Children’s Ministry In Japan

God Covers My Mistake

Due to a slight oversight on my part, I ended up landing in Japan going straight into Tokyo and to the Christian School I am involved in. I had a wonderful time ministering with no hint of tiredness or lack of concentration. But I did feel God’s anointing and a lot of children responded for prayer at the end.

Should It Happen To A Children’s Ministry

I have been involved for a number of years in a small church in the south that makes for a long day. It involves rising at four, catching three trains each way and getting back early evening. This time the pastor told me that every year they take the message God sends through me as the direction for the coming year.

Children’s And Youth Day

This year had a bonus, over thirty attended plus a few adults who were not related at all to the youngsters but came because they wanted to. All were so hungry you could literally feel them drawing the word out of you so the messages became longer than I planned in my notes as God added more as we went along. Then all ages responded together for prayer after the sessions.

May Camp

God Brought Them – Usually we have gone to a conference centre but because of cost it was decided to hold it in my host church. The result was to reach children and young teens from six different churches four of which we have not had contact with before. We didn’t advertise or send out invites it was friends inviting friends and God using the Japanese trait of trust and over forty attended.

They All Became One – Coming from so many different backgrounds to begin with some were like fish out of water but being willing to step out of their comfort zones they were soon all praising, worshipping and responding the same. I never saw them getting into their own clicks but a stranger looking in would not be able to tell that they were from different church backgrounds.

The Army Is Rising Up – We finished camp with a very different looking group than we started. During the course of all the meeting I think everyone had responded for prayer for something and some every time. The final meeting was awesome as almost everyone left their seats during a Godly silence making a commitment to God to walk in the things they had responded for during earlier sessions.

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