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Ministry in London UK & Bolivia


Dear Ones…

This trip involved three countries and all can be summed up in the words, amazing, fantastic, God did it again.

Children’s Ministry in London

The annual New Life Church, Carroty Wood Camp

All agreed, this was the best year camp ever. It had the biggest number with three churches being represented but looking at them you would think they were from the same church. They were super attentive and responsive even Friday night when I wasn’t preaching until 19.45. They were in school all day, on a coach for two or more hours, arranged their tent interiors, ate, then the meeting. They were not tired or even struggling they were sitting on a hard floor totally attentive and then all responded at the end. (I was very short for their sakes). The same was true every meeting with some after prayer voluntarily going into the prayer room for further ministry and prayer. To crown it four children who had been working towards getting saved for some weeks received Him into their lives in the last meeting. Sunday night we were already getting reports from parents of changed lives.

Bolivia – (Arc) Boy’s orphanage

I have been going there for seven years now and this year like above they were super attentive. Every meeting there was complete freedom not one this time resisting in any way and the last one a very special beautiful spirit was among them. Because of their backgrounds of homelessness their responses are usually, a nucleus respond every time while others take time to seriously think through and make it by the end. This time not everyone came for prayer but they are on the way and will be followed up. After the final meeting many of them gave me a huge which is a big thing for them and more so the older ones so it means everything when they do it.

Bolivia, South America

Bolivia, South America at the foot of the Andes

Horror to a touch from God and a changed face

A new boy to the home since last year, unlike others has no father but a mother who hated him so he had been removed from her. She beat him often and one time set fire to him. He arrived there with bad molar with a big septic abbess underneath, it had been there so long his breath stank of rotting flesh. Dentist treatment is expensive seemingly his mother had made him so scared of going that no way would he let anyone take him. For months nothing would budge him getting several times as far as the door then panic and run. Finally he gave in and found relief. He was out for prayer most days but the final one he came through and afterwards his face was radiant and he was first to give me a huge hug.

Church – Bigger numbers and huge responses

First of four family services I had such a battle, I had what I felt was God’s word but I couldn’t get comfortable with it right up to the moment I stood to speak. As I opened my mouth God took over planned and unplanned came out and people were in tears at the front. The pastor was so thrilled he couldn’t stop talking about it.

Beautiful Bolivia

Beautiful Bolivia

Eliam blossoms

The boy who waited three years to be given a prophetic word by God two years later (last year) he stepped into the calling spoken in that word. He took over from the pastor’s son playing keyboard for worship. This year he confidentially leads praise and worship with his keyboard for the adult services. He plays solo anointed music on the keyboard while the pastor makes invitations. He is self-taught by God, never had a piano lesson in his life just like his mentor before him.

A personal note

The final Sunday morning service was also a baby dedication. It was for the daughter of one of the old boy’s from the orphanage. I felt highly honoured when I was told he waited until I was there because he wanted me to dedicate his child. I stood there holding that little girl in my arms with her big brown eyes looking up at me. I thought then I would rather be important in the lives of the poor who can give nothing because to this young man it meant everything that I would dedicate his daughter.

Much Love…



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