart so by the time we got back on the bus his shinning face was back. What the devil meant for evil God turned for good, giving one boy what he most needed and me to continue keeping my promise to walk with him. God hadn’t finished yet, Saturday afternoon we should have left on the night sleeper train for the fourteen hour journey to Chennai. When the tickets arrived we were number twenty four on the waiting list, no hope so we had to take the day train the next day. That afternoon long after we should have left I found Salman in a distressed state and needing help so in God’s arranging there I was to walk with him again.

The next morning when I left his face was radiant again but bless his heart he got up at 5.00 am to bring water to my room then waited hovering between the van and home for ages waiting to say and wave goodbye. This all meant that I lost a whole night’s sleep between the orphanage and Uganda. But it was more than worth it to be in the right place at the right time keeping a promise God asked me to make. God of course didn’t let me or the Ugandan children down, I arrived and got sleep then no jet lag so was refreshed by the start of the children’s conference.

Ministry In Uganda, Africa

Youth Ministry Team Going To Help In Village Outreach

Youth Ministry Team Going To Help In Village Outreach

In Uganda God continued as in India and the children’s residential conference all leaders agreed this was the best one ever. God having crossed the cultural barrier now this year made big strides towards our goal of raising up a model in Africa of what God can do in children. Then people can see the potential children have to be walking with God and active in ministry. We had fifty six children (extremely poor) they came with honest open hearts and changed. A special this year was the number of times the Holy Spirit came and filled the room with His presence. Times when the children stood in extended awesome silence that, that number of children together could no way do and for so long. I could only stand in awe and say nothing because I didn’t want to interrupt the Holy Spirit doing His sovereign work.

Most of our ministry team were new this time but looking at them minister you would think they had done it since forever. The worship teams were the same stepping out and letting gifting coming forth. Martha with a beautiful spirit moved with such a gentle anointing leading us into a place of high praise while Mariam took us right into the throne room of God.

Hut in Uganda

Hut in Uganda

Two boys, Julius and Anton both fourteen preached every day in the conference, in the village outreaches and Sunday service. We also had a third boy Timothy who came to me on the last day saying he felt called to be a preacher so he preached then and did it just like the others. They had all really prepared beforehand so everything they said they backed with scripture and every time their preaching backed up what I had. One session I didn’t get to speak at all, Julius preached and God said now make the invitation and pray for the children, I was very happy with that. My interpreter now fourteen, Emmanuel a boy with definitely a gift from God as he struggles in school. He rose to his challenges, interpreting and helped baptize children in my final meeting of this trip.

So there we are the half has not yet been told but enough to say thank you for the vital part you have played in this exciting trip. Some of the poorest of the poor received from a God who loves them so dearly. Thank you for your love and commitment.

Much Love & Much Thanks



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