Ministry to the children of Malaysia


MINISTRY IN MALAYSIA  Ministry this year was all in suburbs around the capitol city of Kuala Lumpur. David Abbott Children's Ministry in Malaysia Country Down, God Moving Up 

The country, the crime rate up requiring tighter security for house holders. Those pushing towards full Islamic law etc, rising up opposing crosses on front of churches and bibles being destroyed. Against that background I experienced some of the most amazing meetings I think I have seen there.

One Hundred Ten To Twelve Year Olds 

You could hear a pin drop and then a huge crowd was at the front with almost all leaving speaking fluently in tongues. Quiet and still and the first to speak was one called the “monkey”, he can never sit still and into everything he shouldn’t. The pastor told this group if by next Saturday more had decided they wanted to be filled they could ask their teacher and join the 7-9 year group where I would be. The day after this meeting every child and teacher had asked to join the younger group next week. The first to ask to go down was a big boy who is solid muscle and no one in the class can stand against him, in his school he is a gang leader. All I can say is “to God you get the glory and I feel it such an honour”, how many older children volunteer to go in with a group of younger children especially as they have come out of that group themselves!!!

Children’s Pastors Promises Fulfilled

Before the above meeting God highlighted seven children to me who He had His call on. Kept back when others left the front God gave me one word for the seven and one for an individual. He was among the youngest, by far the smallest and younger of four siblings, God has for him a powerful ministry. Five years before when the pastor was called God told him He would raise up seven pastors under him who he would mentor. I didn’t notice the number God highlighted until pastor told me and he had counted them four times to be sure. Topping it, he told me the word God gave me for the seven was the exact same word God said over him five years ago. To top it he said all of the seven had come of age to come into this group when he took over so they have been with him for all of the five years.

Two Hundred And Fifty, Seven to Twelve Year Olds 

They were amazing, so hungry and I don’t count numbers but the children’s pastor’s wife told me that ninety five children were at the front to receive and the pastor said that practically everyone left speaking in tongues. I instructed and used those who had been filled the week before to do all the ministry with these new ones. They rose to the challenge beautifully and I was able to go around to each one as they ministered and check the one they prayed for was speaking in tongues and then encourage them that indeed it wasn’t me that God answered but it was their ministry and prayers that God was answering. We concluded with God giving me prophetic words for six more children.


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