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Jakarta Indonesia Ministry for Jesus


Most of the ministry was in the slums of Jakarta, Indonesia with one weekend in Bandung.

The Blessing Invoiced

The night before the main meeting in Bandung my missionary friend Ricky and I had a bad night. Long spells awake, one time I woke with a traumatic dream. The devil was invoicing the blessing to come and it was indeed special. Sunday morning, Ricky had the adult service first where he felt a great anointing and big response for prayer. I followed with Sunday school where they topped and tailed the group adding two extra younger age’s one end and the young teens group the other for this occasion. The presence of God was electric, no one even stirred and a large number of children ended being filled and one ten year old boy as soon as he spoke in tongues the flood gates opened. The teachers who had joined me at the front were so excited.

Then The Bonus

The oldest two of the team of children (natural sisters) from the church in Japan ministering with me they also got filled and tongues with floods of tears. The end was not yet, Ando the other missionary friend himself a youth leader felt to give a low key invitation to the young teens to be prayed for. Everyone came at which point Ricky came in the door to see what was happening as we were way over time. He was immediately roped in and the three of us moved among them ministering as the Lord lead, many were prophesied over and some were really hit by the power of God.

Responding to God's Holy Spirit in prayer

Responding to God’s Holy Spirit in prayer

God’s Army Continues To Be Raised Up In The School

Listening intently to God's Word

Listening intently to God’s Word

We had three days ministering in the church school in the slums of Jakarta. We had two age groups for the whole of each morning covering the entire school in three days. The first day was mainly with new children who by the end of the morning most had responded for salvation. The next two days was moving the children on in God from last year and they were ready, they soaked up every word and eagerly came for prayer to receive or change. The young Japanese team were kept very busy both days ministering several times to each child as they came for different things. Ando and I moved in bringing prophetic words both for individuals and for whole classes.

Day two was special for three boys who God gave us words for, we were told afterwards by their teacher who is mother to one of them that they have no fathers and her son says he wants to be a preacher. Day three was a group Ando and I had seen last year that God especially has His hand on. When we walked into the room we could feel the presence of God so strong, there was a sort of aurora around the children and we began to see the start of them getting lost in God’s presence. Session two God said to me to lay down what I planned this was His time. He gave me a quick on the spot word to share and all the rest of the time was one on one ministry to the children by the young team, Ando and his sixty nine year old father and myself. We just moved, prayed and spoke as God led us and the children soaked it all up. Remember here this is a church run school in a very poor area where the children wouldn’t be able to go to school but can because they are sponsored. There are children from all kinds of backgrounds including muslim but we know that God has given us this school to train up and equip a great and mighty army who He will use.

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It Shouldn’t Happen To A Missionary

To get to the school you go so far by road then leave the minibus and walk as the only way from there is on narrow paths weaving between the huts the people live in. One day there was a lot of rain early and the paths were flooded to above the ankles so the only answer was off with shoes, roll up trousers and wade our way there they said we looked like a line of duck waddling along.

Another day going to a children’ cell group we set off into the Jakarta traffic which is always bad but this day was horrific. After five hours of sitting in the bus on the high way we had only done what should have been three quarters of an hours distance. Now late so we called the cell to be told we still had an hour’s journey to go before we got to them so to abort and go home. Easier said than done as traffic was only slightly improved the other way. Back at our accommodation we found on the internet the source of our problem, the group One Direction had a concert in the city that night and we had hit their traffic, sadly not the traffic going to our meeting!!

Children’s Cell groups In The Slums

Teaching God's Word

Teaching God’s Word

The leaders asked me to lead them into the Holy Spirit and tongues as none of the children in these groups was spirit filled. The first one was the kind of children I love to minister too. We were in the dirtiest, smelliest slum I have ever been in in my three visits to Indonesia, far worse than where the school is. The children’s skins were black not the usual light brown because they are outside in the sun all the time. The meeting room was like a sauna, there was twenty five children a handful of adults plus the team. It was a tiny room with no windows, low ceilings, single door to enter and one small floor standing fan at the back and an outside temperature of thirty five centigrade. By the time we started we were streaming with sweat and by the end our cloths were literally stuck wet to our bodies. The children as they stood at the front being prayed for had rivers running down their faces. But it was so worth it all as loads responded for salvation, loads more were filled and some received both. Two slightly older boys were slow get tongues but then couldn’t stop. As I finished they were still going and back in their seats as the leader rounded off and closed they were still going. The next night’s cell group was a total contrast, a nice wide concreted road surface big room with ceramic tiled floor and air conditioning but the response and fruit was exactly the same. God doesn’t look at the outside but the heart and in both groups He found the same hungry open hearts.

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