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Ministry in Mexico and Texas


God can make a way where there is no way.

Mexico is certainly a stronghold of the enemy, every year he throws up something different to try to stop me ministering there. This year started as I entered the States in Dallas, the immigration officer displayed a very anti God attitude. I was cross examined at length about my visit and told clearly that they don’t need people like me coming in they have plenty of their own. Also that I needed a special visa to do what I do which I checked out on the internet and it is untrue. The whole time his hand was dodging between two stamps finally he settled on one which deliberately was the wrong one. He said he was going to put me on record which he didn’t because he had nothing to report me on but by giving me the wrong stamp which didn’t tie in with my electronic visa he was making someone else do it for him. After three nights crossing back to the States on the two smaller bridges and having some hassle but let go we crossed the main big one and I was pulled off into an office. There was a long row of officers who could have seen me but God had the right man come free first to see me. He questioned me pulled me up on his computer and said the problems I had was because I had been stamped with the wrong stamp in Dallas, he sorted it and sent me away. The next day we were told by my interpreters niece who is an immigration officer that what the officer did for me at the boarder was a God given miracle. If ever they find any discrepancy on a visa whoever is at fault they never let that person walk away. They are kept in detention until a thorough search is done on that person, praise God He did it.

 Evil vs good

david abbott mexico

Most places the hunger in the children just like the children in Malaysia. All meetings were in very poor areas and one night we were told we were in the poorest area of Neuvo Laredo. Another we were told as we were leaving, a week ago the Zetta Cartel hit men were shooting teenagers dead on the streets. (As I said Mexico is always interesting). The meetings were mixed, seven were outreach, two family services and two where churches I visited last year. This year almost everyone there had attended last year so we moved onto Holy Spirit teaching. Most outreach meetings had forty to sixty children in and thirty to forty responded for salvation, some leaving with glowing faces. Some venues were tiny so they were squashed in like sardines in a tin but they gave immaculate attention to the teaching following every word.

A new evil raises its ugly head

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The exception to the above was on an out of town housing development. The children’s behaviour and attitudes were dreadful along with a strong defiance, I have never come across anything like it before in Mexico. We battled with that and my interpreter and I were aware that we were in a battle in the heavenlies too. Afterwards we found out why, the children of that development are heavily into a new type of Ouija board called Charlie, Charlie Challenge. It involves children calling up a Mexican demon who if it answers yes then it’s in the room and they can ask its guidance using yes no answer questions. I understand are causing havoc with behaviour in the schools. This game I understand is sweeping across Mexico and moving into the States.

Encouragement follows prophetic words

Most places God gave me prophetic words for several children each time and then He followed later with encouragement for me. A girl the pastor said had been given a very similar word not long ago. A boy, when the pastor closed the meeting shared how he was saved as a young man and the day after a lady gave him a word and now he is fulfilling that word. Now that evening his own son has just been given the exact same word that he had, had all those years ago. After one meeting a grandmother was bouncing around like a little rubber ball so excited that now four of her grandchildren had received prophetic words. She said last year I had, had words for two and now two more this year and one of them had words both years. Finally one night four received words and all were non-church families. Two of those sat on a row of not very well behaved children but they refused all efforts by the others to join in with them and sat glued to every word.

The Holy Spirit blessing

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATwo places were teaching on the Holy Spirit, the first one I am told that about thirty responded and only two or three left not speaking in tongues. One, a ten year old girl at the end her face was a radiant glow, she looked like an angel in glasses with tears running down her face. A little boy four years old was out to be filled, I had sent back some tiny’s who were disrupting the older ones but I felt the spirit say to me let him stay, my spirit said but I have to be fair I have sent others his age back but again the spirit said no he stays. So he did but I kept one eye on him all the time and the whole thirty to forty minutes we were praying for and instructing and he never moved a muscle. When we prayed he had his face held upwards, eyes tightly closed and a look of expectancy on his face so he received along with the others. He too was one of the grandchildren of the bouncing grandmother. The second place, a nine year old boy called Alvaro told my interpreter afterwards, “as David laid hands on me I felt this amazing joy go through him and I was speaking in tongues. Tears were flowing down my face but I was laughing. I thought how can this be, it must be the presence and power of God on me”.

Now we can see something of why the devil was so eager to stop these meetings going ahead, but as usual he lost, God won and many now have changed lives and in the midst of such danger, hopelessness and evil the hope of Christ for the future and a crown waiting in heaven.

Fort Worth, Texas Great Conclusion

Two meetings held on the grass outside of a women’s counselling centre with local African-American or mixed race children. Day one eighteen came responding like the Mexican children quiet, still soaking up every word. Then nine responded for salvation and a few others put their hands up but weren’t really ready so didn’t come out. The next day twenty three came and thirteen came out for prayer and among those were the ones who didn’t respond the day before. This day a number of the children didn’t come through to salvation and they knew it. I exhorted and prayed for them concerning low self-esteem because of what others say to them, about them or call them. I prayed again and they came through. A seven year old boy came to me later and said I know Jesus is in me now I can feel Him all over me.



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