Ministering To Children In The U.S.A


Departure From The Norm
The norm in the industrialized world, there is no point putting on midweek meetings as children are heavily committed to other things. Sheridan, Indiana for years has been the exception to that with many attending every night for five nights, except this time! Initially it would appear they had joined everywhere else until we looked more closely. Then we saw five children who had proved over years they had hearts after God, in every one of my meetings. Being committed to their own church services and parents who back them. Normally teaching includes evangelizing, building up the weak and something deeper. This time God said the whole time was just for them. They began the week having the call of God and issues in their lives to hinder them like the bible Gideon. They ended the week like him, changed and in the victorious. One boy who always responds but after others on Sunday morning didn’t wait for me to finish my invitation but walked from the back to the front alone being watched by everyone then adults followed him. A child shall lead them!

Sheridan Elementary (Primary) School Revival
Wooden Christian CrossThe USA has separation of church and State but God has His foot in the door. Every Wednesday after school the “Good News Club” meets, the school secretary announces the meeting over the public address system just before the final bell. Then fifty six children gather in a classroom every week, this represents ten percent of the student population. I ministered there this time and they soaked up every word and then eighteen came out to be prayed for, for assurance of salvation.

Christian School Excitement
I went to the States with messages prepared for here, then God said “No, change that”, then gave me time to prepare anew. After the first session a very excited teacher who had been in told me. He had just finished one series and starting a new one and what God had given me was on the same theme as he was about to do and perfectly prepared the way for him. God is the perfect administrator putting all the right pieces together!!

It Ended As It Began
The final ministry of all in Denver ended as we began with a small quality, hungry group. The worship was amazing with God confirming He is there in small gatherings by sending His presence powerfully. The challenges involved cost but that was no obstacle they went for it and we ended with a powerful time praying over them. Final, final was the honour of ministering to the youth group many of whom had been in my meetings when I first went there. The leader Jedd, the pastor’s son God gave me a word for him before I had ever met him in person, today praise God he is living that word.

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