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Teaming up for ministry in Jamaica


Had the honor of doing ministry with Pastor George Cooper, one of his sons along with his grandson (who is training for ministry). We flew into Montego Bay, Jamaica went along the coast to St Ann’s Bay then turned left up into the mountains to a place called White Hall.

David ministering to the children of Jamaica

David ministering to the children of Jamaica

Into The Lion’s Den!!

David & Andy ministering to young ones, hungry for God

David & Andy ministering to young ones, hungry for God

In Jamaica God sent me as part of a family team, a pastor friend of around twenty years from the USA, one of his sons and grandsons and this proved a vital move. The Island or certainly the mountain area we were was an enemy stronghold and he wasn’t giving up easily. We found leaders, teachers and generally a church which was discouraged, giving up the fight because the battle was too hard and just hanging in waiting for the end and their place in glory. We ministered together in two Christian schools and the host. Children being sensitive to atmospheres and feelings had picked up on the low morale and behaved accordingly. To begin with their behaviour and attitudes were bad and we had to reign them in, in order to get the word into them. With prayer, setting boundaries and consequences for crossing them we saw victory and changes in all areas.

The Victory That Came

David Abbott children's crusade ministry - Jamaica3The mission school where we spent most time, by day two we saw a complete change, children then responding because they had heard from God and really wanted to get their lives right. Two pupils became so hungry for God we saw desperation in their faces as we prayed for them and by the end God had clearly shown His call on their lives. The final meeting was awesome, as I spoke on heaven and hell the children were riveted, the presence of God was electric and the now few antics of the biggest rebel there were lost to the rest. Something good was clearly begun and we can only pray now that this will be watered and grow.

God’s Bonus

David Abbott children's crusade ministry - Jamaica4My friend’s twelve year old grandson Andy, clearly has the call of God on his life and is part of my ministry team in his granddad’s church. He was there for further training and not only had he prepared himself well for whatever God had for him to do but rose to every challenge for ministry and in his own life. He concluded his first mission trip by preaching his first message.

David Abbott children's crusade ministry - Jamaica5





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