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Tasmania, Island of Australia off the South West coast of Victoria

David Abbott - Tasmania 2015

Teenage Ministry Team in Tasmania

This is our annual children’s conference in Tamar Valley Christian Church. As usual it was a brilliant time with this year many commenting on feeling a very special presence of God the whole time. One of the exciting things was God continuing what He began last year.  Last year, Zac then aged eleven after receiving the teaching went home talked to his friend Naish then twelve who lived next door and prayed for him to become a Christian.

Two weeks later both boys were baptised in water by the pastor. Since then Naish even though from a non-Christian background has to attended church as often as he can. Now a year later Zac had his disciple at the conference and he was so hungry he was out for prayer every meeting. He stepped out bringing spot on scriptures and words from God then was filled with the Holy Spirit which made his face literally glow. He told me with great excitement that he had often heard others in the meetings speaking and singing in tongues and longed to do the same and now he could join them. The Bible says “go into all the world and make disciples”, Zac did just that and now Naish says that he is working on another friend to do the same as Zac did for him.

Both asked to be part of the young ministry team and Zac was able to start when we took the team to another church to minister after the conference, unfortunately Naish wasn’t able to be there then.


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