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Children’s Weekend – New Gisborne, Victoria, Australia


There we had a children’s day one Saturday finishing on Sunday morning when I went out with the children. We had ten children some I knew well others not quite so. One Amy, she has a very sweet spirit a little shy girl but her face shines with Jesus and she has a clear call of God on her life. Shane from the moment he got saved has always had a close walk with God, last year he was filled and as his mother doesn’t have much English he reads the bible to her every night before he goes to bed. Eli, I have always known him as someone with a special relationship with God, always open and responsive, hears God very clearly and has a strong anointing and call on his life. Barsha an adopted girl with a lovely smile and really loves Jesus but admits she has a problem trusting people and therefore God too. Recognising and owning our problems is half way to being free so she will make it.

David Abbott Childrens Crusade - Australia

We also had two children who have different attention deficit problems and others in between so we had quite a mixture. But every session everyone was perfectly still and quiet glued to every word and then almost all responded every session for prayer. The presence of God was electric in every meeting a repeat of Tasmania. One session, all but one had responded, after being prayed for I really felt that something special had happened during that ministry time. I had them close their eyes and raise their hands if they literally felt the Holy Spirit touch their hearts while they were being prayed for and every single one did, I was tingling all over by then.

Sunday was the crucial climax and commitment time, after teaching I drew a large empty cross on the screen and all who were wanting to make that commitment and promise when they were ready to come kneel in front of the cross. There verbally themselves to make their commitment and only get up when they felt a release. All but one responded and they were on their knees before God for ages (I began to wonder if they were ever going to get up). Eventually Eli took his head off the floor and I saw his eyes were transfixed on the cross for absolutely ages. I knew he was seeing something so after I had prayed for him I asked him what he saw. He said he saw an angel come and site on the top bar of the cross and he couldn’t take his eyes off of it.


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