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Norway Ministry Report


Well God did it again, two events where it was more like being in the third world than Norway. In third world countries the children are quiet, still and attentive every meeting and all or everyone responds every time. This was Norway!! It is usually free expression, do your own thing and its subsequent challenges but children and young teens were like the third world. I believe that God is beginning to raise up a new generation of children there and they will stand for God and righteousness.

David Abbott Ministry To Children In Norway

The first day in the country was the busiest with four meetings, two in different Christian Schools and later in the week in another and all three the children were brilliantly behaved and almost all responded for prayer when it was given. I get a sense that God is again raising up schools to be spiritual birth and growth places. They were that back along but the enemy got in seeking to destroy and in a number succeeded. The ones that remain, now is their time and I believe they will go way beyond anything seen before. There are many testimonies now of wild children expelled from other schools now living, in their own words, ‘lives transformed by God’.

Two events have to have been some of the most amazing meetings since my first ones twenty eight years ago. I still can’t find the words to describe the amazing time God gave us. It began in the first meeting where we had the children/youth together and my interpreter friend said these are HUNGRY. After that we divided them, seven to ten years and 11 up with roughly fifteen in each and they were off. The younger group almost everyone responded every meeting but in the first a boy misunderstood the invitation for prayer and sat in tears because he thought he would not be able to follow Jesus because of it. That sorted he was glued to every word every session and in the last meeting with a radiant face spoke instantly in tongues. A group of youth were so hungry they sat voluntarily in on the children’s meetings then fifteen minutes later in their own. Another youth only sat in on the last children’s meeting, then responded with them and couldn’t stop speaking in tongues he was still talking away sitting back in his seat. The youth didn’t just soak up every word but seriously thought it through.  All but one responded in the first meeting saying they wanted God to have their whole lives not just their hearts. Then as we looked more deeply at what that step would involve and the cost just two responded. The others we could clearly see needed time to think this through so as not to make a rash decision they would not keep. One who did respond really battled before he got up but instantly he did God gave me a word for him and he sat down with a radiant face. The final youth meeting us leaders knew something special was going to happen. God laid it on my heart that during the invitation gentle worship music be played to help provide an atmosphere of the presence of God. That meeting they were not just attentive but awesomely attentive and at the end all but three were instantly on their feet and tears were flowing. I felt it such an awesome responsibility praying because this was a life changing moment for them. God challenged them that at camp He had drawn a line and could they, would they, dare they, cross it! And there they were. An amazing time with an electric atmosphere proceeded as we prayed for them and God gave me words for some individuals and then one for them collectively. They moved quietly back to their seats and my friend shared a word with them then they gradually drifted away and our heads were still swirling with what we had just experienced. A lady who sat in at the back said she knew the youths and the lives of those God gave words to and every word was speaking right into their situations, what a wonderful God. The camp ended but God hadn’t, an excited mother of a teenage girl rang saying her daughter told her that God had done something big in her but every time she tried to explain what she dissolved into tears. The mother of a boy also rang saying in the car on their way home he told her that he hadn’t responded in the final meeting, but as he sat in his seat (I couldn’t see him because of the children standing being prayed for) he said God met with him, he knew it was God because for no reason he began to cry but he felt an amazing great feeling inside. That night he was asking his mother questions about the Holy Spirit and ended up with him speaking in tongues. God still hadn’t finished with them yet.

My next event was cancelled at the very last minute and the children’s leader was so excited with what happened at camp she wanted to do something more. She organised a follow up meeting for the young teens Thursday evening. No one even tries that in Norway, they say few or none come because they have so much homework and out of school activities they won’t miss. Well everyone was there apart from some who didn’t live on the island and with radiant faces. The presence of God was in the meeting again, I got excited and a bit carried away so the meeting was long but they never noticed or said anything. Almost all responded for prayer again and God gave words for several more. They drifted slowly away (normally they run) and again not the end. As they ate I was told there is a girl in the meeting room who wants prayer. She didn’t know what for just felt this strong urge to be prayed for again (she had responded earlier). As I laid hands on her God showed me some things, we prayed into them and she left with, well I can only describe it as a transformed face.

The final weekend, a children’s conference with four sessions and what was predicted to be fifteen to twenty attending actually was thirty one. I would say they were attentive and hungry plus. Nothing like this had been done before so basic first steps teaching and by the end almost everyone was filled with the Holy Spirit and loudly speaking in tongues. Many of them experienced the presence of God as a physical feeling for the first time and their faces were a picture. God gave me words for seven of which three have very strong leadership callings. One of the three was the main leader’s ten year old son and I was glad I had no idea who he was until way after I had given him the word or I might have had difficulty giving it. Helpers left saying “we need to do this again often, I will help”, so the scene is set for those children. Sunday morning parents, grandparents alike said that children and young people had gone home full, excited and volunteering details about what they had experienced Saturday.

So there we are, thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for your huge and vital part in this trip. I couldn’t have done it without your help. Please pray for the next event at the end of October,  a weekend in Luxembourg.

Much Love and Thanks…



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